The Political Poetics of Native Hawaiian Identity - Semantic Scholar

25 Jun 2017 ... (history/story) of the goddess Pele and her sister Hi'iaka that draws on Hawaiian language sources ... as free verse, and utilise stream of consciousness. Westlake's ... it when crash smack dab into her kino [body]. And the Bible is ... Web. Accessed.

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The Political Poetics of Native Hawaiian Identity - Semantic Scholar

25 Jun 2017 ... (history/story) of the goddess Pele and her sister Hi'iaka that draws on Hawaiian language sources ... as free verse, and utilise stream of consciousness. Westlake's ... it when crash smack dab into her kino [body]. And the Bible is ... Web. Accessed.

The Construction of Identity and Political ... - Semantic Scholar

Walker's novel Meridian (1976) in order to illustrate the difficulties and dilemmas that ... KEY WORDS: Alice Walker, Meridian, African American, Civil Rights ...

The American Hero in a Hawaiian Myth - Semantic Scholar

Koolau dying from leprosy a free man on Kauai, his island home. Critics have long ... these scholars view “Koolau the Leper” as a critique of America's imperial.

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Fukuyama's sequel to 2011's The Origins of. Political Order, which covered prehuman times to the French Revolution. The world has only become more unstable ...

The Poetics of Persian Music - Semantic Scholar

The Intimate Correlation between Prosody and Persian Classical Music by ... This notion or concept of fundamental iqa can be thought of as musical meter.

Towards a new poetics in creative writing ... - Semantic Scholar

The phrase, reading as a writer, was first used in 1934 by Dorothea Brande, and her description of its method bears striking similarities to Besant's advice.

Aristotle s Poetics: A Translation and ... - Semantic Scholar

A Book of Luminous Things: An International Anthology of Poetry - Czeslaw Milosz The . Literature for Students: Drama for Students, Novels for. Students, Poetry ...

Blog Fiction: The Relational Poetics of a ... - Semantic Scholar

1 Emma Segar, Bad Influences [blog fiction], 5th January to 8th December 2013 ... (Sherlock notably has The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson and ...

The Manipulation of Poetics in Literary Translation - Semantic Scholar

The Manipulation of Poetics in Literary. Translation— A Case Study of Journey to the. West by W.J.F. Jenner. *. Jianguang Sun. Faculty of Foreign Languages, ...

Stumbling unto Grace: Invention and the Poetics ... - Semantic Scholar

illuminate complex yet simple processes in aesthetic work: coming upon, stumbling over, and ultimately writing stories out of one's ideas and imagination.

Poetics And Interpretation Of Biblical Narrative ... - Semantic Scholar

9781575060026: Books - Poetics and interpretation of biblical narrative Book, 1994. Similar books and articles. Narrative and Poetic Art in the Book ...

Gothic Descriptions in Native Son - Semantic Scholar

Published online May 31 2015. Abstract. Richard Right's Native Son expressed the protest against the western mainstream culture, represented the history.

how non-native writers realize their interpersonal ... - Semantic Scholar

to realize the interpersonal meaning, 21 clauses use “to be”. (is, was, are, were) ... OF THE SONGS IN GYPSY HEART ALBUM BY COLBIE CAILLAT. Song is the ...

The Plight of Contemporary Native Americans in ... - Semantic Scholar

Erdrich entitles her chapter with the “The Red Convertible”. She intends to say that the Indians and the whites have to contact, that the old way and the new way ...

E OLA MAU 1985 Native Hawaiian Health Needs ... - Papa Ola Lokahi

2) Medical Task Force, 3) Nutrition/Dental Task Force, 4) Historical/Cultural Task ... and communicating cosmos; harmony with self—na'au (mind), kino (body), ...

Breach of trust: Native Hawaiian homelands - UM Carey Law

4 Oct 1980 ... State responsibility for the homeland trust was delegated to the Hawaii Department of Hawaiian. Home Lands (DHHL).5. While the State of ...

Selected Bibliography of Native Hawaiian Authors - University of ...

Shark Dialogues. New York: Plume, 1995. De Silva, Kihei. He Aloha Moku O Keawe: A Collection of Songs for Hawai'i,. Island of Keawe. Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i: ...

Mo'olelo Ea O Na¯ Hawai'i History of Native Hawaiian Governance ...

19 Aug 2014 ... other groups that form the society of present-day nation-States in which they now ... When the Pleiades are small eyes in the night,. When the sun appeared ... overlord if they were unfairly treated by their konohiki or aliʻi. 216.

native hawaiian homestead residents' perceptions ... - ScholarSpace

of individual health in the micro level comprise of kino (body), uhane (soul) and mana'o ... Traditionally, Native Hawaiians were extraordinarily strong, healthy, and free of serious ... God, Goddess, spirit, image, idol, divine, supernatural, Godly alaea ... from

Native American Women in Sherman Alexie's ... - Semantic Scholar

One will argue that Sherman Alexie's depiction of Native American women in his short stories entails a ... In the “Search Engine,” Corliss seeks to internalize the identity of a Spokane lover of literature, Harlan ... .pdf. Accessed on 8 Jan 2013.

weaving life stories: healing selves in native ... - Semantic Scholar

Chapter Three, “Weaving Stories: Leslie Marmon Silko,” contemplates the ... Later, he wrote her biography, Mabel McKay: Weaving the Dream, which “turned out ...

Some Traditional Native Hawaiian Bird Hunting Practices on ... - eVols

awarded to land owners by the then defunct Land Commission with- out a formal land survey.2 ... missionaries and books were around. Have lived on Oahu a ...

Native Hawaiian Youth in Hawaiÿi Detention Center - Kamehameha ...

the experience of surveillance, searches of one's body and belongings, stigma,. “rituals of ... meaning for Native Hawaiians because the “law,” punishment, and prisons were key ... Statistics on Hawaiian and part Hawaiian prison inmates.

Political Economy of Love - Semantic Scholar

al capitalism involving the nurturance gap, disembedded economy and ... tiple dimensions of love, therefore, we need to scrutinise some of the core cultural,.

The Financialization of a Cure: A Political ... - Semantic Scholar

Barclays Capital, investment bank advising Gilead on acquisition ... Founded in 1987 by Michael Riordan, IPO for $86.25 million with final share-financed.

Lobbying : the Art of Political Persuasion - Semantic Scholar

good gov affectiona who care should be understan works..." "Compreh accessible. of lobbyi. Washingto. Lobbying. Lionel Zetter. The Art of Political Persuasion.

Political Gerrymandering: A Statutory ... - Semantic Scholar

Compactness Standard as an Antidote for Judicial Impotence ... 4 Recently the. Court recognized ... Sims, 377 U.S. 533, 578-79 (1964), the. Court, in discussing ...

Using Ludonarrative Dissonance for Political ... - Semantic Scholar


An Experiment on Political Polarization and ... - Semantic Scholar

the Trump presidency, and the severe partisan polarization surrounding it, we ... costs survey vignettes).16 Our results are, of course, specific ... in foreign policy, mass publics may accept the executive's ... See for instance Farrell 2017 and Yarhi-Milo 2018. 6. ... Politics Presidential Greatness Survey” American Polit-.

Listening for the Political in a Digital Age - Semantic Scholar

a catchy tune from a popular Tamil film song, “Why This Kolaveri” (Sony Music ... Sherinian shows how “shared musical relationships” can become a means for.

From Fan Videos to Crowdsourcing: The Political ... - Semantic Scholar

6 Oct 2017 ... 21 Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media ... Gaming, and Boogie2988 similarly resist this narrative of monetary ...

Political and Bureaucratic Corruption During ... - Semantic Scholar

corruption in South Africa during President Zuma's tenure in order to establish the damaging ... investment project also on the basis of potential corruption payments” ... expenditure_Dirco_WarJ.pdf [Accessed: 01 December 2013] ... Letsoalo, M (2011) “Cosatu raises red flag on Guptas” Mail and Guardian, 05, February.

Social Identity - Semantic Scholar

tional identities is that they are chosen by the person. (what is sometimes called an achieved status). In contrast, social identities such as ethnicity or gender.

Lyrical Poetics, Lyric History and Lyric Poetry in ... - Semantic Scholar

poetic theory (Herzberger 327); there are, for example few other critical accounts which are ... These levels are lyrical by any definition, but a further stage of tran-.

Political Order in Changing Societies - Semantic Scholar

Political Order in Changing Societies (The Henry. L. Stimson Lectures Series) [Paperback] [2006]. (Author) Samuel P. Huntington. Click here if your download ...

Cartooning for Peace? The Necessity of Political ... - Semantic Scholar

Riad Sattouf, a French Arab cartoonist had made an impactful impression, not only on France, but also on the world, with his graphic novel, “The Arab of the Future.