Sextant User's Guide, new - Davis Instruments

Replacement Parts. Contact your local dealer or Davis Instruments to order replacement parts or factory overhaul. Mark 25 Sextant, product #025. R014A.

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Sextant User's Guide, new - Davis Instruments

Replacement Parts. Contact your local dealer or Davis Instruments to order replacement parts or factory overhaul. Mark 25 Sextant, product #025. R014A.

Mark 3 User's Guide, new - Davis Instruments

Mark 3 Sextant User's Guide. Product #011 ... Training Courses (Portland, ME). Home study classes ... easy, proving that lengthy instruction is not necessary to ...

Camera User Guide - UC Davis Nutrition Department

problem with the camera while abroad, please return it to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to a Canon Customer Support Help. Desk. For Canon ... zoom button toward i and hold it until the lens stops moving. The camera will be at its ... You can pause/restart a slideshow by pressing the m button ...

user's guide - Greyline Instruments

USER'S GUIDE. Installation & Operation. Instructions. Portable Doppler Flow Meter. Model PDFM 5.1. Manual Series A.1.1 ...

TMS320C4x User's GUide - Texas Instruments

SIGI When LOCK Is Already Low. 9-48 ... ues of the GIE and CF status register bits are preserved, the cache is frozen. (CF = 1), interrupts ... If you are, use flip-.

bq76PL455EVM and GUI User Guide - Texas Instruments

The PC GUI allows configuration of the bq76PL455EVMs to monitor cells ... EQ2. VSENSE15. EQ16. VSENSE16. Temp. Sensor. Checksum. Engine ... These data can later be restored to a bq76PL455EVM using the Load Settings from File.

NI USB-TC01 User Guide - National Instruments The National Instruments USB-TC01 data acquisition (DAQ) device provides a Full-Speed. USB interface for a single thermocouple channel.

SM-USB-DIG Platform User Guide - Texas Instruments

Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher. • Available USB port. NOTE: Works with either US or European regional settings. 3. SBOU098–January 2011. SM-USB-DIG ...

HDC1000EVM User's Guide - Texas Instruments

In the table above, the EVM default configuration is in bold. 2.3. SW Setup. Make sure that the HDC1000 GUI and the drivers have been installed on the host.

NI USB-6501 OEM User Guide - National Instruments

To install the driver software for the USB-6501 OEM device, go to, click the Drivers and Updates link, and select. Multifunction DAQ from the ...

MSP Flasher user's guide (Rev. E) - Texas Instruments

Password: N/A. • File: file.txt (in the same directory as the executable). • Erase Type: ERASE_ALL. • Verification: TRUE. • VCC: ON. NOTE: To load a TI .txt or Intel ...

TAS6424L-Q1 EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) - Texas Instruments

The block diagram shows the TAS6424L EVM signal flow. Figure 2. EVM Block Diagram. 2. Hardware Overview. 2.1. TAS6424L Evaluation Module Functions.

NI 6520/6521 User Guide - National Instruments

The relay's maximum switching power is 60 W/60 VA. The maximum ... Caution (NI 6521 Only) This 150 V Measurement Category II module features 1,400 Vrms isolation ... XNO, P1.XCOM, and. P1. ... current flows through the coil. When the ... SH37F-37M Shielded Cable—part number 778621-01 (1 m) and. 778621-02 (2 ...

RF430FRL15xH Firmware User's Guide (Rev. B) - Texas Instruments

ROM RF stack is operational on this mode. The FRAM memory map is set to default values. Any writes to the Firmware General Control register are acted upon.

NI USB-6008/6009 User Guide - National Instruments

The NI USB-6008/6009 provides connection to eight single-ended analog input (AI) channels, two analog output (AO) channels, 12 digital input/output (DIO) ...

CC2531 USB Hardware User's Guide (Rev. A - Texas Instruments

8 May 2009 ... This manual covers the CC2531 USB dongle found in the CC2530 ... programming and an emulator interface over USB, which makes the ...

User Guide: SW380B - Swift Optical Instruments

Model. SW380B. Head. 360° rotatable Binocular Siedentopf. Inclination. 30°. Eyepieces. Wide-field 10X and 25X pairs. Interpupillary distance 48-75mm.

System Analyzer User's Guide - Texas Instruments

18 Mar 2014 ... cfg) with XGCONF in CCS. Notice that TI-RTOS is now listed in the Available Packages list. 6. Look at the Outline list, which is usually.

LMK03806B Evaluation Board User Guide (Rev ... - Texas Instruments

3 Nov 2013 ... LMK03806B device through the USB2ANY-uWire interface. ... desired settings, then exporting to a text file the register values in hexadecimal ...

USER GUIDE: Musical Instruments Poster - How Music Really Works

double bass) and for the orchestral harp. • As well, the poster shows how to tune a variety of folk and popular instruments, such as the guitar, sitar, banjo, pedal.

SmartAmp Learning Board 2 User's Guide (Rev ... - Texas Instruments

It is just necessary to click on the "Request now" option from the information box and fill in all the requested information. Figure 1. Software Request. The product ...

TCA8424 Evaluation Module User's Guide - Texas Instruments

GUI Walkthrough Guide . ... CAPACITOR,SMT,0603,CERAMIC,1.0u. F,25V,20%, ... RESISTOR,SMT,0603,1%,1/10W,4.64K. 28. 4. PANASONIC. ERJ-3GSYJ121.

Power Stage Designer User's Guide - Texas Instruments

Stage Designer contains a Bode plotting tool and a helpful toolbox with various functions for power supply design. This document describes how the different ...

Vision Application Board User's Guide - Texas Instruments

The vision application board is used as an add-on card for VisionSuper28 CPU board as part of VisionSuper28 EVM developer kit. Figure 2. Vision Application ...

TUSB9260 Flash Burner - User Guide (Rev. D) - Texas Instruments

TUSB926x Unrecognized by the Flash Burner GUI and Device Manager . ... Serial number of the HDD running Windows™ (8 chars). (e) Use DieID for serial ...

Musical Instruments Poster User Guide - How Music Really Works

double bass) and for the orchestral harp. • As well, the poster shows how to tune a variety of folk and popular instruments, such as the guitar, sitar, banjo, pedal.

Multisim 9 Simulation and Capture User Guide - National Instruments

Tools/Circuit Wizards/555 Timer Wizard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A-24 ... Click on a pin on the second component to finish the connection. Multisim automatically.

NI Linux Real-Time Security User Guide - National Instruments

27 Apr 2017 ... For example, both operating systems share commands like cd, whoami or exit. The Linux command ls corre- sponds to the Windows command dir ...

TivaWare Peripheral Driver Library User's Guide - Texas Instruments

If the floating-point registers are not stacked, floating-point instructions cannot be safely exe- cuted in an interrupt handler because the values of s0-s15 are not ...

Smart Label Printers User's Guide Models 620 ... - Seiko Instruments

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can ...

15-Minute Installation 1 2 - Davis Instruments

How do I know it will fit my motor? Doel-Fin fits all outboard and stern drive motors from 5 horsepower, except Volvo Penta® outdrives. Q.

View Catalog - Davis Instruments

monly called the Windex, a wind vane which is very popular with sailors around the ... A tough boat hook is a valuable asset when launching, docking, mooring or retrieving ... net result is smoother, quieter, cooler and ... 25 HP, see Lil' Fella™.

WeatherLink® for Windows - Davis Instruments

3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545-2778 ... Collects data from multiple weather stations on the same computer. ... Software System Requirements ... 3. WeatherLink. Software Data Display Options. Some of the weather data and reports ...

Davis Campus Guide - UC Davis Graduate School of Management

The wineries of Sonoma and the Napa Valley are about an hour's drive to the northwest; Lake. Tahoe and the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada are two hours to the ...

Guía de Referencia Rápida - Davis Instruments

Campana de alarma — Aparece cuando se establece una alarma. Se ... Al cambiar la unidad de medida para la lluvia, se cambian también las unidades de ET.

Vantage Vue Wireless Console Manual - Davis Instruments

Bar Falling Slowly — Refers to a fall in pressure greater than or equal to 0.02'' (0.7. hPa) but less than 0.06'' (2 hPa) over the last three hours. • Bar Falling Rapidly ...