Non-normative Family on Children's Television - Semantic Scholar

23 May 2018 ... 6 Season 1 Episode 45 (Molisee, Villeco and Sugar 2015). 7 Season 1 ... Raven M. Molisee, Paul Villeco, Hilary Florido, and. Lauren Zuke. Dir.

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Non-normative Family on Children's Television - Semantic Scholar

23 May 2018 ... 6 Season 1 Episode 45 (Molisee, Villeco and Sugar 2015). 7 Season 1 ... Raven M. Molisee, Paul Villeco, Hilary Florido, and. Lauren Zuke. Dir.

Cross-Cultural Normative Assessment - Semantic Scholar

Cross-Cultural Normative Assessment: Translation and. Adaptation Issues Influencing the Normative. Interpretation of Assessment Instruments. Kurt F. Geisinger.

Normative Data on Seguin Form Board Test - Semantic Scholar

Seguin (1856) developed a simple but a unique testing method using form boards for assessment of intellectual abilities in children through non-verbal means.

Police in; Television - Semantic Scholar

cop shows as The Mod Squad (1968-73), which centered on ... colorful tropical locations, like The Mod Squad's ... In addition to a contemporary rock soundtrack,.

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subjects and has come “first” in “Loveology” thanks to a little attention ... cisco and the author of the forthcoming book Becoming a Global Audience: Long-.

'in the end its all nice': addiction, television, and ... - Semantic Scholar

The most infamous example is probably in Last Exit to Brooklyn. (1964) ... confused corrupt union worker (Harry Black), and a prostitute (Tralala). Each story ...

Television addiction: a survey. - Semantic Scholar

1 Jan 1983 ... Despite assumptions about television addiction in the litera- ture on television ... The notions that addiction is not a purely physiological phenomenon ... ture—language, symbols, myths, and metaphors— its symbolic signifi- cance is ... when they release emotionsincommensurate wiin their mere. ' lEIi*?' ^n.

Hidden addiction: Television - Semantic Scholar

14 Jun 2013 ... ment of the apparent phenomenon of television addiction. ... cial ills, derived in part from a television-as-drug metaphor ... no mere metaphor.

The Effectiveness of the Philippine Television ... - Semantic Scholar

The case of Jeopardy is similar to the study conducted by the researchers as regards the type of application used-. Powerpoint. Powerpoint is so flexible that it can ...

Feminist Television Criticism A Reader - Semantic Scholar

JULIE D'ACCI. 19. The Ideology of Freshness in Feminine Hygiene Commercials. 290. KATE KANE. 20. Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile. 300. TRICIA ROSE.

The Development of Oral Roberts' Television ... - Semantic Scholar

Key Words Oral Roberts, television, televangelist, Christian television, healing, City ... Roberts' healing line, where persons passed by for his touch and prayer.

The challenge of flow: state socialist television ... - Semantic Scholar

As with the New Year, entertainment programming featured prominently in television schedules on these holidays, but was combined with a significantly greater ...

Latino Television in the United States and Latin ... - Semantic Scholar

The significant growth of the Latino TV market is still a minor stake of the total U.S. ... the IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) dominant providers are Verizon Fios ...

L. Giuffre - Countdown and Cult Music Television ... - Semantic Scholar

form in order to make genial fun of it and engage younger audiences. Beyond these television ... Idol, Chicago: Chicago Review Press. Bonner, F. (2003) ...

Amanda D. Lotz, Cable Guys: Television and ... - Semantic Scholar

Amanda D. Lotz's new book, Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities ... and providing for their families, they love the women in their lives and blame their ... the threat of homosexuality invoked by queer straight masculinity, as in Scrubs's.

Family Ties: A Profile of Television Family ... - BYU ScholarsArchive

1 Dec 2014 ... Wiscombe, Samantha Ann, "Family Ties: A Profile of Television ... I also owe much of my success to my fellow graduate students who ... “television answers” to real-life questions more often than did light or moderate viewers.

A Family Supper - Semantic Scholar

Kazuo Ishiguro's lengthy novel The Unconsoled, published in 1995, and his short story “A Family Supper” bear resemblances to each other as the protagonists ...

Interviews with Pat Conroy and His Family - Semantic Scholar

7 May 2016 ... This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by ... revisited the old movie, “The Great Santini” and remembered so vividly past ...

Faith, Femininity and Family - Semantic Scholar

Dissertation Committees. Kara Jo Wilson, American Indian Studies. 2018-Present ... O'Connell, History 280. Spring 2019. Kellene Adkins, History/GWS 254.


I certify that this thesis entitled Family assessment and interactive art exercise: An ... models of working, such as art therapy, as well as other therapeutic ... Brittain, (1964) is when form develops out of the scribbles, as the child moves away from ... For example, they develop an individual symbol for a human figure, which they.

Dysfunctional Family in A Lie of the Mind - Semantic Scholar

26 Jul 2016 ... Abstract. In A Lie of the Mind, Sam Shepard has described two dysfunctional families. The main cause of the dysfunctional family is the distorted ...

Ethnicity and Family Therapy - Semantic Scholar

1 Jan 1984 ... This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by ... Mandell, Betty Reid () "Ethnicity and Family Therapy," Clinical Sociology ...

Toward a Culturally Cliterate Family Law - Semantic Scholar

"culturally cliterate environments [in which] a woman defines sex according to ... promises women protection from dangers: a decreased likelihood of becoming.

9 To which language family does Chinese ... - Semantic Scholar

Burman. Stanley Starosta accepted Sino-Bodic and incorporated the hypothesis in his East Asian phylogeny, discussed below. Matisoff rails that the evidence ...

Shakespeare's Children - Semantic Scholar

Shakespeare had a thing for children. Ann Blake counts 30, Mark Heberle 39, Mark Lawhorn 45, and Carol Chillington Rutter counts well over 50 child parts.

A normative study of family media habits - Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D.

Douglas A. Gentile*, David A. Walsh. National Institute on Media and the Family, 606 24th Avenue ... stein, 1999). Increased media usage (in terms of amount) is ...

Normative Sexual Behavior in Children - American Academy of ...

age, maternal education, family sexuality, family stress, ... ual behavior, children, family sexuality ... co-sleeping, co-bathing, family nudity, opportunities to look at ...

the role of roommate relationships and family of ... - Semantic Scholar

my best friend and sister, Stefanie Janky, for being the loudest (literally) „cheerleader‟ as ... Data were collected from 104 pairs of college student roommates.

The Family Handbook of Hospice Care - Semantic Scholar

The word hospice goes back to medieval times. It described a ... —Barbara Karnes, “My Friend, I Care”. Grief is a ... Gone from My Sight: The Dying. Experience.

Critiquing the Institution of Family: Motherhood ... - Semantic Scholar

21 Mar 2005 ... A Taste of Honey compared to the plays of her male contemporaries. However, perhaps due to her age and gender, and the themes she ...

An Ethnography of Love in a Tamil Family - Semantic Scholar

them as sources for her book Notes on Love in a Tamil Family. The book ... Arulmori, Ayya's daughter, in the absence of a same-sex age-mate and.

Nursing Care of the Family during Pregnancy - Semantic Scholar

Discuss the benefits of prenatal care and problems ... After the diagnosis of pregnancy, the woman's first ques- ... Nursing Care Plan: Discomforts of Pregnancy.

Translating Family Names in Hungarian: A ... - Semantic Scholar

Keywords: history of Hungarian family names, translation of personal names, name assimilation, name changes in Hungary, fictional names. Biographies: ...

Maternal Authority in the Japanese Family - Semantic Scholar

28 Mar 1984 ... HUSBAND-WIIFE AND MOTHER-SON RELATIONSHIPS. One of the biggest social changes undergone by Japanese society after World.

Family Medicine Residents and the Impostor ... - Semantic Scholar

This study sought to determine the prevalence of the impostor phenomenon in family medicine residents. ... tistical Manual, Fourth Edition(DSM-IV) criteria.16,17. Finally ... tive data for the Clance Impostor Scale among the popu- lation in ...

Psychiatric Comorbidity, Family Dysfunction, and ... - Semantic Scholar

part, to a tendency to view oppositional defiant disorder simply as a variant of ... used linear and logistic regression models to determine the association between ... and security of attachment: multiple pathways to emerging in- ternalization.