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29 Oct 1981 ... stipulation disqualifies creator deities. (which transcend the ... forge (once used for softening metals), and tongs should be just a few of the things ... (in this case there will be two anvils and, perhaps, two forges). Somewhere in the ... “Damage to party member” could be caused by the character accidentally ...

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D&D® and AD&D campaigns. In Leomund's Tiny Hut, Len. Lakofka unveils a system for determining the quality ... need for an adventuring environment to have its own set of laws ... 1977 AH and SPI were the leaders, size- ... A 16-page Basic Game rule book ... manual dexterity would be gained, the thief-acrobat would gain.

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A new insanity system that lets a little lunacy go a long way. ... could help in making the D&D game an “accept- ... mind, RPGs and the D&D game are synony-.

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4 Jun 1989 ... Which is the greater: the hero's will or the hero's destiny? 6 0 The ... Players Handbook are to the 1st Edition game versions of those volumes. ... As per mage spell at 5th level of ability ... ROLEMASTER*, MIDGARD*, CALL OF.

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some views on how to incorporate the Druid character into a game. But, even though D&D is a great game, THE DRAGON is not just for. D&D players. For the ...

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4 Mar 1992 ... A treasure trove of magical items you've never seen before. Picture This! — Nigel ... AD&D® and D&D® games is that there is some kind of official ... ments in DRAGON Magazine, ask for our rate card. All ads are subject to ...

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A new article series explores the D&D® Known World — from above. 7 2 Your Best ... of having the gods use panthers in the races they run for their own amusement (the panthers were ... duhr in the Monster Manual II? A 24-cubic-foot ... that Zeus was in awe of the great goddess ... MONK/BARD: 5th-level bard. S: 16. I: 20.

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18 Elven Cities & Settlements—Steve Miller ... orders is: DRAGON® Magazine, 201 Sheridan Springs. Road, Lake ... unknown breed of tanar'ri who serve the.

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Ixitxachitl. Didja every wonder about the sex life of an ixitxachitl? . . . Hey, leggo of me! Stop it! Wait, wait! I know what I'm doing! No, wait — make the earth move!

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days when human technology was at its height on Tékumel, are well known to the Ssú, who use them with considerable skill. They have mapped out some of the ...

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ters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses there- of are trademarks ... minus the d20 roll). Certain famous ... bend iron bars and sheets without breaking ... a sheet of metal suitable for making a ... stretch just a bit too far), BESM stands.

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2 Nov 1993 ... Send address changes to DRAGON Magazine, TSR. ... Manual or MC1, the first Monstrous Com- ... during November, call me at (708) 336-.

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Fight the battle for Krynn against “Creatures of. Chaos”! Columns ... Distribution: DRAGON Magazine is available from game and hobby ... in the order the story directs, and you'll learn the game mechanics as you ... Gamemaster Guide, and decide for yourself! ... A veteran of Manshaka's Arena of Blood, Vajra still wears.

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2 Aug 1995 ... I heard about the D&D game through a ... bare hands, as well as capturing a tiger in the same ... The sabertooth is incredible and has a lot.

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include lacedons (sea ghouls), sea hags, sharks, giant ... its imperial heritage; it deposed its entire ... scan the bottom for any ... They won't eat Tokyo anymore .

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Any class of character may consult an Astrologer on a short-term spell-casting ability will ... provides will, of course, affect that Alchemist's loyalty to the patron.

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“willing suspension of disbelief” that makes fantasy gaming such fun. Gem terminology. First, a few definitions are in order. Most minerals (and gems are usually ...

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On page 5 of this issue, you will find a curious color ad. ... would be 340 lbs. per sq. ... is the comparison issue between Dungeons and Dragons and that of.

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at variance with existing rules will be found under DESIGN FORUM. The GOOD ... October, 1977 ... to D&D by halving the winnings (allowing full winnings with this sys- ... Using the basic ideas I'm about to describe, I have created a ten level.

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FAFHRD & THE MOUSER. SAY THEIR SAY by Fritz Leiber. I tried to explain to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser about wargamers and the game of Lankhmar.

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for the BOOT HILL™ game and the first ... Monster Manual, but with only a 3” movement rate. ... other modules and playing aids which are in one or another.

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2 Nov 1994 ... TSR Ltd. For a free copy of the current catalog that lists available back issues, ... Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address; include ... COMPENDIUM® appendices, give ecologi- cal data: try to use this ...

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DRAGON Magazine can be purchased directly from the ... DRAGON Magazine welcomes unsolicited sub- missions of ... Ability of 360 (the official method tops.

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2 Apr 1993 ... This regular feature offers answers to questions on the D&D® ... reviews of D&D game products. ... favor the “lifeless mess of kender parts.”.

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D&D and AD&D are the hottest-selling games on the market at this time, so we devote a lot of space to them. Traveller, for example, is another very popular game,.

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SPELLJAMMER® campaign's Known rich rewards are theirs. Pirate or priva- reconsider. Only the daring need apply for teer, all they need is a good ship, a stout.

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11 Mar 1998 ... On this month's cover, TSR's own rk post reminds us that heroes come ... seem that the designers of 2nd edition ... empowered scion or regent.

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You don't want a mere ghost to scare the heroes. You ... Some lessons in horror from small-press game companies. ... Others is a 3.5”x 5.5” book of poetry,.

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4 Dec 1989 ... tile world. ... attack force, even as manual labor—as ... Dungeon Master's Guide, pages 151 and ... such a manner ensures reincarnation in a.

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2 Jun 1987 ... The issue of expiration of each subscription is printed on the mailing label for each subscriber's copy of the ... ior Editor at Playgirl Magazine, a.

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2 Aug 1987 ... Svaerd & Trolddom RPG Society. (AD,DD) ... point, and then, starting at the bottom, review ... hol, Tobacco and Firearms — Department.

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2 Feb 1986 ... The ranger redefined — Deborah Christian ... More range for rangers — James A. Yates ... common spells, the cleric spell is of a lower.

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2 Sep 1993 ... Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address; include sufficient ... selected Athasian warriors weapons as good as steel arms ...

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2 Jan 1989 ... ble for characters of the demi-human races, of ... few: the stupidity of the humanoid races. ... include: Steven Sechi, designer of Talislanta and.

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2 Feb 1985 ... Monster Manual as appearing singly only. The logic ... guage, a series of dancing patterns accom- ... now she meant to have him seek out Baba Yaga, an age- ... made of human bones, the wooden hut swayed about on.

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Witchcraft Supplement for D&D. ... This spell is completely infallible and operates ... High class snake belt with extra powers: infravision, relays audio and visual ...

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THE DRAGON is published bi-monthly by TSR Periodicals, a division of TSR Hobbies, Inc., POB 756, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. ... Mesoamerican Sun Kingdoms.