Gags, Giggles, Guffaws: Using Cartoons in the Classroom - jstor

unpopular aspects of instruction, a staunch supporter of literacy must approach the problem of vocabulary study head on. Teachers' manuals and journal articles ...

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Gags, Giggles, Guffaws: Using Cartoons in the Classroom - jstor

unpopular aspects of instruction, a staunch supporter of literacy must approach the problem of vocabulary study head on. Teachers' manuals and journal articles ...

Cartoons for the Classroom - Newspapers in Education

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, Nikita Khrushchev,. Secretary of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, and. President John F. Kennedy worked to ...

The Bomb in Political Cartoons - jstor

contest was played out in one particular arena-that of editorial cartoons. Our ... such events as the Berlin blocked, the Cuban missile crisis, or the invasions.

Educational Values of Animated Cartoons - jstor

film characters who behave in an excep- tional manner. The animated cartoons are based upon events we have experienced or should like to have occur.

Cartoons in Paradise: How the Fleischer Brothers Moved to ... - jstor

Clown and Bimbo, his canine sidekick, and brought the "bouncing ball" sing-along ... scoped into KoKo the Clown, who in turn metamorphoses into a ghost.

Representing Teachers' Professional Culture through Cartoons - jstor

Keywords: teachers, cartoons, professional culture, medi semiotics. 1. ... However, the methodology we develop addresses these issues. Initially, we create an ... have 'received a bad press'. ... have needed to justify and explain what they do and why. Within the ... doubtful distinction of a grade D or E to show for their work (.

Rhetorical Constructs in American Political Cartoons - jstor

Skimmers understand some of the symbols, such as largeness versus smallness, inherently, but others, like the symbol of the elephant for the Republican Party, ...

From Weapons to Symbols of Privilege: Political Cartoons and ... - jstor

From Weapons to Symbols of Privilege: Political Cartoons and the Rise and Fall of the. Pulpwood Embargo Debate in Nova Scotia,. 1923-1933*. Among the ...

Politics as Social History: Political Cartoons in the Gilded Age - jstor

the Progressive Era, two periods in which politics "really mattered." In contrast, the intervening decades seem to offer only lessons in disillusionment and ...

The Fuming Image: Cartoons and Public Opinion in Late ... - jstor

weapon in attacking the government. Largely unchronicled by ... ment, Ding Cong (commonly known as Xiao Ding [Little Ding], 1916- ) adopted a more ... 1 Again, the dark shading did the job by capturing ... On the contrary, it rains down bombs through a cloud of peace.12 ... Shengguan tu (The Chart of Official P. Zhongguo ...

The Ukulele in Your Classroom - jstor

The ukulele is an ideal instrument for general music classes. Marvin ... ukelele. The ukulele, Hawaii's folk ... Zealand), Tahitian, Tongan, Samoan, and Fijian ...

Asimov in the Classroom - jstor

Isaac Asimov's writings fulfill both requirements ... Asimov's style is historical, sequential, personalized, and instructive. He ... youth, there is still some question as.

Adventures in the Classroom - jstor

The goal of this study is to develop a template for turning traditional sto- ries into role-playing games for the high school curriculum . By developing three sample ...

From the Cradle to the Classroom - jstor

you skipped down the sidewalk, jumped rope, or played a ... recall singing "London Bridge Is Falling. Down" when the ... meaning or events symbolized by the.

Mentoring in the Art Classroom - jstor

This is a study in sociocultural learning. We began by combining a high school art class and a first grade class to create a tile mosaic mural for an elementary.

Using Mancala in the Mathematics Classroom - jstor

strategy is at too high a level for all but advanced university mathematics students. A few studies have suggested the use of mancala games in mathe-.

The Four Cs of Successful Classroom Management - jstor

of successful management for early-career teachers.2 The same is true for experienced teachers. The management philosophy pro- moted in this article focuses ...

The Ecology of Classroom Behavior - jstor

256 Theory Into Practice. This content ... has been made by Jacob S. Kounin as a result of over two ... What intrigued Kounin at the conclusion of this phase of his ...

Chick Lit in the Undergraduate Classroom - jstor

chick lit, including the texts discussed here, Bridget Jones's Diary and Confes- ... seem pressured in their own writings to choose a side, teachers can employ.

Authoritative Classroom Management - jstor

efforts. BEST TEACHERS DON'T simply teach content, they teach people. Decades of ev- idence ...

Books Available from the Feminist Press for Classroom Use - jstor

Carly is a small red-headed girl who wanders in search of food, a safe home, and human kindness. ... Josephina is in a horrible mood until her grandma tells the story of her namesake ... pellingly defiant - and, as Tillie Olsen says, "braided with laughter." Almost Touching the ... with her beautiful friend Rena. Unwittingly ...

Technical Writing: Applications in the Classroom - jstor

my technical writers do is to explain scientific questions to ... magazines, newspapers, instructions accompany- ... from Fisher-Price's Basix Construx kits. (This, in ...

Topic for Discussion: Technology in the Classroom - jstor

Welcome to the "MESA REDONDA," a discussion forum for Spanish teachers to ex- press their views on a current issue in high School teaching. This "MESA" ...

Rogerian Principles and the Writing Classroom - jstor

to tease out the argumentative aspect of Rogers's theories and apply them to. 167 ... Their new theory of Rogerian argument entails a three-pronged writing strat.

Classroom Uses for the Books of William Steig - jstor

WILLIAM STEIG is an Ameri ... Books that Steig extended his creative ... Dominic, the most personable of dogs, sets out one day, going no place in particular.

computers in the financial management classroom - jstor

Fingame and Finansim are the two most widely known of the simulations and each is used by approximately 12 percent of the respondents. The "other" category ...

Mars and Venus in My Classroom: Men Go to Their Caves and ... - jstor

John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus ike most of middle America, I read the book. Finally. It was summer; the sky was blue, and I was tired of ...

using rock music in the philosophy classroom - jstor

John and Mitchell illustrations of the arguments of philosophers like Plato, Rousseau and ... John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Woman Is the. Nigger of the World" ...

Understanding Vygotsky for the Classroom: Is It Too Late? - jstor

15 Oct 2011 ... events) has been hindered primarily by the following factors: (a) inaccurate ... accurate translations of his complete theory for several years; and (c) the lack of key ... inaccuracies, discuss Vygotsky's statements that do n.

The Classroom and the Wider Culture: Identity as a Key to ... - jstor

proaches to my writing in English and how writing in English redefined-and redefines-my ... And by "logical identity" I mean the natural (or Oriental) way I organize ... I am not saying that such a pattern of "alogical" thinking is wrong-in fact some.

Miss Freud Returns to the Classroom - jstor

In The Magic Years,. Selma Fraiberg (1987) says: “The writings of Anna Freud on ego psychology and her studies in early child development have illuminated the ...

Discover the Unknown Chekhov in Your ESL Classroom - jstor

When I introduced Anton Chekhov's (1860-1904) short stories to my stu dents, I was surprised that his works were not well known. I found that readers in the ...

Models of Classroom Management as Applied to the ... - jstor

Classroom Management Models. Assertive Discipline. The Assertive Discipline classroom management model was initially developed by Lee Canter in the.

From the Classroom to the Slaughterhouse: Animal Liberation ... - jstor

define "dissent" as "terrorism" in the 2006 U.S. Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act ... We approach CAS as vegan activists, but also as doctora speciesist anarchist ...

Madeline Hunter in the English Classroom - jstor

Lesson design simply identifies elements to be considered in planning a teaching-learning epi- sode regardless of the model being utilized. Never was it stated ...

Finding a Place for Poetry in the Classroom Every Day - jstor

reading and writing of poetry was primarily a soli- tary endeavor. ... this simple analysis seemed flawed. Community ... Tonight I can write the most hateful lines.