New York Public Library Guide

The New York Public Library (code: NYPL) is a public library system located in New York City. The Library operates public and private financing and is a non-governmental, private, independently managed, non-profit corporation.

The NYPL is the 2nd-largest public Library within the United States, and the 3rd-largest in worldwide, after the British Library. The Library holds around 92 locations, along with 53 million items.

General Overview of the New York Public Library

The Library established as The New York Public Library, Lenox, Astor, and Tilden Foundations. 

New York Public Library developed in the 19th century and was founded from social libraries of bibliophiles, an amalgamation of grass-roots libraries and the wealthy, aided by the philanthropy of the wealthiest Americans.


NYPL as Historic Landmark

The current library name is also referred to as the Main Branch. New York Public Library is designed with lion statues named Fortitude and Patience that sit on both sides of the main entrance.


In 1965, the main branch was declared as 'National Historic Landmark.' Hence, a year later, in 1966, the Library was listed on the 'National Register of Historic Places,' and designated a 'New York City Landmark' in 1967.


Branch Libraries

The NYPL has branches in Staten Island, the boroughs of the Bronx, Manhattan, and besides, it has affiliations with professional and academic libraries in the NY metropolitan area.


The NY city has two other boroughs, namely Queens and Brooklyn, but those two are not operated by the NYPL system, but instead by the Queens Public Library and the Brooklyn Public Library.



Library Card


Any person who attends school works or pays property taxes in the New York State is eligible to receive the library card free of charge.


To gain the library card, adults can present only one form of valid NY States identification or City IDs:


For young adults aged between 13-17, can provide the same ID as adults. Besides, young adults can provide the full name and postal address, along with the following documentation:


Library Services

New York Public Library includes 92 locations along with four research centers. NYPL research centers focus on the social sciences and humanities, arts, culture, and black history, focusing on the humanities and social sciences, the performing arts, black history, and culture, as well as business and industry fields.


Throughout the New York Public Library system, the Library offers many available services for everyone. There is open and free access to its materials, both physical and electronic collections.


The Library has no restrictions for its users. People of all ages, including adults and even young adults from toddlers to teens, can get access to the primary and neighborhood branch libraries in the New York State.


NYPL Research and Circulating collections overall combine more than 51 million items, including materials for the Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Visually Impaired, and for other individuals need occasions.


Besides, New York Public Library presents hundred and thousands of exhibitions, arts, and public programs, such as technology classes, literacy groups, researching classes, and groups for English for Speakers of Other Languages. These kinds of activities are held annually and are accessible to everyone who wants to join and participate.


In total, NYPL serves around 18 million library customers each year, who come through its doors annually. Concerning, the Library's website, it receives approximately 32 million visits from more than 200 countries worldwide, per year.


NYPL Accessibility 

The New York Public Library aims to ensure that everyone has access to the full range of programs, information, and services that are provided in library branches, as well as at the research libraries.

NYPL and other neighborhood branch libraries provide the following accommodation and assistive technologies for library visitors with individual needs:

Visual Impairment / Print Disabilities:

Learning, Developmental, or Cognitive Disabilities:


NYPL Bookmobile

The New York Public Library provides the first Bookmobile Service debuted in 2019. It is planned to add two additional vehicles soon. The service is available in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island areas.


Besides, the Bookmobile makes stops at various making stops at multiple locations in the city and provides dedicated service in neighborhoods, where the local NYPL branch libraries are closed for a while for renovation or other purposes.


The service with more than 1000 books for all age customers, and two employees on board, people in NY can browse books at curb-side, checking, returning, or renew books. Furthermore, Bookmobile helps you to sign up for an NYPL card, right from the board.


To find out more about where the Bookmobiles will be available, check the schedule on the website, contact at 917-226-3793, or follow @NYPLBookmobile on Twitter. The Bookmobile schedule and locations are subject to change based on parking availability, weather, and other factors.

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