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19 Jan 2020 ... in content, form, and style than Moore's graphic series Promethea (America's ... Then we got to issue 12, when we did all the tarot stuff? (Clarke).

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the monstrous alchemy of alan moore: "promethea" - jstor

19 Jan 2020 ... in content, form, and style than Moore's graphic series Promethea (America's ... Then we got to issue 12, when we did all the tarot stuff? (Clarke).

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occult elements addressed in Promethea ceremonial magic, astrology, tarot, Hermetic Qabalah and the Goetia and the characteristics of the re-enchantment of ...

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Alan Moore's Promethea: Countercultural Gnosis and the End of the World. ... of magic by means of the four Tarot suits: Cups, Swords, Coins or Pentacles, and.

"Unfit for Light": Anne Bradstreet's Monstrous Birth - jstor

Bruce Reid, and, especially, Priscilla Long for attentive readings of previous drafts ... am, Dear." It is an art that has been practiced by women throughout time. ... 43See Michael Colacurcio, "'The Woman's Own Choice': Sex, Metaphor, and the.

alchemy and the orient in strindberg's "dream play" - jstor

Buddhism attracted him in particular, and he kept a bust of the Buddha in his home to remind him of God. He also read the works of Schopenhauer, who. 208 ...

"An Alchemy of Mind": The Family Courtship Story - jstor

In On Barclay's Apology he writes: "By happy alchemy of mind / They turn to pleasure all they find." [17]. Page 2. 18 WESTERN FOLKLORE like they always do ...

Alchemy and Hawthorne's "Elixir of Life Manuscripts" - jstor

1 Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Elixir of Life Manuscripts, Edward H. Davidson, Claude ... in books; as I have sought gold in alchemy" (The Scarlet Letter, Ch. IV).

The Personal Circumstances of Marianne Moore's "Marriage" - jstor

Given that Marianne Moore never married and apparently never fell in love, readers have long ... "Slender of build, swift of movement, always strikingly pale, with coal-black hair, black ... Ed. Bonnie Costello with Cristanne Miller and Celeste.

First Notes on Marianne Moore's "An Octopus" - jstor

Marianne Moore traveled to Paradise Park in July 1922 when she spent two days on the mountain. ... "An Octopus" can be divided into eight sections. The first (11. ... Cedar, and Pine, and Fir, and branching Palm,. And higher than that Wall a ...

Alchemy in "Finnegans Wake" - jstor

Wake The major passages dealing with alchemy also deal with the artistic process ... wild beeswax and liquorice and Carrageen moss and blaster of Barry's and.

"Soft Males," "Flying Boys," and "White Knights": New ... - jstor

My analysis of The Fisher King locates the specific ways in which "masculinity is in- scribed and the ... what it means to be a Good King, a White Knight.



"Where's my Fool?": "Lear" Motifs in "Rigoletto" - jstor

In a letter to the poet Antonio Somma on 23 April 1853, Giuseppe Verdi ... Rigoletto: Per l'istessa ragionepreferisco Shakespeare a tutti i arammatici, senza eccet ... pressive authority over his adult child in "Hie Family Myth: Its Deconstruction ...

"Snatch," "Hole," or "Honey-Pot"? - jstor

... or euphemistic, and the derogatory, raising the question, "what can women call ... Many of the feminists who have commented on female genital slang (e.g. ...

Young Women / "Bad Girls" in Kirino Natsuo's "Real World" - jstor

is, less physically aggressive) "bad girls" who assist him in evading immediate capture. "When high school ... virtual space of online chat rooms. She is free to go ...

"Sinhalese Girl" Meets "Aunty Annie": Competing Expressions ... - jstor

trade and presence in Kerala. (Jackson 1990:26). This interpretation is particularly interesting in that it raises the possibility that the song's Nona has always ...

"Chameleon" Meets "Soul Train": Herbie, James, Michael ... - jstor

Herbie Hancock must have felt great when he and his group, the Head hunters, gave a live performance of their hit song "Chameleon" on the weekly television ...

"Jonathan's Great Knife": "Dracula" Meets Jack the Ripper - jstor

"Jonathan's Great Knife": Dracula Meets Jack the Ripper 441 a similar ... asperse and emulate, so that perhaps even besmirched role-models should not be frivo.

"My dear, dear Sister": Sustaining the "I" in "Tintern Abbey" - jstor

calling "Tintern Abbey" Wordsworth's "most self-centered poem" (3). Bromwich lambastes Wordsworth's use of Dorothy in the poem.2 Yet M.H.. Abrams and ...

Notes on Alchemy the Cosmological "Yoga"of ... - Logoi Library

Hermetic texts of the Middle. Ages hopefully repeat. Through his vision of Christic. Gold, the alchemist could transmute every "imperfect metal": but he did it only.

Discovering the Vision in Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" Message ...

Therefore, Fantasy Theme Analysis will be used to evaluate six of the eleven spoken messages delivered in the Breaking Free Bible study DVD series. The goal is ...

"paradise lost": "tragical—comical— historical—pastoral" - jstor

Paradise Lost is more than a highly dramatic poem: it is "an epic built of dramas," an ... referring to those "Notes" with which he will describe the Fall of Man, but not necessarily to all ... Led them direct, and down the Cliff as fast. To the subjected ...

Andrew Brown's "Earnest Endeavor": The "Federal Gazette'"s ... - jstor

Domingo, streamed into the city, yellow fever returned to Philadelphia in ... This article will sketch Brown's life prior to 1793, summarize the partisan ... 46 The following quotes can be found in Rush's Account, 325-33, unless otherwise noted. ... delphia, citizens who stayed (and those who read Philadelphia newspapers).

"The Lost Children" in James Welch's "The Death of Jim Loney" - jstor

James Welch's The Death of Jim Loney "defies analysis" in Paula ... Welch, himself, has insisted that Winter in the Blood and The Death of. Jim Loney "show ...

"Hiro" of the Platonic: Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" - jstor

and early 1980s, the cyberpunk genre provided a fresh reworking of popular science ... mate asks whether Hiro won the sword fight, he boasts, "I'm the greatest.

"Araby" in Context: The "Splendid Bazaar," Irish Orientalism ... - jstor

Heyward Ehrlich. Rutgers University. The story based on an actual incident in Joyce's life, "Araby," is often read on a single internal plane for its quest symbolism ...

"That Fallacious Fruit": Lapsarian Lovemaking in "Paradise Lost" - jstor

"That Fallacious Fruit": Lapsarian Lovemaking in Paradise Lost. John Savoie. [Adam] forbore not glance or toy. Of amorous intent, well understood. Of Eve ...

pound's "isis kuanon": an ascension motif in "the cantos" - jstor

Canto 90 he attributes his ascension into a heaven of love to that ... is incarnate i heresy of immanent divi thought he detected in t nized early the importanc serious thought" ... dark, glowing surface sprinkled with stars and moon, and its border.

Gloria Naylor's "Linden Hills": A Modern "Inferno" - jstor

Gloria Naylor's second novel, Linden Hills,' is a modern version of. Dante's Inferno in which souls are damned not because they have offended God or have ...

Hybridizing the "City upon a Hill" in Toni Morrison's "Paradise" - jstor

As a result, Ruby emerges as the City upon a Hill for its inhabitants, and its ... not only invert the meaning of the racial sign by turning it into a positive one, but ...

"Exit Pursued by a Beare": A Problem in "The Winter's Tale" - jstor

One might add that there is no substantial proof that a real bear ever appeared in a play on the Elizabethan public stage, or elsewhere, and that the internal.

The Sword Hrunting in "Beowulf": Unlocking the Word "hord" - jstor

The word befits Hrunting, the most famous sword in the heroic world of Beowulf. The fact that the weapon fails is but one strand in the web of irony that the poet ...

"Authentic Reproductions": Staging the "Wild West" in Modern ... - jstor

think this is a bit cold-blooded - acting here in broad daylight without an ... For Yeats, "such people, tinkers and beggars and the un- ... authenticity it constructs.

The Playful "i" in Tato Laviera's Poetry: An "Arte poética" - jstor

In "my graduation speech," from La Carreta Made a U-Tum,. Page 6. 6 I The Playful "i" in Tato Laviera's Poetry the poetic ...

Dante's "Divine Comedy" and CS Lewis's "Narnia Chronicles" - jstor

in the Inferno, while The Voyage of the Dawn Treader combines material ... the Exodus as his basic plot (which is. Par. ... history for his plot, follows Dante an.

"Tame Indians," "Wild Heathens," and Settlers in Southern ... - jstor

entirely depopulated from fear of these barbarians."'12 The ... rectangular houses with tiled roofs that they were forced to build in the ... Martinho de Mello e Castro, em que Ihe ddo diversas ... noticias relativas a' comarca dos Ilh6os" (23. Aug.