Akaskic Brotherhood Tradition Character Sheets - Weirdness Central

MAGE: The Ascension. Name: Essence: Concept: Player: Nature: ... Correspondence __00000 Life. 00000 Prime. 00000. Entropy. L00000 Mind. 00000 Spirit.

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Akaskic Brotherhood Tradition Character Sheets - Weirdness Central

MAGE: The Ascension. Name: Essence: Concept: Player: Nature: ... Correspondence __00000 Life. 00000 Prime. 00000. Entropy. L00000 Mind. 00000 Spirit.

KOE Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

Name: Player: Chronicle: Nature: P'o Nature: Demeanor: Balance: Direction: Wu: ATTRIBUTES. Physical. Social. Mental. ABILITIES. Talents. Skills. Knowledges.

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VAV Character Sheet - Weirdness Central


Soulknife Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______.

Bastet Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

Item: Dedicated Level ____ Gnosis ____. Power___________________________________________. Item: Dedicated Level ____ Gnosis ____.

AEON Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

Athletics. Drive. Firearms. Legerdemain. Martial Arts. Melee. Pilot. Stealth. Academics. Bureaucracy. Engineering. Intrusion. Linguistics. Medicine. Science.

Kineticist Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

D Mark this box with an X if the skill is a class skill for the character. *Armor check penalty, if any, applies. (Double penalty for Swim.) D Appraise l.

Aberrant Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

ABERRANT CHARACTER SHEET. Birth Name: Nova Name: Series: Eruption: Nature: Allegiance: ATTRIBUTES AND ABILITIES. PHYSICAL. STRENGTH. Brawl.

Psychic Warrior Character Sheet - Weirdness Central

______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______. ☐= ______ ______ ______.

Changeling - Weirdness Central

Seeming: Kith: Motley: Court: Legacies: House: Perception______________. Intelligence_____________. Wits___________________. OOOOO. OOOOO.

Download - Weirdness Central

oooooo Arcanoi ooooor poooo Corpus noooooc sooooo Fetters oooooo. 000000000000000. _00000. _00000 OOOOOOOOOO. 00000. 00000. _00000.

The Sorcerers Crusade - Weirdness Central

Bruised. -0. D. Hurt. -1. D. Injured. -1. D. Wounded. -2. D. Mauled. -2. D. Crippled. -5. D. Incapacitated. -5. D. ™. Physical. Social. Mental.

Guidelines for paladins - Weirdness Central

Paladin Code of Conduct ... churches, paladins are considered positions of honour, in other they are more fighters who can be ... certain spells like corpsebind?)

620_88644_001_ChApp03dd.qxd (Page 320) - Weirdness Central

D Cthulhu Mythos††. —. D Demolitions int. D Diplomacy □ cha. D Disable Device int. D Disguise □ cha. D Drive □ dex. D Escape Artist □ dex†. D Forgery □.

Werewolf Dark Ages - Weirdness Central

182. Demeanor: Merits & Flaws. Nature: Merit. Type Cost. Flaw. Type Bonus. Expanded Background. Contacts. Contacts. Kinfolk. Possessions. Experience. Sept.


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Now get your Mutant Crawl Classics RPG core book handy, and you're all set to go. PLAYER CHARACTERS. For 0-level PCs, use the level-0 character sheet in ...

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Doreal has contact with the Great White Lodge, the Elder Brothers of man, and is an agent for the foundation of the Great Spiritual Kingdom of the coming ...

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for religious response questioned in the case of Confucianism wh ... ching is translated as "classic" for texts that the Confucian tradition has sought to preserve.

SR4 Shadowrun 4th Character Sheets by Ismo 2_1.pub

AGI Escape Artist. (Influence 4) CHA Etiquette. AGI Exotic Melee Weap . AGI Exotic Ranged Weap. (Biotech 3) LOG First Aid. AGI Forgery. AGI Gunnery.

Dungeon Planet Character Sheets

... first person I met here, in this strange new world. ... Sheet of metal cloth. •. Sphere. •. Turntables ... Dungeon Planet Compendium Classes Page 1. The Alien.

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Workshop Limited 2019 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition, the Warhammer ... WFRP Starter Set Pre-generated Characters ................. 3. Using the Group ...

Character Sheets - Fragged Aeternum

Effort. Does not Req Hit or Success. You may re-roll a single die from this Skill Roll. Strong Hit. Result. Requirements. Level. Resources. 4. Gained Spare Time ...

Shadowrun 4th Edition Character Sheets

He had stated upon his own website, an intention to not update his original wonderful character sheet design to be compatible with. 4th edition rules. Realizing that ...

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If you're using the character sheet in the back of this book, make a two-sided photocopy ... Add any Effort, skills, and cypher limits, as well as any special abilities ...

TMNT character sheets - WordPress.com

Character sheet by Step into RPGs. TMNT is © Nickelodeon. ... Ninja Turtle Aspect. Dedicated Leader of ... A Teenage Rebel Ninja Turtle. Trouble. Anger Issues.

Character/Adversity Sheets - Anima Prime

Action. Strike. Charge. A nima Prime. Name. Passion. Concept. Mark of Power. Powers. Effects. Backgrounds. Links. Character Sheet. Traits. Skills. Wounds ...

Table of Contents 4th Edition Character Sheets

material used in connection with the game Shadowrun. WizKids, Inc. ... Street Cred:______ Notoriety:______ Public Awareness:______. Skill. Rank Attr Pool.

character sheets - Renegade Game Studios

he communed with the strange flora of the shard, honing his grasp upon his Chroma. On the day that he returned to Sukhaba Gol, he made the acquaintance of ...

Shadowrun 5th Edition Character Sheets - The Gamingverse

Shadowrun 5th Edition ... Shadowrun player and fan that went by the handle Wordman. He ... herein are arranged in a single PDF file for ease of distribution and.

Table of Contents 4th Edition Character Sheets - Daemonstorm

Gear & Notes ............................ ... material used in connection with the game Shadowrun. ... GEAR. Item. Rating. Loc. MATRIX. Response. Signal. System. Firewall.

Chronicle Summary Sheet - MrGone's Character Sheets

Special Power: Countermagick(dice total:9). Adds 4 dice of power to every countermagick roll. If used to defend against more than one attack, quintessence in ...

FASA Star Trek RPG Character Sheets - Mad Irishman

Administration. Artistic Expression*. Bribery. Carousing. Cloaking Device Technology. Cloaking Procedures. Comm. Systems Operation. Comm. Systems ...

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Sixth Edition. Character Sheets. &Utilities. Call of Cthulhu is published by Chaosium Inc. Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) is copyright ©1981, 1983, 1992, 1993, ...

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Race: Wood Elf. Background: Haunted ... Ranger Features: Natural Explorer. (Coast), Favored Enemy ... Ranger Companion (Ishiza - Hawk). Triton Features:.