maintenance manual for ac lhb coaches - rdso - Indian Railway

in the manual after receiving comments from RDSO, RCF & Zonal railways. 5. The salient ... report CAMTECH/2009/M/C/terminal Attention /1.0 of March 2009. i) ... LP, HP cut outs have been provided in the refrigerant circuit ii. Overheat ...

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maintenance manual for ac lhb coaches - rdso - Indian Railway

in the manual after receiving comments from RDSO, RCF & Zonal railways. 5. The salient ... report CAMTECH/2009/M/C/terminal Attention /1.0 of March 2009. i) ... LP, HP cut outs have been provided in the refrigerant circuit ii. Overheat ...

BG coach Manual-ICF design - rdso - Indian Railway

Maintenance Manual for BG coaches of ICF design. Coach. Chapter 1, Page 10 of 41. TESTING PARAMETERS FOR AC COACHES (RCF DRAWING NO.

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1 May 2018 ... It gives both online (real time) and offline record of events of trackside gears and ... The stag card out put is connected to. DSU through FRC ...

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This hand book has covered introduction, constructional detail of ... Taper Roller Cartridge Bearing – Fiat Bogie is ... Anti-roll bar joint removal tool 12.695.0177.

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28 Feb 2012 ... Air brake system is most efficient and reliable braking system used to run heavy and long trains at high speeds. Recently, Bogie mounted Brake.

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1 Jul 2019 ... T-5&6, M.I.D.C., Hingna, Nagpur-. 440016. Ph: 07104-234727. Fax: 07104-232085Mob: [email protected] Brand-. TUFALOY.

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RS-Tadow ... repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, have the meaning hereinafter ... any capitalized term used herein not specifically defined shall have.

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29 Jun 2017 ... The selection of a correct type of welding electrode for specific application is a very important consideration in arc welding. Metal welding ...

List of Approved Vendors - rdso - Indian Railway

1 Jul 2017 ... 1.3 The name of Sister Concerns have been mentioned against each item ... approved vendor list without any need for reassessment by RDSO.

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a mu!cimrdia unlt wirh r large rahie. weivc working svargr>ru ... 7 from [he vanour wnaccrs ;u i s ru diow rrd zimr ilsscc*tncal, ..- ... Acquisition tifile /20:49:28.

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based computer control system- referred to as EM- 2000 locomotive. ... The EM- 2000 computer is programmed to ... Locomotive control Computer (EM2000).

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open lines, lines under construction and sidings – railway, private or assisted – ... or control time, as the exact time of an accident is often an important clue in ... conjunction with the Fire Extinguisher Fitters, see that the Soda Acid type ... (11)Cover the area with prepared sterile dressing soaked in a similar solution and.

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Schematic diagram showing Passenger Circulation Flow within the Station ... THE FOLLOWING FORMULA, WHERE sHs IS THE HEIGHT OF THE CONTACT.

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1 Jan 2020 ... SILVASSA-396230 . ZEDALLOY-350. 2. Diffusion Engineers Ltd., T-5 & 6, MIDC Industrial Area, Hingna, Nagpur-. 4400160. TUFALOY-320. 3.


DISCLAIMER. This “Maintenance and Operational Manual for 140T Cranes, ARTs ... 14.6 HP. 12. Aux. Engine Model No. : 1 YWA. 13. Crane Carriage Length. : 12.6 meters. 14. ... 2009/M(M&P)/ Safety (DM)/6/12/ Committee dated. 09.02.2012.

maintenance manual for ndm5/zdm5 ng locomotives - rdso

The NDM5/ZDM5 NG Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive was introduced ... The following Cummins service tools or equal quality tools are required to disassemble ... Use on Apex adapter and inch-pound torque wrench to tighten screws starting in.

Maintenance Manual for LHB Coaches.pdf - FTP Directory Listing

Ergonomically designed chairs with reclining back rest. 1.1 IMPORTANT PARAMETERS OF LHB COACHES. Sr. no. TYPE OF COACH CODE. DRAWING NO.

Indian Railway Small Track Machine Manual

was felt necessary to publish small track machine manual. To achieve this ... (ii) The jib crane shall be fixed on to the BFR/BRH in a station yard in advance of ...

Serial Circulars-Year 2010 - South Central Railway - Indian Railway

30 Jun 2011 ... Office by the Rly. servant on or before 31.12.2010. 108/2010. 138. Board's instructions regarding Stepping up of pay of Head. Clerks at par with ...

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Serial Circulars-Year 2016 - South Central Railway - Indian Railway

22 Jan 2016 ... 2013/E[Sports]/4[1]/2/Policy dated 04.01.2016 [RBE ... The undersigned is directed to refer to Ministry of Railways Office Memorandum. No.

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Delhi a Novel. General. English kushwant ... English. Yaddanapudi. Navabharat. 3555. Samsara Radham. General. English. Sulochana Rani. Madhupriya. 3556.

Serial Circulars-Year-2018 - South Central Railway - Indian Railway

27 Nov 2017 ... purchase / maintenance of office equipments, lmprest, establishment costs, construction ... to renew the sanction contained in para 5 of their letter dated 16.5.1988 ... E(MPP)/2013/3/2 dated 26.09.2014 RBE No, 107/2014).

Types of signals - South Central Railway - Indian Railway

Sand hump, dead end/buffer stop are used as a substitute for signal over lap. Adequate distance ... PB-1, PB-2, PB –3 (Analog), PB-I, Reset Buttons, PB-III (Digital) emergency ... 9. Station Master shall ensure that the train is complete by tail lamp/tail board. ... assurance from siding authorities that their shunting is suspended ...

Question on General Knowledge - Northern Railway - Indian Railway

Question on General Knowledge. 1. Write the full form of :- I. ADB. Asian Development Bank. II. AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. III. CAPS.

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This interactive telephone enquiry facility is now available at the following locations. ... On dialing in the above numbers you are welcomed with a voice which ... advance reservation period at intermediate stations for any particular train would ...

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14 Oct 2017 ... 40122270. Cable Elastomeric Single ... BOX CROWN TO RDSO. SK - 97068 ... 2062/2006 Gr. E 250 cuc. 1. DYCMM ... 4021S make samsung.

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1 Aug 2017 ... 13209049. 9. Bindki road. BKO. 13209053. 10. Kanpur Central. CNB ... 39 Anwarganj Sri Sujit Kumar S/O Sri Raj Bahadur Sachan, SS- ... proof of his/her identify like some identity card/driving license/passport/ration card etc.

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The Ministry of Railways publishes two monthly magazines viz. 'Indian Railways', in English and. 'Bharatiya Rail', in Hindi. These magazines, containing news of ...

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P. V. Oak. 04-10-63. 04-04-90. 06-01-12. 11-06-09. Harmeet S.Sood. 26-11-65. 01-01-89. 04-02-11. 11-06-09 ... Girija S. Das. 23-06-66. 30-11-92. 29-05-03.

C " '.. 9. Western Railway; Churchgate, Mumbni:400 0201 - rdso

lOW be p(lnnilt(ld to filii on n'Mlllm- bHHili lip to 1111IliXilllllll'. ~11'",,,d,,/,110 kllll'h W"VII r'lIIl1i,,~ 1)11ih, own po'v,~1' ilud Jt) 1{lOpll IIIIIX, whou 1'lltIrdllp, III (ruin ...

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Grouting of all joints after completion of pushing with epoxy compound so as to make ... Sieve analysis. I.S.Sieves. F.A.. Wt. Retained gms. Cum. Wt. Retained gms. ... ( h ) Dismantling would be done under rail and road traffic diversions / blocks.

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The details of the MACP Scheme and conditions for grant ... holding posts which are at least one level above the grade in which the MACP is to be ...

indian railways maintenance manual diesel locomotives

Document Title: MANUAL MAINTENANCE FOR DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES. Revised ... Extracting tool for Pin & Socket of EM2000 to EMD part No. 9576512 or.

Handbook On Maintenance of Air Brake System in LHB ... - rdso

22 Dec 2013 ... LHB coaching stocks with Brake system (FTIL type) on ... The item numbers in this description are with reference to the pull-out diagrams.

maintenance instruction for fitment of auxiliary reservoir in ... - rdso

WMI-001-2017 (Rev-1). Page 1 of 12 ... Stud/Nut Missing/Loose Or Welding Open: . ... The following repairs to be undertaken for defects mentioned above: 6.1.