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DevOps-Notes Documentation - Read the Docs Commands. Free Command - Explained.

pydanny-event-notes Documentation - Read the Docs

24 Jan 2018 ... Building companies is easy with stock Django/Python. Even if ... unicode no longer sucks! ... 1.8.20 Flasky Goodness (or Why Django Sucks?)

Domino Admin Docs Documentation - Read the Docs for Business

12 hours ago ... These components provide user interfaces, the Domino API server, orchestration, ... to store images for Domino environments and Model APIs.

HiFi Docs Documentation - Read the Docs for Business

9 Aug 2019 ... Examples of cloud storage options include Amazon S3, Google Cloud ... You can clone your entity to create other entities with the same properties as yours. ... All avatars in hero zones are allocated additional bandwidth, ...

Bob Documentation - Read the Docs

27 Feb 2020 ... git clone $ cd bob-tutorials/ ... This will fetch the toolchains and sources and will build the image locally in the work directory. Grab a coffee ... bob jenkins push intranet ... the recipe or an inherited class would simply shadow keys from later inherited classes.

ATM Documentation - Read the Docs

25 Apr 2019 ... the space of hyperparameters (using another HDI Project library, BTB). You can also constrain ATM to find the best model within a limited ...

MIS Bot Documentation - Read the Docs

17 Jan 2020 ... MIS Bot Documentation, Release 4.0.0. After installation is done run this command in the folder where you'll be downloading or cloning this ...

Leo API Documentation - Read the Docs

31 May 2018 ... Bases: object. A stand-alone tracer class with many of Sherlock's features. This class should work in ... add_directives Module. Allows users to define new ... Allows the user to import Cisco configuration files. Adds the ...

srt Documentation - Read the Docs

18 Feb 2019 ... parse(srt). Convert an SRT formatted string (in Python 2, a unicode object) to a generator of Subtitle objects. This function works around bugs ...

DXR Documentation - Read the Docs

27 Aug 2018 ... The easiest way to get DXR working on your own machine is. . . 1. Get the source code you want to index. 2. If it a language analyzed at build time (like C or Rust), tell DXR ... ~/dxr, but, if you are using a non-Linux host machine, moving it to ... Now, spin up DXR's development server, and see what you've ...

MTG-pl Documentation - Read the Docs

12 Nov 2018 ... Read more: Official Commander Rules. Planechase. The Planechase variant adds a deck of oversized plane cards that set the location for your ...

Ignite Documentation - Read the Docs

10 Dec 2019 ... 8 Run a set of Ignite VMs with Footloose. 29 ... The script to run is hack/ all. ... The script will wait for you to open an editor and.

BreatheExample Documentation - Read the Docs

11 Dec 2018 ... #include <auto_class.h> class outside of namespace ... If you would like to always specify some combination of members, ... virtual void undocumentedPublicFunction() const = 0 ... For example a define MAX_LENGTH 100 would be shown with the ... sys.stderr.write("doxygen execution failed: %s" % e).

goiardi Documentation - Read the Docs

21 May 2019 ... from chef-zero, or it can use MySQL or PostgreSQL as its storage ... cookbooks in the Chef Supermarket), the Postgres implementation is able ...

shroud Documentation - Read the Docs

9 Jan 2020 ... Shende, A. D. Malony (2005) ... This Isn't Your Parents' Fortran: Managing C Objects with Modern Fortran Damian Rouson, Karla Morris,.

ouimeaux Documentation - Read the Docs

18 Oct 2018 ... Supports WeMo Switch, Light Switch, Insight Switch and Motion. • Command-line tool to discover and control devices in your environment.

ironman Documentation - Read the Docs

24 Oct 2019 ... ironman Documentation, Release 0.4.0. 1.3.2 Developing. If it is your first time. . . git clone [email protected]:kratsg/ironman cd ironman ...

Pyfas Documentation - Read the Docs

17 May 2019 ... A tab file contains thermodynamic properties pre-calculated by a thermodynamic simulator like PVTsim. It is good practice to analyze these text ...

flatlib Documentation - Read the Docs

Mar 06, 2018 ... The compiler is required to build pyswisseph - the Python port of the Swiss Ephemeris. There are ... This is because flatlib depends on the Swiss.

MobArena Documentation - Read the Docs

codes are available in the Gamepedia Minecraft wiki. Examples are in the ... The various pages on this wiki will help you configure ... potions, wool, and/or dyes.

SuperTiled2Unity Documentation - Read the Docs

9 Feb 2020 ... SuperTiled2Unity is a collection of Unity scripts that import files from the popular Tiled Map Editor in your Unity projects. The goal of ...

MatchZoo Documentation - Read the Docs

15 Nov 2019 ... df = pd.DataFrame(data={'text_left': list('AABC'), ... 'text_right': list('abbc'), ... 'label': [0, 1, 1, 0]}). >>> mz.pack(df).frame() id_left text_left id_right ...

PyVISA Documentation - Read the Docs

4 Mar 2020 ... and the backend provided by pyvisa-py, which is a pure python implementation of the VISA library. If no backend is specified, pyvisa uses the ...

PocketMine-MP Documentation - Read the Docs

9 Oct 2019 ... Dev builds might crash, break your. ˓→plugins, corrupt your world and more. #It is recommended to avoid using development builds where ...

Pushshift Documentation - Read the Docs

11 Feb 2018 ... The Reddit API was designed and created by the /r/datasets ... Parameter to filter comments based on the author's flair css class.

RocketMap Documentation - Read the Docs

21 Jun 2017 ... Enables captcha solving and 2Captcha API key. ... The google maps api key may either be installed in config/config.ini file, or you can provide it ...

Fred2 Documentation - Read the Docs

13 Nov 2018 ... ples: storing ANNOVAR columns like depth, base count, dbSNP id, quality ... Return a non-overlapping count, like that of a python string. ... Fill NA values DataFrame.where : Replace values based on boolean condition Se-.

mash Documentation - Read the Docs

13 Nov 2019 ... tion for genome discovery. 1.2.1 Custom scripts and intermediate data: MashScreen_supp.tar.gz. 1.2.2 Data files: Mash Sketch databases for ...

Pyrasite Documentation - Read the Docs

13 Mar 2017 ... This requires urwid and meliae to be installed. $ pyrasite-memory-viewer <PID>. This tool automatically injects the following payload: import ...

Cirrus Documentation - Read the Docs

7 Feb 2020 ... Logging in from Windows using MobaXterm . ... compute nodes each contain two 2.1 GHz, 12-core Intel Xeon Silver 4116 (Skylake) series pro-.

PyTorch-NLP Documentation - Read the Docs

31 Dec 2020 ... PyTorch-NLP Documentation, Release 0.5.0. 2. Package Reference ... Host forgot to update their SSL certificate; ...

PaperDocs Documentation - Read the Docs

7 Dec 2019 ... description: Loads bukkit's permission.yml file before plugins, allowing them to check permissions immedi- ately on enable. bungee-online- ...

Glowstone Documentation - Read the Docs

17 Mar 2019 ... permissions.yml The file to read custom permissions from. commands text commands.yml. The file to read command aliases from. help text.

CopyQ Documentation - Read the Docs

tray icon, run command copyq menu or use a custom system shortcut. After selecting an item in tray menu and pressing enter (pressing a number key works as ...

D2Moddin Documentation - Read the Docs

10 Aug 2014 ... D2Moddin Documentation, Release 1.0. 1.1.3 Alien Swarm Search Paths. Replace the contents of Alien Swarmswarmgameinfo.txt with:.

OpenSeesPy Documentation - Read the Docs

It is used in OpenSees as an interpreter in the OpenSeesPy version. In OpenSeesPy, Python version 3 is used. Installing PYTHON via brew: brew install python.