Portrayals of Print Literacy in Children's Television ... - SAGE Journals

Clues, SpongeBob SquarePants, Calliou, and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. ... episodes were coded as containing prosocial themes” (e.g., sharing, ...

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Portrayals of Print Literacy in Children's Television ... - SAGE Journals

Clues, SpongeBob SquarePants, Calliou, and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. ... episodes were coded as containing prosocial themes” (e.g., sharing, ...

The Revolution Has Been Televised…». Television ... - SAGE Journals

Television as Historical Agent in the Romanian Revolution. 6 T. G. Ash, The ... Romania, however, a live televised revolution turned violent. And neither the tele-.

Witches and bitches: Reality television ... - SAGE Journals

Maloof from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Bethenny Frankel from The Real. Housewives ... to be invisible, unregulated and unprotected; and is considered to be a 'free or naturally ... built brand-based businesses, such as Bethenny Frankel, who parlayed her Skinny Girl ... wcms_195447.pdf (accessed July 2013).

The Educative Effects of Extreme Television Media - SAGE Journals

Glenn Beck, and Keith Olbermann as media treatments and Arizona's Senate. Bill (S.B.) 1070 ... common medium for citizens to get their political information (Graber, 2001;. Paletz ... Table 1 displays the pertinent demographic summary statistics for the par- ticipants in ... Passion and reason: Making sense of our emotions.

Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction - SAGE Journals

LITERACY, DISCOURSE, AND LINGUISTICS: INTRODUCTION. James Paul Gee. Department of Linguistics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Effective Literacy Instruction for Adolescents - SAGE Journals

lescent literacy, “adolescents deserve instruction that builds both the skill and desire to read increasingly ... Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 44, 676-690.

A Game Literacy Practice in The Sims - SAGE Journals

Sims is since they very often use cheats to give themselves a lot of money or other ... And as you said, you can always play again, without using aspiration rewards, ... H. (Eds) (2006) Special issue on World of Warcraft., Games & Culture, 1(4).

Early Literacy Screening in Kindergarten - SAGE Journals

Indeed, Reading First requirements state that appropriate assessment tools ... end of kindergarten, children are generally expected to be developmentally ready.

The Relationship between Parental Literacy Level ... - SAGE Journals

Likert items gauged views of the importance of literacy artifacts and events and interactions in the home during preschool years for later success in reading and ...

From Storytelling to Writing: Transforming Literacy ... - SAGE Journals

Escape from Slavery, written by Francis Bok, a southern Sudanese refugee from the Dinka tribe. Bok was captured in a slave raid at the age of seven and taken.

Priming HIV Messages in Kenyan Print Media - SAGE Journals

who read newspapers daily. The research ... The Daily Nation newspaper is seen as the most influential of all the ... allowed a free discussion on HIV in the media, among orga- nizations and the ... networks, and online companies was formed.

Serial fictions: Urdu print culture and the novel in ... - SAGE Journals

of novels were often more experimental than their later book editions. In this article, I use the pioneering Urdu novel Fasāna-e Āzād (1878–83) as a case study to ...

Creating Print-ready Tables in Stata - SAGE Journals

estout by Ben Jann (2005, 2007); tabout by Ian Watson (2007); est2tex by Marc ... estimation commands and Stata matrices directly into tables in XML format.

Critical Literacy Learning through Video Games - SAGE Journals

adolescent boys' perspectives ... source, online video game maker), and RPG Maker (computer software or Playstation 2 software enabling the creation of ...

Bullying on Teen Television: Patterns across Portrayals and Fan ...

PATTERNS ACROSS PORTRAYALS AND FAN FORUM POSTS. A Thesis ... their potential effect on viewers- perceptions of social reality (e.g. the perceptions.

Portrayals of Stuttering in Film, Television, and Comic Books

In the comic book The Sandman a weak ... Similarly, in the film (and book) Harry Potter and the ... Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson and.

The Perceived Realism of African American Portrayals on Television

to conceive, alter, or even reinforce their beliefs and opinions about Blacks. Address correspondence to Dr. ... ences between Black and White female television characters; Black females were typically ... The high perceived realism rat- ings for ...

portrayals of black women on television & the shift in ... - OpenSIUC

11 May 2019 ... images' (Hills 1990) in her Black Feminist Thought book. ... Creator Issa Rae (The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl) stars as Issa Dee, who.

Portrayals of driving and alcohol in popular television programmes ...

depends upon the form and the style of the play, or poem, in question. Thus ... investigating the effects of television viewing on drinking and driving behaviours.

Spanking of Young Children - SAGE Journals

Path model analyses were conducted with a sample of Hispanic mothers (n = 1,089) ... Spanking children is widely used as a form of physical discipline in the.

An Essay on PD James's The Children of Men - SAGE Journals

D. James is the heir-apparent to Agatha Christie as England's. “Queen of Crime.” Yet James is a mystery-writer with a differ- ence. In all eleven of her novels, she ...

The Psychosocial Development of Children - SAGE Journals

Erikson believes that every human child goes through a series of developmental stages from birth to old age. And each human being must find his or her own ...

Children's conceptions of peace in two Ugandan ... - SAGE Journals

methodology, we asked: How might Ugandan primary school children's stories about peace (traditional and otherwise) help them navigate conflict? What sorts of ...

Beautiful monsters, strange children and the ... - SAGE Journals

of Where the Wild Things Are, as provocation for thinking about the figure of the ... Child, child figures, childhood, Frankenstein, interiority, monsters in childhood, ... aesthetic conflict, why does the child resurface in a completely different form ... not towards childish pursuits but to an eager desire to learn' (Shelley, 2003: 39).

Children's Choices for Recreational Reading: A ... - SAGE Journals

ferred informational books, especially animal books. The finding contradicts ... the same nonfiction book, Animals Nobody Loves (Simon, 2001). An additional.

Developing Children's Understanding of Rhyme - SAGE Journals

therefore reflects the prevalent practice of working with rhyme in preschool, ... For example, children could develop an understanding of what rhymes or what a ... of communication is prevalent in people's talk (Iverson & Goldin-Meadow, 1998),.

The Socialization Process of Children by Means of ... - SAGE Journals

The Socialization Process of Children by Means of Extemporized and Organized Games. GEORGE CIUCIU (Rumania). ' I. THE PLACE OF GAMES IN THE ...

Environmental Mapping in Young Children - SAGE Journals

ENVIRONMENTAL MAPPING. IN YOUNG CHILDREN. JAMES M. BLAUT is Professor of Geography at Clark University. He has taught at Yale University, ...

Reconsidering passivity and activity in children's ... - SAGE Journals

and players, walkthroughs created by players, and expressive fan fiction. ... games offer have to do with what we think about the world, ourselves, and all that does ... Hadley KG and Nenga SK (2004) From Snow White to Digimon: using ...

Children's knowledge and experience of alcohol ... - SAGE Journals

Alcohol, drinking, drunkenness, consumption, children, childhood, family, ... diverse issues with a non-exhaustive list including everyday drinking practices.

Children's Relations to the More-Than-Human World - SAGE Journals

Children's Relations to the More-than-Human World ... 'more-than-human' or post-humanist conversations that have been gathering momentum in the ... thought' to reimagine and practise art with a group of children in an early childhood centre, and in ... of meanings and boundaries are created through clocking practices?

The Sociology of Literature, Children's Books, and ... - SAGE Journals

A Novel Approach: The Sociology of Literature, Children's Books, and Social ... distributed books in order to consider texts that are held up as the best in their ...

Miku's mask: Fictional encounters in children's ... - SAGE Journals

Figure 1. Vocaloid vocal synthesizer software, featuring Hatsune Miku. ... sion, a girl recounted in detail how Spiderman got his special powers. In this regard,.

Learning Styles of African American Children: A ... - SAGE Journals

Among the descriptions of learning styles that characterize African American children, communalism and cooperative learning have been offered. The current.

Working Memory Power Test for Children - SAGE Journals

WMPT accuracy predicted achievement in reading, numeracy, and spelling. The results provide preliminary evidence of reliability and validity that supports ...

White lie-telling in children for politeness purposes - SAGE Journals

Jordan, 1982; DePaulo & Kashy, 1998). Despite extensive research on children's lying to conceal transgressions or to win a competition (Chandler, Fritz, & Hala, ...