Teacher's File - Macmillan Readers

Vocabulary review: Answer key. 33. Contents ... vocabulary support in Effective Reading books 1–4, the Teacher's Files ... 1. magazine 2. social life 3. advice.

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Teacher's File - Macmillan Readers

Vocabulary review: Answer key. 33. Contents ... vocabulary support in Effective Reading books 1–4, the Teacher's Files ... 1. magazine 2. social life 3. advice.

Teacher's File 3 - Macmillan Readers

Series Editor Scott Miles. Reading. Effective. Teacher's File. 3Intermediate. Scott Miles ... Notes on First texts, Answer keys and Photocopiable activities 6.–29. 1 Personality. 6 ... of vocabulary commonly used in academic settings. To reinforce the ... Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied. Linguistics, “to ...

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In the Student's Book reference section, Developing ... worksheets in the Teacher's Resources. ... d people who see it feel glad despite its air of depression.

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30 Oct 2013 ... available to download from the website. • A Using ... eBook available. 18 www.macmillanreaders.com. Symbols. Starter ... My Cousin Rachel.

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To access our free online level test, ... as the James Bond and The Princess Diaries titles or Slumdog. Millionaire and ... They are available for free from our.

Much Ado About Nothing - Macmillan Readers

2 Beatrice and Benedick have a conversation at a masked dance. 3 Don John tells Claudio that Don. Pedro loves Hero. 4 Don Pedro, Claudio and. Leonato cause ...

One Day - Macmillan Readers

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL. DAVID NICHOLLS. One Day. Retold by F H Cornish. MACMILLAN ... 'Then I'll go to France for a few weeks and after that, maybe I'll go ...

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Hamlet - Macmillan Readers

Act 1, Scene 2. [The Great Hall of the castle. Enter King Claudius, Queen. Gertrude, Hamlet, Polonious, Laertes and all the courtiers14. The King and Queen sit ...

Of Mice and Men - Macmillan Readers

Of Mice and Men 2. 3. Read the back cover of the book and try to make predictions about the story. What do you think will happen? How will the characters be ...

Macbeth - Macmillan Readers

Macbeth. William Shakespeare. Background Information. 1 16th. 2 poor. 3 school. 4 three ... Multiple Choice. 1 a, d. 2 a, b, d ... Making Questions. 1 Who was a ...

Wizard oz .PFU - Macmillan Readers

She was going to the Emerald City to ask the Great Wizard of Oz to help her get back home to Kansas. d. Dorothy was protected by the Good Witch's kiss.

Act 1, Scene 1 - Macmillan Readers

Act 1, Scene 1 ... Marcellus: It has gone and will not answer. Barnardo: So now, Horatio. ... Horatio: It is the ghost of our dead king – King Hamlet. He's wearing ...

Leo Tolstoy - Macmillan Readers

Sevastopol Sketches, which were very popular. But the loss of life filled him with horror. Tolstoy left the army in 1855 and spent several years travelling between ...

Teacher's Notes - Penguin Readers Level 4: Teacher Man

Summary. Teacher Man, Frank McCourt's third book, tells of his experiences as a high school and college teacher in New. York. Chapter 1: Mr. McCourt refers to ...

The Prince and the Pauper - Macmillan Readers

Every night people shouted and argued. There were always lots of fights. Tom's family lived in one room on the third floor of the house. He lived with ...

My Cousin Rachel - Macmillan Readers

My Cousin Rachel. DAPHNE DU MAURIER. Macmillan Readers. My Cousin Rachel 1. This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com.

Moby Dick - Macmillan Readers

Moby Dick. Herman Melville. Chapter 1 The Man Who Sold Heads. 1. There was nothing for Ishmael to do on shore. He was feeling bad-tempered as he hated ...

Robin Hood.PFU - Macmillan Readers

The prize was one hundred golden crowns. 4. Robin could hit a target at 500 paces. 5. He was afraid ...

Seven Stories Worksheet - Macmillan Readers

Worksheet. Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror. EDGAR ALLAN POE ... The Masque Of The Red Death. The Oblong Box. A deadly disease. A haunted house.

lesson plan 1 - Macmillan Readers

One sunny day, Alice follows a White Rabbit down a rabbit hole ... And into Wonderland. Wonderland is a very strange place and lots of very strange people live ...

The Great Gatsby - Macmillan Readers

Exercises Answers Key. The Great Gatsby. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. People in the Story. At Gatsby's Party b Nick Carraway c Daisy Buchanan d Myrtle Wilson.

Daphne du Maurier - Macmillan Readers

Her grandfather, George du Maurier, had been a famous novelist. Trilby, his novel about the lives of artists in Paris, was extremely popular at the end of the.

The Secret Garden - Macmillan Readers

What differences do you think she found between her life in India and England? Write a list of ... Mary goes to live with her uncle at Misselthwaite Manor, a 600-year old house with a secret garden where no-one has ... As you read, add words and expressions to the ... Having interesting things to do in your free time. Love.

The Phantom of the Opera - Macmillan Readers

Phantom of the Opera 1. This page ... A flautist plays the flute. ... 2 story 3 man 4 Opera 5 rooms 6 ground 7 architect 8 Persia 9 Europe 10 strange 11 musician.

Diamonds Are Forever - Macmillan Readers

Points for Understanding Answer Key. Macmillan Readers. Diamonds Are Forever 1. Diamonds Are Forever. Ian Fleming. 1. 1 The smuggler met the helicopter ...

A Tale of Two Cities - Macmillan Readers

*Choose your new title for each chapter from this list: Sydney Carton Talks to Jarvis Lorry in Paris. Doctor Manette and Gabelle Speak at Charles' Trial.

F. Scott. Fitzgerald - Macmillan Readers

AUTHOR DATA SHEET. Macmillan Readers ... Fitzgeralds began to live a life of great luxury. ... The Great Gatsby is his best book, it was not as successful as his ...

The Princess Diaries 1 - Macmillan Readers

Genovia is a monarchy. Prince Philippe became Head of State in 1989. The population of Genovia was. 64,000 (sixty four thousand people) in 1999.

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Macmillan Readers

My name is Doctor Watson. I am writing this story about my friend, Mr Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective. Sherlock Holmes lives at 221B Baker Street, in the.

Writing a biography - Macmillan Readers

2 How did they feel about life in their hometown or country? This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com. It is photocopiable, but all copies ...

Jane Eyre - Macmillan Readers

Exercises Answers Key. Jane Eyre. CHARLOTTE BRONTE. Jane Eyre. Date: August ... Where did Mrs Reed send Jane? Who was ... Multiple Choice 1. 2 a 3 a 4 ...

the merchant of Venice - Macmillan Readers

Antonio: A rich merchant of Venice (the merchant of the play's title) who ... The number of syllables in each line of text was important in Shakespeare's writing.

White Fang - Macmillan Readers

The first food White Fang found for himself was seven baby ptarmigans. 3 ... He ran back to the house and barked at the master's family, so they knew that ...

David Copperfield - Macmillan Readers

Mr Murdstone was tall and dark-haired. He had hard eyes. 2. David's new friends were Mr Peggotty, Ham, little Emily and Mrs Gummidge. Their home was an old.

Around the World in 80 Days - Macmillan Readers

Around the World in 80 Days. Jules Verne. A Before reading. 1 a How many different ways of travelling do you know? Make a list. Examples: motorbike, walking.