Me T hodology - Onestopenglish

You might use Born to make you happy, by Britney Spears: ... is illustrated by the following chorus sentence: 'I get knocked down bud I ged up again'. Classroom ...

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Me T hodology - Onestopenglish

You might use Born to make you happy, by Britney Spears: ... is illustrated by the following chorus sentence: 'I get knocked down bud I ged up again'. Classroom ...

What's your name - Onestopenglish

Taken from the speaking skills section in The ORAL INTERVIEW. Level: Elementary. Aim: Students practise asking and answering ...

Webquest - Onestopenglish

Romeo kills Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, in revenge for his killing Romeo's close friend and ally, Mercutio. •PHOT. OCOPIABLE. •. CAN BE DOWNLOADED. FROM ...

T eac her's notes - Onestopenglish

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT / Home alone. •PHOTOCOPIABLE• ... Home alone. Note: This lesson plan for ... Time: 90 minutes . Summary: This lesson is about the.

The four seasons - Onestopenglish

1. describe pictures showing the four seasons. 2. draw a ... Top row (left–right): spring, summer ... Draw a season around the tree and describe it to your partner.

using art in the classroom - Onestopenglish

Stephen Fry. ” Using art in the ... Stephen Fry in America (a six-part BBC series). The quotation is an excerpt from a speech that Stephen gives to the Society for ...

Should I stay or should I go? - Onestopenglish

Should I stay or should I go? 1. Start the class by telling the students about a couple of friends who are having problems in their relationship. Ask the ...

Humour - Onestopenglish

Which of the words in question 2 would you use to complete these expressions ... Note: The jokes above are funny (for children!) because one word in each joke.

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In Chinese astrology the Chinese zodiac is made up of a cycle of. 12 years ... Each star sign is 30 or 31 days long and the cycle is one year. The zodiac ... lion, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio the scorpion, Sagittarius, Capricorn the goat, Aquarius and.

Film and TV - Onestopenglish

WARNING: This lesson refers to two video trailers ... dialogue from a movie, to consolidate ideas and ... each group to write their trailer script (as in step 3). This.

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Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2005. Downloaded from the vocabulary section in Look at these lists of clothes. Answer the questions: 1.

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Ss should learn vocabulary (verbs) connected with food preparation. 1. Ss read the recipe, and then they analyze the structure with the teacher. ICY DREAMS.

wh- questions - Onestopenglish

GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY / Fun with grammar / Question time: Wh- questions. Level: Elementary. Target age: Secondary / adult. Time needed: 15-20 minutes.

Cinema - Onestopenglish

Film reviews often use compound adjectives to describe films. Make compound adjectives by matching words in A with words in B. Example: action-packed. A. B.

Amnesty - Onestopenglish

Taken from the speaking section in AMNESTY. Level: Intermediate . Aim: a speaking activity with emphasis on oral fluency; students.

Colour - Onestopenglish

You can buy red ones, green ones, ______ ones, and even orange ones in the supermarket, and they taste great in casseroles, some pasta dishes, and ratatouille ...

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Webquest: Bonfire Night by Gabrielle Jones. Level: Intermediate / Upper intermediate. Target age: Teenagers / Young adults. Time needed: 60 minutes. Key ...

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the beginning of the worksheet and print off a copy ... of abbreviation (e.g. initialisms) and highlight ... is an acronym (= an abbreviation pronounced as a word).

readers - Onestopenglish

READERS. The Prince and the Pauper. By Mark Twain. Chapter 1. Vocabulary. Aims: to familiarize the students with the historical setting of the play; to learn.

football - Onestopenglish

underdogs too). The lucky fans who have tickets are unpacking their bags with shirts and flags and scarves of their nation's colours. The unlucky ones are.

Using 'OK' in English - Onestopenglish

Divide the class into pairs A and B. Give each student A a copy of worksheet A and ... The origin of 'OK' has been one of the most popular subjects in etymology.

Worksheet 1 - Onestopenglish

everyone who was at the party and fill any relevant information on the sheet. At this point go over key vocabulary: alibi, motive, clue. Elicit from the class the ...

biographies - Onestopenglish

TEENAGERS / Go Beyond: Literary Lives ... Have you ever read a biography or autobiography? ... But you don't have to be famous to write an autobiography.

Webquest: Thanksgiving - Onestopenglish

TEENAGERS / Topic-based materials / Webquests / Thanksgiving. Webquest: Thanksgiving by Gabrielle Jones. Level: Intermediate. Target age: Teenagers ...

Dictionary Bluff - Onestopenglish

I have played it many times over the years and I have tried to refine the rules to get the most out of it. Invariably the students enjoy it and want to play it again.

Families and relationships - Onestopenglish

Families and relationships Upper-Intermediate. 1. Can you solve the puzzle ... There are many idiomatic expressions in English to describe family relationships.

Webquest: Christmas - Onestopenglish

Student B will read and answer the questions on the next two sections, 'Medieval' and 'Tudor'. Get students to note down their answers to the questions so that ...

The office party - Onestopenglish

See the Speaking. Lessons section at for this activity. Warmer. Ask the learners if any of them work in an office. Have they ever been to ...

flash fiction - Onestopenglish

As an opener, write the word fiction on the board and ask students what it means (books and stories about imaginary events and people). If necessary, explain the ...

Comparatives and Superlatives - Onestopenglish

Vocab: Basic adjectives, comparatives and superlatives. Focus: Comparing things ... Give them names that your students will be familiar with and invite students ...

Drug discussion - Onestopenglish

S hort T erm Effects: T his drug makes you feel very happy or very sad. If you take too much of it you can't w alk or speak. You can't w ork if you take H extine.

Deck of Conversations - Onestopenglish

Follow this up with a couple of questions about card games. Do the students have any favourite card games? ... Read the corresponding question or task.

Lesson plan - Onestopenglish

confidence to make a complaint; to enable them ... your loved one to the smart new restaurant that has opened in ... The students can write a letter of complaint,.

Uncovering Grammar - Onestopenglish

10 Jul 2000 ... Between Towns Road, Oxford OX4 3PP. A division of Macmillan ... 6 Grammar is the highway code of language. Can you add any others?

for whom the bell tolls - Onestopenglish

ERNEST HEMINGWAY and FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS. For Whom the ... Specifically, the literary world praised Hemingway's spare style and powerful ... This exercise is intended as extra practice of reported speech and not a presentation.

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not from Hollywood – he's the king of Bollywood! Shah Rukh ... Shah Rukh says dream-like Bollywood films are more ... 7 WRITE A BOLLYWOOD FILM SCRIPT.