Optimal Standardization in the Law of Property: The Numerus ... - jstor

standardization of estates. Id. at 424-25 (notes following Garner v. Gerrish, 473 N.E.2d 223 (N.Y.. 1984)); JESSE DUKEMINIER & JAMES E. KRIER, TEACHER'S ...

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Optimal Standardization in the Law of Property: The Numerus ... - jstor

standardization of estates. Id. at 424-25 (notes following Garner v. Gerrish, 473 N.E.2d 223 (N.Y.. 1984)); JESSE DUKEMINIER & JAMES E. KRIER, TEACHER'S ...

The Numerus Clausus Principle, Property ... - Iowa Law Review

24 Jul 2015 ... In one famous case, Garner v. Gerrish, 473 N.E.2d 223 (N.Y. 1984), the court upheld such a lease. Interestingly, recent scholarship shows that ...

Property Uncertainty Analysis and Methods for Optimal ... - DTU Orbit

31 May 2017 ... Computational modelling of working fluid properties and ... cedure for the propagation of property uncertainties through the cycle process onto.

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In his recent book called 'Language Standardization', Dr. Punya Slok. Ray has put forth a three-fold criterion for this purpose; it should be cheaper to acquire and ...

The Standardization of Irish - jstor

Irishmen spoke Irish; English was spoken only in the towns and ... in the nineteenth century Irish was the language ... "translations" from ancient Gaelic poetry;4.

International Advertising Standardization: What Do the ... - jstor

International Advertising Standardization: What Do the Multinationals Actually. Standardize? ABSTRACT. This article reports on a study of the international ...

Defining English: Authenticity and Standardization in ... - jstor

440 Seventeenth-Century Dictionaries and no." These early hard-word dictionaries did define "standard" En- glish vocabulary, but they balanced this modest ...

On Product Standardization as Competition Policy - jstor

products are close substitutes. Sur la standardisation des produits en tant que politique de concurrence. Supposons qu'un gouvernement intervienne dans un ...

The Standardization of Time: A Sociohistorical Perspective - jstor

length of waiting lines in terms of number of people than in terms of minutes (Zerubavel ... psychiatric standpoint, not knowing the day, the date, or the year is even regarded as ... this standard temporal reference framework-namely, the international ... the development of a fast railway network throughout Britain, communities.

Early Modern Printers and the Standardization of English ... - jstor

18 The Standardization of English Spelling spelling in the seventeenth century, particularly as the similar folio formats of the folios might be expected to inhibit ...

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(ASIO) compliant USB audio interface (Roland UA-1G) and SONY MDR-XB500 headphones at 60 dB. The visual stimuli were presented on a CRT monitor ...

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of enforcement in terms of these dimensions. A. Stage of Legal Intervention. One important dimension of law enforcement is the timing of legal intervention.

A Manufacturer's Optimal Quantity Discount Strategy and ... - jstor

the return policy can be considered as mirror images of quantity discount strategy. That is ... Introduction. The choice of the ... determining the economic order quantities for the buyer, given a ... A key result is that coordination can be achieved ...

Optimal Advertising and Promotion Budgets in Dynamic ... - jstor

increase in consumer utility. Hence, while the net short-term effect of sales promotions is positive, their long-term impact on a brand's market share and prof.

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1 Early studies that relate the cross-sectional behavior of leverage to industry characteristics ... Section II studies a single firm's optimal capital structure choice in an ... Finally, upon entry firms may adjust the capital structure in order to balance.

The Optimal Performance of the Global Firm: Formalizing and ... - jstor

The Integration-Responsiveness Framework. The most popular framework for studying international strategy in multinational firms is the IR framework (Fig- ure 2).

Optimal Prosecution of Defendants Whose Guilt Is Uncertain - jstor

(aa/aP)[SFacG(V k2) - (1 - 8)Fa'ki c']/8(1 - FG) (21). Note that the first line of these conditions corresponds to the unconstrained first-order conditions for e ...

Macroeconomic Policy and the Optimal Destruction of Vampires - jstor

rectly to human well-being, whereas each stake is used to kill one vampire. The allocation of labor services between widgets and stakes is of critical importance ...

Optimal Short Term Financing Decision - jstor

The short-term financing decision is a relatively common problem in practice; many companies' financial officers are faced with choosing a source of short-.

Decentralizing Constrained Pareto Optimal Allocations in ... - jstor

that collectively have no ownership claims on any firm in common." (p. 349)). While connectedness alleviates the extreme ownership pattern and leads to a CPO.

Optimal versus Naive Diversification: How Inefficient Is the 1/N ... - jstor

that, out of sample, the gain from optimal diversification is more than offset by ... the error in estimating the covariance matrix (Best and Grauer, 1992; Chan, ... things being equal, a smaller number of assets makes naive diversification less.

Bankruptcy Risk and Optimal Capital Structure - jstor

probability of bankruptcy will induce a firm to hold less debt in its capital structure, so ... results are inconsistent with the MI hypothesis but consistent with the TS-BC ... variability of earnings (a measure of business risk) and financial leverage is not ... The TS-BC theory of optimal capital structure determines a firm's optimal.

Serial Dilutions: Error Effects and Optimal Designs - jstor

Some key words: Concentration of particles; Log normal distribution; Optimal designs; Serial dilutions. 1. INTRODUCTION. We wish to investigate the problem of ...

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Michael Csik - jstor

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Michael Csik- szentmihalyi. New York: Harper & Row, 1990, 303 pp., $19.95, cloth. Reviewed by Philip H.

Monopolistic Export Industries, Trade Taxes, and Optimal ... - jstor

in the general case is to promote pure competition in the domestic industry through ... TD is total demand, HD home demand, and MC marginal cost. In each case, entry ... with marginal revenue (MR) in his total market (no price discrimination is ... context, because the extent to which sellers can discriminate should depend.

Whiteness as Property - jstor

WHITENESS AS PROPERTY. Cheryl 1. Harris*. Issues regarding race and racial identity as well as questions pertaining to property rights and ownership have ...

Is Presentness a Property? - jstor

tion greater than which orders the natural numbers. ... exists than if He does not and, since He is the greatest ... tame tigers exist," this asserts, not that the.

A Focusing Property of the Ellipse - jstor

establish and quantify a focusing property of ellipses and ellipsoids. This property is evidently ... Both of these results are suggested by the graphs in FIGURE 6.

The Myth of the Nomad in Property Law - jstor

were convinced that the Native American was a pagan nomad, a wan dering gatherer and ... William Cecil, and Sir Thomas Smith, had the undivided support of.

Homicide and Succession to Property - jstor

v. Guillory's Estate, 134 S2d 121 (La. App. 1961). 97. VA. CODE ANN. § 38.1-437 (1950); ...

property and paternalism in the slave south - jstor

D. Genovese, the paternalist thesis assumed that slavery was a variant of ... would logically generate an ethos hostile to commerce and markets. Still le. Reviews ...

Between Love and Property: Voice, Sentiment, and ... - jstor

Nepali reform movement that sought to give daughters a birth right to ancestral property. At its heart was a contest over emerging class and gender subjectivities ...

The Lex Situs and Heritable (Or Real) Property - jstor

THE LEX SITUS AND HERITABLE (OR REAL). PROPERTY. IT is a matter of regret to Scots lawyers who are interested in study of Conflict of Laws that in the ...

Why Property Rights Were Excluded from the Canadian ... - jstor

cratic will. "Propertarian" systems are those in which the fundamental consideration of government decision-making is the preservation and protection of property ...

Lost Property Fairy Tales - jstor

Mermaid, 1962) and Terayama Shūji's script for a musical puppet play,. “Ningyo-hime” (The Little Mermaid, first published in full in 1968).9 Anders- en's mermaid ...

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9 Jan 2019 ... The suite has private bathrooms, kitchen, 7 large private offices and storage closet. Zimmel Associates, Inc. / Jordan Zimmel (732) 661-9200 ...