Properties of Multiplication - wccusd

15 Oct 2011 ... Distributive Property of. Multiplication: One factor in a multiplication problem can be broken apart to find partial products. He sum of ...

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Properties of Multiplication - wccusd

15 Oct 2011 ... Distributive Property of. Multiplication: One factor in a multiplication problem can be broken apart to find partial products. He sum of ...

Properties of Addition & Multiplication

Properties of Addition & Multiplication. Properties oJ Zero o Addition Property of Tero o When zero is odded to ony number, the resulting sum is thot number.

Properties of Addition and Multiplication 1.3 - Big Ideas Math

14. Chapter 1. Expressions and Number Properties. Properties of Addition and Multiplication. 1.3. Work with a partner. Place each statement in the correct oval.

Matrix Multiplication in MapReduce Overview Matrix Multiplication

As such, matrix multiplication is a good candidate for being expressed as a ... The basic MapReduce solution assumes very specific input format: two matrices.

CH 1 Day 2 Presentation - wccusd

11 Sep 2019 ... Height of Roman Empire. Move of Roman capital to Byzantium. Attack of Rome by Germanic tribes. Fall of last Roman emperor in the west.

Measurement - wccusd

3 Nov 2015 ... ... no gaps or overlaps. 2.MD.3 Estimate lengths using units of inches, feet, centimeters, and meter ... “How Big is a Foot?” by Rolf Myller (Young ...

Discovering Pi (π) - wccusd

11 Feb 2013 ... Have students outline with a finger circumference and diameter. • Review the concept of Ratio. Discuss what the ratio of 30 to 3 would look like.

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This section contains reproducible study guides for each chapter of History. Alive! ... What major events and battles of the American Civil War helped to.

CH 20 new presentation - wccusd

Ch 20: The Influence of Neighboring Cultures on. Japan. Tuesday p219. 1. 20.2 Cultural Influences of. India, China, and Korea on. Japan. İL 20.3 Government:.

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1 Mar 2016 ... “Box Plots: The Age of Pennies” worksheet for each student ... Box Plot Background : Box plots, also known as Box and Whisker plots, ... 1. The first step in making a box plot is to order all the data points from least to greatest.

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7 Sep 2013 ... Teacher presents Introduction to Microscope PowerPoint. Teacher then demonstrates proper use and handling of microscope, slides, and lab ...

Warm-Up - wccusd

4 Jun 2014 ... We use the acronym GEMDAS to help students remember “Order of. Operations”: G. Evaluate grouping symbols. E. Evaluate powers. MD.

Evaluating Functions - wccusd

7 Oct 2013 ... Use function notation, evaluate functions for inputs in their domains, and interpret statements that use function notation in terms of context. F.IF.9: ...

Solving Equations - wccusd

8 Nov 2011 ... T: Now we are going to solve equations using a balance scale similar to the one you just explored. Model using “Algebra Balance Scales”at this ...

Pythagorean Theorem - wccusd

5 Mar 2013 ... 3 Know and understand the Pythagorean theorem and its converse and use it to find the length of the missing side of a right triangle and the ...

Key Features of Graphs - wccusd

7 Nov 2014 ... Define the x- and y-intercepts for students and label those points on the graph to the right. x-intercept: where the graph of the function crosses ...

Zero and Negative Exponents - wccusd

Therefore, we have determined that a negative exponent is like a command. It tells us to: Find the reciprocal of the base…before we evaluate the power. Note: ...

Dividing Decimals - wccusd

1 Dec 2011 ... Dividing Decimals. Objective: To be able to divide whole numbers and decimals into decimals, with decimal quotients. Standard: 3rd grade NS ...

Exponential Functions - wccusd

23 Jul 2015 ... Students collect data from the paper folding activity, describe the patterns, graph the data and write a function based on the pattern. The lesson ...

Least Common Multiple - wccusd

7 Nov 2014 ... Lesson/Unit Plan Name: Using Prime Factors to find LCM and GCF. ... When you are finished, you will have a factor string for each of the ...

Line Plots - wccusd

28 May 2014 ... Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions by using information presented in line plots. For example, from a line plot find and ...

CH 7 Geography of Arabia - wccusd

LOOK AT YOUR GEO CHALLENGE #2 MAP P40 41 GREY W/B - 72 73 TEXT. 1. ... Although the finst Muslims lived in Arabia, Islam spread throughout the.

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22 Jul 2016 ... 2016-17 PARENT—STUDENT HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM ... West Contra Costa Unified School District School Calendar 2016-17 (August 22 – June 8). Holiday ... Alpine Dust Insecticide Dinotefuran. 499-527.

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CIRCLE VOCABULARY PAPER PLATE. Materials: 1) 1 paper plate for each student (use then paper plates do not use Styrofoam). 2) Enough markers for ...

Typing Websites - wccusd

Also note the top of the monitor at eye level. Students with ... BBC Dance Mat is a wonderful ... typing games for students K-5, as well as math, letters, seasonal, and other educational online activities.

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Poetry was judged by an eleven-member selection panel: ... The city's inaugural Poet Laureate was Dwayne O. Parish. ... I love Pusheen the cat book. I need a ...

Multiplication Bingo Multiplication Bingo -

Space 54 64. 6 14 63 8 16. 30 20 6 45 40. 45 4 35 72 42. 24 81 14 27 25. Card # 1. Card # 2. Multiplication Bingo. Multiplication Bingo

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The student poets come from Richmond elementary, middle, and high schools, and from the ... Sweet dreams of San Diego at the end was a nice touch and unexpected shift from ... I want to be a singer when I'm older. I like to swim. I love my ...

HS Mathematics Item Specification C1 TB - wccusd

rational number and an irrational number is irrational. Evidence Required: 1. The student ... numbers. Example Stem 1: Click on two numbers whose sum, when.

Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse - wccusd

22 Oct 2011 ... Use the Pythagorean Theorem Proof worksheet to record your work. 2. Cut out square A, square B and the 4 right triangles. Color square A yellow ...

Density Basics Lesson - wccusd

18 Sep 2013 ... (steel/bricks). You try: What other things can you think of that might have a high density? (rocks, other metals, etc.) We try: Which substance(s) ...

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ACS WASC/CDE Visiting Committee Report:Hercules 2017 ... The ILT provides site level PD as determined through review of the student academic performance ...

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2 Dec 2011 ... Derivation of the Quadratic Formula. General form of a quadratic equation: ax2 bx c = 0, ∀a,b,c ∈ℜ, a ≠ 0. Algebraic Representations.

Densities of Some Common Liquids - wccusd

2 Oct 2013 ... Dish soap. Food coloring (optional—to aid visibility for water or alcohol). Turkey baster (optional—to help keep liquids from splashing when ...

3rd Grade Spelling Menu - wccusd

Return the checked off spelling menu on Friday when you turn in your homework. ❏ Complete each item on a separate page of paper. Please use the back of ...

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20 Feb 2013 ... Explain the use of SOH – CAH – TOA as a way to memorize these ratios. III. Labeling ... Complete the two “I do” problems from the worksheet.