Refrigeration Products Catalog - Johnson Controls

Thermostat (Heating, Cooling, or ... A19 Thermostat for Portable Cooling Applications (Chain Mount and ... Use for compressor cycling for walk-in coolers.

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Refrigeration Products Catalog - Johnson Controls

Thermostat (Heating, Cooling, or ... A19 Thermostat for Portable Cooling Applications (Chain Mount and ... Use for compressor cycling for walk-in coolers.

Refrigeration and Gas Compression Drivelines - Johnson Controls

All screw compressor casings are designed and tested in accordance with the requirements of API 619 and. ASHRAE 15 safety code. The rotors are manufactured.

DX Piping Guide for YORK Products ... - Johnson Controls

Multiple compressor piping recommendations are covered in Section 7.0. Tables are provided with factors for proper refrigerant line sizing. 2.0. REFRIGERANT ...

European products catalogue 2018 - Johnson Controls

Fool-proof mounting system ensures no mistake in installation. ▻ Pointer/handle ... Two integral gold auxiliary switches (xxC Models). 90. 0. A. 44. 3. 81. 19. 56.

Dampers and Actuators Catalog - Johnson Controls

Control dampers are usually installed with the blades ... field-selectable with Dual Inline Package (DIP) ... GGx, HGx, and JGx: Action is jumper selectable Direct (CW) or Reverse (CCW) with signal increase. ... Hidden Vertical Support Blade.

2020 Customer Training Catalog - Johnson Controls

Onsite Learning Programs. Johnson Controls Training Institute can help you make the most of your investment in learning by bringing our instructors and classes ...

T-8020 Immersion Controller Catalog Page - Johnson Controls

Refer to T-8020 Proportional and Two-. Position Immersion Controllers Product. Bulletin (LIT-7171285) for important product information. Repair Information. If the ...

Parker Sporlan Refrigeration - Climate Controls & Spares

Parker Sporlan Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Europe belongs to the Climate & Industrial ... (from rating chart) x 1.15 (CF liquid temperature) x 1.10 (CF pressure drop) = 3.85 kW. Orifice ... Electric Pressure Temperature Regulating Valves.

PT Charts For Refrigeration - Honeywell Fluorine Products

PRESSURE BASED PT CHARTS. PRESSURE BASED PT CHARTS. Pressure. (psig). Solstice® N40. (R-448A). Genetron Performax®. (R-407F). Genetron® 22.

operation manual - National Refrigeration Products

Appion G5 Twin (the input should be kept closed) and used to completely evacuate the machine. When you start the second refrigerant after evacuating the ...

EntraPass Help 6.03 - Johnson Controls

For reliability and configuration consistency, Kantech currently supports the US Robotics Sportster external modem only. ... DORADO EMPI 26-Bit. Yes. Yes.

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Boise ID. 850 East Franklin Rd Suite 410. Meridian, ID 83642. Phone: (208) 846 9011 ... VE HYBRID 2U, 16 ANLG,3TB STORE ... 246 42 1 AQW-ABAAAD1.

Simplex - Johnson Controls

The 2098-9110 Smoke Detector has two chambers, an ... from supply air ducts. ... Refer to wiring diagrams provided with system for proper panel connections ...

Commercial Refrigeration Scroll Compressors - Tecumseh Products

VSC Series Scroll refrigeration compressors are considered “Universal” replacements since they have the ... Tecumseh has developed a number of tools to help you sell, while also helping your ... Site includes product and component look up, cross reference tools, drawings ... Copeland Model VSC Model. VSA Model. HP.

Operation Manual - Johnson Controls

This heat pump air conditioning unit has been designed for a specific temperature range. For optimum performance and long life, operate this unit within the range ...

Minikatalog 2018 - Johnson Controls

Freddy Huserbråten. Kim Schatten [email protected] [email protected] T: 23 03 61 27 ... Kvale & Selmer AS. Oslo. T 22 15 78 50. MT Vest AS.

YORK® RAC, PAC & VRF 2017 - Johnson Controls

YORK® AIR-CONDITIONING PRODUCTS. 11. Iconography. Infrared control. Turbo mode. Wired control. Thin profile. Infrared or Wired control. Quiet. Dry mode.

installation manual - Johnson Controls

The furnace requires OUTDOOR AIR for combustion when the furnace is located in any ... Legend. Door switch. Rollout switch. Pressure switch. Wall thermostat.

Drehzahlregler P216 - Johnson Controls

Der P216 ist ein druckgesteuerter Drehzahlregler für Wechselstrommotore. Der Regler erfasst. Druckänderungen im Kältemittelkreislauf und verändert die ...

air handling units - Johnson Controls

YAH-YORK ceiling mounted air handling unit. Fan drive type: B-Belt-driver fan. Cooling coil: 4-4 Rows coil, 6-6 Rows coil. Heating coil: 0-Without heating coil;.

r-410a zf series - Johnson Controls

YORK® Model ZF units are either single package air conditioners or ... Models. ZF180. ZF240. Nominal Tonnage. 15. 20. AHRI COOLING PERFORMANCE.

Acoustics Fundamentals - Johnson Controls

This Sound Pressure. Level (SPL or Lp) is expressed in decibels. A decibel is a unit for expressing the ratio of two power-related quantities equal to 10 times the ...

070.610-IOM RWF II Rotary Screw Compressor ... - Johnson Controls

14 Nov 2019 ... for Frick® RWF II Rotary Screw Compres sor Units. For information ... Manual – The compressor will have to be restarted manually after the ...

Form 160.75-O1 - Product Documentation - Johnson Controls

10 May 2019 ... to the manual or product owner. Updated manuals, if applicable, can be obtained by contacting the nearest. Johnson Controls Service office or ...

Form 160.54-O1 - Product Documentation - Johnson Controls

14 Jun 2019 ... to the manual or product owner. Updated manuals, if applicable, can be obtained by contacting the nearest. Johnson Controls Service office or ...

Multi-application Peripherals - Johnson Controls

24 Point I/O Annunciator Modules for use with the 4010 Fire Alarm Control Unit ... Additional listings may be applicable; contact your local Simplex product supplier ... Refer to Installation Instructions 574-348 and Field Wiring Diagram 842-063.

Metasys - Product Documentation - Johnson Controls

20 Dec 2019 ... Johnson Controls® employees only). NAE-S Commissioning Guide (LIT-12012269). Commissioning a Metasys for Validated. Environments ...

•Cassette installation - York by Johnson Controls

Users should not install the air conditioner by themselves. All pictures are only sketches. If there is any difference between pictures in this manual and the actual ...

YT, YD, YKEP, YK, YST, and CYK Shaft Seal Oil ... - Johnson Controls

diminimis traces of refrigerant vapor dissolved within the oil. Work on this equipment should only be done by properly trained personnel who are qualified to ...

M-Explorer User's Guide - Johnson Controls

Table 3-2 describes the menus and commands available from the. M-Explorer application. Table 3-2: M-Explorer Workspace Menu Options. Menu Command.

070.410-IOM RXF Rotary Screw Compressor ... - Johnson Controls

14 Nov 2019 ... Please check for the latest version of this publication. THIS MANUAL CONTAINS RIGGING, ASSEMBLY, START-UP,. AND ...

Y-IM, Sunline™, G/E SPAC, Models: DM 036 ... - Johnson Controls

antistatic fabric softeners for clothes dryers, masonry ... the methods in Manual Q of the Air Conditioning Con- ... When required by local codes, a manual shut-off.

YK & YT Chillers with OptiView (SI0068) - Johnson Controls

YORK INTERNATIONAL. OPTISAVE INSTALLATION. Required for OptiSave installation: • Administrator (Admin.) Access Level Password – provided by Service ...

TECHNICAL GUIDE SERIES 20 R-410A J**ZJ ... - Johnson Controls

York International Corporation. 5005 York Drive. Norman, OK 73069. J**ZJ/ZR/ZF Roof Curb Duct Openings. 1. The 2” space between the ducts allows for ...

Predator® SPAC & SP G/E Units, Models ... - Johnson Controls

This furnace is not to be used for temporary heating of build- ... Latest Edition, and/or applicable provisions of the local building codes. Refer to ... sor lock outs.

Johnson Controls, Inc. Supplier Quality Requirements Manual

elements of APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MSA, & SPC (blue books) are available at Suppliers are expected to have core elements in their QMS. • JCI-PS SQE ...