Package 'jqr' - CRAN

23 Oct 2018 ... What jq is giving you often is a stream of valid. JSON objects, each one of which is valid, but altogether are not valid. However, a trick you can ...

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Package 'jqr' - CRAN

23 Oct 2018 ... What jq is giving you often is a stream of valid. JSON objects, each one of which is valid, but altogether are not valid. However, a trick you can ...

Package 'bea.R' - CRAN

To Extract/Transform/Load data [beaGet()] from the BEA API as R-friendly ... same format as shown on BEA website, with dates and attributes as column headers ...

Package 'useful' - CRAN

8 Oct 2018 ... Type Package. Title A Collection of Handy, Useful Functions. Version 1.2.6. Date 2018-10-07. Description A set of little functions that have been ...

Package 'ODB' - CRAN

22 Apr 2011 ... Title Open Document Databases (.odb) management. Version 1.1.1. Date 2012-07-23. Author Sylvain Mareschal. Maintainer Sylvain ...

Package 'nlt' - CRAN

10 Jul 2018 ... Package 'nlt'. July 10, 2018. Type Package. Title A Nondecimated Lifting Transform for Signal Denoising. Version 2.2-1. Date 2018-07-10.

Package 'abn' - CRAN

23 Nov 2019 ... pneumS presence of moderate to severe pneumonia. eggs presence of fecal/gastrointestinal nematode eggs at time of slaughter. wormCount ...

Package 'TTR' - CRAN

15 Dec 2019 ... See EMA, SMA, etc. for moving average options; and note Warning section. ... ...

Package 'aod' - CRAN

varbin. Mean, Variance and Confidence Interval of a Proportion varbin-class. Representation of Objects of Formal Class “varbin” vcov-methods. Methods for ...

Package 'acs' - CRAN

19 Feb 2019 ... Downloading based on a table number is probably the most fool-proof way to get the data you ... (But don't lose hope: see the acs.lookup tool, which can help with this problem.) ... Other geographies (including tract,, csa, msa, region, division, urban.area, necta, ... col=rainbow(23), conf.level=.99,.

Package 'NST' - CRAN

8 Oct 2019 ... Package 'NST'. October 8, 2019. Type Package. Title Normalized Stochasticity Ratio. Version 2.0.4. Date 2019-10-08. Author Daliang Ning.

Package 'boa' - CRAN

23 Jun 2016 ... boa.chain.gandr. 7. Side Effects. The specified parameter is added to the session lists of MCMC sequences. Author(s). Brian J. Smith.

Package 'dat' - CRAN

20 Jan 2018 ... dplyr is used as backend. The only purpose is to have R CMD check friendly syntax. Usage. DataFrame(...) as.DataFrame ...

Package 'vcr' - CRAN

7 Dec 2019 ... BugReports License MIT ... The name of the cassette. vcr will sanitize this to ensure it is a valid file name.

Package 'FSA' - CRAN

3 Feb 2020 ... Maintainer Derek Ogle <[email protected]>. Repository ... (PSD) and relative stock density (RSD): proportional size structure (PSS).

Package 'SGP' - CRAN

30 Jan 2020 ... Package 'SGP'. January 30, 2020. Type Package. Title Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories. Version 1.9-5.0.

Package 'gpg' - CRAN

the gpg --gen-key command line utility to generate an official GPG key with ... gpg_options reads options in the GnuPG configuration file, which is stored by ... path or raw vector for the gpg signature (contains the PGP SIGNATURE block) data.

Package 'RND' - CRAN

11 Jan 2017 ... J. Hull (2011) Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives and DerivaGem Package Prentice Hall,. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 8th Edition.

Package 'HH' - CRAN

The character expansion for the points in the left and right plots. position.left ... See ancovaplot for a newer set of functions that keep the graph and the aov object ...

Package 'here' - CRAN

28 May 2017 ... path()', it will always locate the files relative to your project root. Imports rprojroot (>= 1.2). License GPL-3. Encoding UTF-8. LazyData true. Date ...

Package 'ibs' - CRAN

9 Nov 2018 ... de Boor, C. (2001) A Practical Guide to Splines. Revised Edition. Springer: New York. See Also. splineDesign bsbases. B-spline bases.

Package 'MTS' - CRAN

10 Oct 2018 ... Description Multivariate Time Series (MTS) is a general package for analyzing multivariate lin- ear time series and estimating multivariate ...

Package 'vpc' - CRAN

27 Aug 2018 ... Arguments sim a data.frame containing the simulation data id ... strat vector of stratification variables verbose verbosity ('TRUE' or 'FALSE').

Package 'FFD' - CRAN

pling strategies ``individual sampling'' or ``limited sampling'' (see M. Ziller, T. Selhorst, J. Teuf- fert, M. Kramer and H. Schlueter, 2002). Methods to compute the ...

Package 'rcrossref' - CRAN

4 May 2019 ... cr_funders(dois=c("10.13039/100000001","asfasf"), works=TRUE). # Use the cursor for deep paging cr_funders(100000001, works = TRUE, ...

Package 'serial' - CRAN

4 Jun 2019 ... June 4, 2019. Type Package. Title The Serial Interface Package. Version 2.1.4. Author Martin Seilmayer. Maintainer Martin Seilmayer ...

Package 'svDialogs' - CRAN

26 Apr 2018 ... April 26, 2018. Type Package. Version 1.0.0. Title 'SciViews' - Standard Dialog Boxes for Windows, MacOS and. Linuxes. Description Rapidly ...

Package 'humidity' - CRAN

10 Nov 2019 ... Package 'humidity'. November 10, 2019. Type Package. Title Calculate Water Vapor Measures from Temperature and Dew Point. Version 0.1.5.

Package 'googledrive' - CRAN

19 Aug 2019 ... BugReports Depends R (>= 3.2) ... Note: Team Drives are only available to users of certain enhanced Google services, such as G Suite ... drive_get. Get Drive files by path or id.

Package 'solaR' - CRAN

19 Jan 2020 ... Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R. Description. The solaR package allows for reproducible research both for photovoltaics (PV) ...

Package 'xgboost' - CRAN

1 Aug 2019 ... This package is its R interface. The package includes efficient linear model solver and tree learning algorithms. The package can automatically.

Package 'clipr' - CRAN

23 Jul 2019 ... clipboard content like a table copied from a spreadsheet program. ... clipr non-interactively on CRAN; this will result in a failed build! Examples.

Package 'wikitaxa' - CRAN

19 Oct 2018 ... (character) Wiki name - as a page title, must be length 1 utf8. (logical) If TRUE, encodes most (but not all) non-ASCII characters as UTF-8.

Package 'primer' - CRAN

7 Oct 2019 ... Theoretical Population. Biology, 45, 227–276. Stevens. M.H.H. (2009) A Primer of Ecology with R. Use R! Series. Springer. See Also.

Package 'ALSM' - CRAN

7 Mar 2017 ... Description Functions and Data set presented in Applied Linear Statistical Models Fifth Edi- tion (Chapters 1-9 and 16-25), Michael H. Kutner; ...

Package 'modelr' - CRAN

22 Feb 2020 ... mentation for given model to determine valid values. ... 4 add_residuals add_residuals. Add residuals to a data frame. Description.

Package 'janeaustenr' - CRAN

A dataset containing the text of Jane Austen's 1814 novel "Mansfield Park". The UTF-8 plain text was sourced from Project Gutenberg and is divided into elements ...