LOG LINE - Sony Pictures Classics

23 Sep 2011 ... Curtis LaForche lives in a small Ohio town with his wife Samantha and ... The film follows the story of 'Sam Childers,' a former drug- ... Jessica stars alongside Sam Worthington and Chloe Moretz. ... King's Men, directed by Steven Zaillian; the independent feature Nine Lives, ... Script Clearance Research.

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LOG LINE - Sony Pictures Classics

23 Sep 2011 ... Curtis LaForche lives in a small Ohio town with his wife Samantha and ... The film follows the story of 'Sam Childers,' a former drug- ... Jessica stars alongside Sam Worthington and Chloe Moretz. ... King's Men, directed by Steven Zaillian; the independent feature Nine Lives, ... Script Clearance Research.

Never Look Away - Sony Pictures Classics

sound of PIANO MUSIC from the living room: Bach's ... suit, and we notice an SS badge on the lapel. The tie ... Ellie is lying in bed, naked, half under the sheets.

hysteria - Sony Pictures Classics

16 Dec 2009 ... installed in his parlor. Absent-mindedly ... AND A FUNERAL in tone,” explains Stephen. ... Murray Schisgal, Christopher Durang, Ron McLarty.

please give - Sony Pictures Classics

Carrie-Anne approaches an old woman, MAUREEN, bent in half, slowly walking along. Untitled Nicole Holofcener Project 2008 - Yellow 5/19/08 60. Page 72 ...

the guard - Sony Pictures Classics

29 Jul 2011 ... “When Flora sent the script to us, it was pretty much fully-formed, which is very unusual,” ... Shakes The Barley and Mel Gibson's Apocalypto.

After The Wedding - Sony Pictures Classics

sheets. ISABEL. Where are the beds? The food? And there were supposed to be school supplies. ... Her dress for the wedding hangs on the far ... A grand piano.

why we fight - Sony Pictures Classics

This study guide War and the Republic was developed at a time of war to help teachers discuss with their students the impact of war on the American republic. It is ...

Leviathan - Sony Pictures Classics

You look like you're ready for war! STEPANYCH ... He's our valedictorian, in both war and politics! ... May the Lord bless our national leaders, represented by the.

jindabyne - Sony Pictures Classics

season and is also writing the script for Ray Lawrence's next film. Interview with Beatrix ... include “Blue Heat”, “Voyager” and “Newsies”. Having directed theatre ...

paprika - Sony Pictures Classics

Director/Writer: Satoshi Kon ... Kon to dramatize Paprika for the screen after watching his feature “Millennium Actress” and ... Director / Story / Storyboard Artist.

Capernaum - Sony Pictures Classics

Michelle? What's your last name? ... Among the women, a young Ethiopian girl – Tigest (Rahil) – with short hair seems in ... badass, just like his mother. (Aspro ...

baadasssss! - Sony Pictures Classics

script it had into black face and called it SHAFT, then came SUPERFLY, both with slamming ... in dozens of feature films including KELLY'S HEROES, OUTLAW JOSEY. WALES, DEATH HUNT, MAIN EVENT and BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ.

OF GODS AND MEN - Sony Pictures Classics

INCH'ALLAH! Page 8. 8. MONASTIC LIFE. Cistercian-Trappists life takes as its source ...

Foxtrot - Sony Pictures Classics

1. FOXTROT. A screenplay by Samuel Maoz ... alone in the dining area adjoining the living room, next to an empty chair, ... frozen in place, tense and silent.

Whiplash - Sony Pictures Classics

deflated. It's over. WIDE SHOT of the band room as Andrew slowly rises. A title card: ... height, looks down at the sheet music, runs his finger down it to find the spot he ... Isn't he cute? ... DRUMS, BONGOS -- and, at the piano, FLETCHER.

the company - Sony Pictures Classics

Troche's The Safety of Objects, Jesus' Son, Tim Robbins' The Cradle will Rock and Nora. Ephron's Michael. DAVID LEVY ... TIM OSMAN. TOM OSMAN.

Frankie - Sony Pictures Classics

Maya dives into the ocean with a boogie board. She braves the breaking ... Late nights. Other men. Alcohol. ... Can I can send you the script? FRANKIE. If you'd ...

loveless - Sony Pictures Classics

An Incredibles poster is taped directly to the wallpaper above the bed. The door to the room is slightly ajar. The doorbell trills out in the hallway, jolting ALYOSHA ...

inside job - Sony Pictures Classics

SYNOPSIS. From Academy Award® nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson (“No End In Sight”), comes INSIDE. JOB, the first film to expose the shocking truth ...

when did you last see your father? - Sony Pictures Classics

Official Selection 2007 Toronto International Film Festival ... Arthur Morrison, and their relationship: “I loved my father, but he was a difficult man. He was ...

Happy End - Sony Pictures Classics

Destined by family tradition to run the firm, he proves ... to avoid vulgarity, in the three relevant scenes of this screenplay (20/25/41) the French words are also.

Is True - Sony Pictures Classics

a glove maker. On November 27th 1582 he married Anne Hathaway. ... The boy sees that Will's cloak is burned. BOY. We heard a theatre burned Sir? ... A group of giggling girls surround a handsome man, Tom ... I'd think you'd tire of it.

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME - Sony Pictures Classics

6 Dec 2017 ... OLIVER is curious about her and looks back as he continues up. ... grasping Elio's hand, succeeds in pulling him upright. ... So he won't tell me.

The Wife - Sony Pictures Classics

Then he turns on his side and goes. THE WIFE. FINAL SHOOTING SCRIPT (16/12/16). 1. Page 3. about the business of seducing his wife. He searches the folds of ...

Irrational Man - Sony Pictures Classics

17 Jul 2015 ... as Best Actor in a Musical as well as nominations for ... BULLETS OVER BROADWAY, MIGHTY APHRODITE and EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE.

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED - Sony Pictures Classics

Screenplay by Anders Thomas Jensen. Producers ... conventions in the script. Ida and ... Irish DreamTime's productions include 'The Thomas Crown Affair',.

Puzzle - Sony Pictures Classics

Agnes sits in the back of the moving train and looks out the window as Bridgeport flies by. Trees turn the outside world into a green blur. The TRAIN CONDUCTOR ...

The Rider - Sony Pictures Classics

Todd turns to Brady. He's a large man, wearing dark sunglasses to cover the heavy scarring across his face. He shakes Brady's hand. 33.

Another Year - Sony Pictures Classics

(She picks up the wine bottle, and aims for GERRI's glass.) Can I top you up? GERRI. No, I'm going now, Mary. MARY. Oh, aren' ...

Amour - Sony Pictures Classics

It has been sealed up with adhesive tape. PLAIN-CLOTHES ... They are locked and the gaps are also taped up. He turns to the right ... once there were eyes, now there are only gaping holes. The corpse has ... You should have thought it over.

orlando - Sony Pictures Classics

Tilda Swinton. Billy Zane. Lothaire Bluteau. John Wood. Charlotte Valandrey ... Orlando's change of sex in the film is the result of his having reached a crisis ... CHRONICLES OF NARNIA tales (2005, 2008); and Erick Zonca's JULIA, which.

Before Midnight - Sony Pictures Classics

1 Sep 2012 ... Before Midnight! ! ! ! Screenplay by! ... level of passion, you know? I mean ... I feel a passive aggressive threat ... noticed, there's a Post Script at.

Still Alice - Sony Pictures Classics

PROFESSOR JOHNSON. For the record, every time Alice and I have argued, she's right. Alice Howland is the Lillian Young. Professor of Linguistics at. Columbia ...

Foxcatcher - Sony Pictures Classics

grabs it in a bear hug, arches his back, lifts and SLAMS it to the mat, landing ... Mark waits alone in a chair he's much too big for, his brown vinyl briefcase ... The scene gives off the feeling one might have watching a ... After you broke the arm of the Turk - after ... STAN BECK (mid-forties, no-nonsense, suit and tie) rises from.

The Leisure Seeker - Sony Pictures Classics

When he kicks the truck's door shut we see a sign: “SECOND HAND -. VINTAGE ... Take a right. Here. Exactly. Very good. John follows orders with a mysterious calm. Ella watches him ... we here? Ella's asking John; they sit together as if at the cinema. ... While moving toward the cockpit they are passed by an old. Plymouth ...

To Rome With Love - Sony Pictures Classics