C-A-N-A-D-A - Raffi

Copyright © 1971 Crown-Vetch Music (SOCAN) . International Copyright ... C-A-N-A-D-A, have you ever heard the ocean roar? C-A-N-A-D-A, just listen to that ...

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Thanks a Lot - Raffi

Words and music by Raffi. Gently ... Thanks for the moon - lit. 4. Thanks for ... Thanks for. 3. Thanks for. 14. Thanks for the clouds the birds the stars the way so---.

C-A-N-A-D-A - Raffi

Copyright © 1971 Crown-Vetch Music (SOCAN) . International Copyright ... C-A-N-A-D-A, have you ever heard the ocean roar? C-A-N-A-D-A, just listen to that ...

That's The Way It Goes - Raffi

I just want to play all day, play play play. Play in the morning, and in the afternoon... Rain or shine, play again real soon. I just want to sing a song, I just want to ...

Lyrics for Best Of Raffi

Lyrics for Best Of Raffi. Baby Beluga. Baby beluga in the deep blue sea. Swim so wild and you ... Moon is shining and the stars are out. Good night, little whale, ...

This Little Light - Raffi

This lit - tle light of mine,. I'm gon-na let it shine. PS2. SON. XOO. mm. A.

I'm In The Mood - Raffi

I'm In The Mood. SAVETE. Words and music by Raffi. Moderately, with spirit (in 2). 14118. 2. SEVGWRC wwwww w wwwww . TE. W it verton. W ww. E/B. F#m/C#.

Lyrics For Raffi In Concert

Lyrics For Raffi In Concert. Time To Sing. It's time to ... Was “Knees Up Mother Brown”. Chorus: Oh, Knees up ... So that I can grow up strong and. Take my place ...

Lyrics for Bananaphone - Raffi

Lyrics for Bananaphone. Bananaphone. Ring ring ... Join the party and howl. Like a birdie on a wing ... In the deep of night, in the light of day,. Guarding our food ...

Children's Troubadour - Raffi

I started my professional music career as a folksinger, a self-taught guitarist and ... song, Baby Beluga, would have made the splash it did, had it been a mournful.

Baby Beluga - Raffi

Baby Beluga. Words by Raffi and D. Pike/Music by Raffi unde plex. 237 bunce. Capo on 1st fret: E7. G/B. X. F7. Ab/C www.twitte r cº7. A7/C#. WAR. LUTO. RE.

Lyrics For Raffi Radio

Lyrics For Raffi Radio. Opening. Raffi Radio ... Berry Nice News- Seasons. Sunflower. Sunflower ... I love a picnic, how 'bout you? I love a picnic, how 'bout you?

Shake My Sillies Out - Raffi

Jump, jump, jump my jiggles out,. Jump, jump, jump my jiggles out,. And wiggle my waggles away. 4. (Slower). I gotta yawn, yawn, yawn my sleepies out,. Yawn, ...

Luna's Song - Raffi

Luna's Song. Words and music by ... I just want to sing a song, sing sing sing ... Dragonfly. Words and music by Raffi. @ 2017 Homeland Publishing. Dragonfly ...

Lyrics for Raffi Let's Play

Once upon and island,. Emma and Joe. Peahen, peacock puttin' on a show. Some months later quite a big thrill: Five little peachicks up on Fernhill! Page 7. Jane ...

Apples And Bananas - Raffi

Apples And Bananas. Traditional. Moderately, kind of bouncy. C. LI w. 96. No chord www. BEF to eat, ... I like eat. eat ap - ples and ba -. 03 www. AND.

Love Bug Lyrics - Raffi

Love Bug Lyrics. 1. Love Bug. 2. ... Everybody's got a love bug, a love bug deep inside,. Love bug—where the ... Mama loves it when you help her do the chores,.

Lyrics for Quiet Time - Raffi

Lyrics for Quiet Time. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ... With this hummalong song…scat. I'm away in a daydream, no cravin' ... Bead maker… Star mirror. Sun gazer.

Lyrics for Baby Beluga - Raffi

Sing your little song, sing for all your friends. We like to ... Thanks for the wonder in me. Thanks a lot ... new or modern – and even some pets too! …so if your on ...

Credits for More Singable Songs - Raffi

High string guitar (#9), acoustic guitar (#2 and #7), piano (#3 and #14). Credits. Color drawing: ALEJANDRO, 7 years old – Toronto, Ontario. (Adapted for CD).

Owl Singalong Lyrics WORD Feb 23 - Raffi

23 Feb 2016 ... Owl Singalong Lyrics. 1. ... In the middle of the night, watching things going right,. Owl singalong. Hoo hoo ... night before at a party. The boy ...

Lyrics for Raffi's Christmas Album

Frosty the snowman knew the sun was hot that day. So he said ... Sayin', Catch me if you can ... But he waved goodbye sayin', don't you cry ... Every little song.

Lyrics for Raffi Rise and Shine

Lyrics for Raffi Rise and Shine. Rise and Shine ... to rise and shine. Yes, now is the time to rise and shine ... Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina sing. Thumbelina ...

Lyrics for Animal Songs - Raffi

Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose… Did you ever see a ... Music traditional, lyrics by Lee Hays & Doris Kaplan. © 1968 by ... I'll see you in my dream.

Lyrics for Songs of Our World - Raffi

Lyrics for Songs of Our World. Every Child ... Fed with love, fed with love, in the milk that mother's own. A healthy ... Thanks for the birds in spring. Thanks a lot.

Lyrics For The Corner Grocery Store - Raffi

Jump down, turn around and pick a bale of cotton. Jump down, turn around and pick a bale a day. Chorus: Oh Lordy, pick a bale o'cotton. Oh Lordy, pick a bale a ...

Lyrics for Singable Songs for the Very Young - Raffi

Robin in the Rain. Robin in the rain, ... Counting backwards can be fun in this singing game;. Each “frog” ... Bumping up and down in my little red. Wagon (3X).

Child Honoring – How to Turn This World Around - Raffi

“Child Honoring, the book and the project, can bring us back to life. No initiative I ... This is a serious book for conscious parenting and child- rearing that honors ...

LYRICS FOR EVERGREEN EVERBLUE All songs written by Raffi ...

LYRICS FOR EVERGREEN EVERBLUE. All songs written by Raffi. All rights reserved. 1. Evergreen ... What's The Matter With Us. ©1990 Homeland Publishing ...

Download Booklet - Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring

and barre chords. Love is our ... of environmental destruction and the impending ... specifically for that occasion, accompanied by the Vancouver Symphony.

Robin in the Rain Raffi - Richard G's Ukulele Songbook

... Rain Raffi. Hear this song at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly1jh0I1wXs (play along in this key) ... [G] Robin in the [Gmaj7] rain [Am] what a saucy [D] fellow.