Veronica: Dante's Pilgrimage from Image to Vision - jstor

The power of vision that dominates this section of the Divine Comedy is introduced through reference to the Veronica. Contrary to most medieval relics, which ...

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Veronica: Dante's Pilgrimage from Image to Vision - jstor

The power of vision that dominates this section of the Divine Comedy is introduced through reference to the Veronica. Contrary to most medieval relics, which ...

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Concept of the Digital Camera. ▫ Analog and Digital Concepts in Imaging. ▫ Digital Camera Benefits. ▫ Image Quality Basics. ▫ Camera Controls and Their Effects.

Dante's Divine Comedy: An Annotated Syllabus - Dante Society of ...

Dante's Divine Comedy: An Annotated Syllabus. Jacob Root, PhD, Literature Coordinator. Grace Church School, Manhattan, New York. Winner, 2018 Robert M.

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During this exercise, the goal is to become familiar with Python and the NumPy library. You should also get a better feeling for how images are represented as ...

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Meyer, Ole (2013): Dantes guddommelige komedie. Multivers KLASSIKER. Introduktion til Christopher Booker: The Seven Basic Plots: ...

Dan Brown and the Case of the Wrong Dante Let me ... - Digital Dante

life studying the “real” Inferno, by Dante Alighieri. ... extinction event can save our planet. ... The book's two Dante enthusiasts—Zobrist and Langdon—end up.

Dante's Hidden Sin - Wrath: How Dante ... - Dominican Scholar

Ghibellines, Black Guelphs, treacherous White Guelphs, corrupt popes, and others who ... have inspired much of the Inferno, making the poem far less Divine. V ...

An Account of a Pilgrimage to Jerusalem - JStor

Pilgrims from western Europe travelled to Jerusalem during the entire medieval period. this pilgrimage hundreds of ... nought of rayne as itt is saide. And there (f.

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The Kumano shrines were among the most popular pilgrimage sites of. medievalJapan ... social status and Buddhist devotion with a public articulation o very economy of ... 4 An episode from the Heike monogalari offers a grim but vivid picture of Kumnano as just ... ex-sovereign set off at dawn, his path lit by pine torches (.

Muhammad's Pilgrimage Proclamation - jstor

of the treaty of Hudaibiya to be mentioned in the Qur'an, and it is a priori tempting to take the bara'a of v. 1 to be the denunciation of that treaty. The phrase ...

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Introduces a flexible decision forest model capable of addressing a large and diverse set of image and video analysis tasks, covering both theoretical ...

Two Literary Examples of Religious Pilgrimage - jstor

Allusions in Hell to pilgrims and pilgrimages are often made with enormous irony, such as the simile in Inferno 18.28-33 where the contrary movements of the ...

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natural forms permeate the lore of other sacred sites. The sacred cus- ... Water from a certain spring on the mountain (at the Ch6ja-sha ... (Inani okami himon 'kkf$~,7, literally "secret text"), and Prayer for ... could divine their fortune with omikuji.

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Is that a pilgrim beneath the cherry tree, ... iUti [Guide to the roads of the Shikoku pilgrimage] published in 1687 estimated that ... deities known as miko {P#, or visiting deities (raih6jin $~$h1'). As compared to ... The veneration of K6b6 Daishi as a savior to w people turn in ... This quest eventually involves seeking out the wis-.

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makes reference to a pilgrimage motif in the book of Hebrews. The idea of pilgrimage itself, however, is increasingly remote in western man's thought:.

The spiritual and the profane: the pilgrimage to Santiago de ... - jstor

5. The fifth book (widely regarded as having been written by a French cleric,. Aimery Picaud, from Parthenay-le-Vieux) is a guide for pilgrims, notable for its.

transgressing boundaries, transcending turner: the pilgrimage ... - jstor

other invisible possibilities, and a strong sense of bonding and classlessness which he calls commm. 1-39). The Oriyur pilgrimage process displays some, if not ...

Buddhism and National Tradition in Japanese Pilgrimage - jstor

Since he had seen beings falling into hell like rain, the Lord of Hell instructed. Tokudo in the pilgrimage course of thirty-three stations that Kannon had estab-.

A New Kind of Pilgrimage: The Modern Tourist Pilgrim of ... - jstor

The pilgrims' journey took them by and large directly to the Holy Land. Having left home, they usually did not stop along the way to visit tourist or. Page 5 ...

The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Sarah Osborn (1714-1796) - jstor

mother "a little book of spiritual songs for me" inscribed from "one who was a hearty well ... Peter" (Luke 22:61), Osborn prayed: "O dear Jesus! Still look me into ...

dante's 'baptism' - jstor

tui, interfecti mei resurgent: expergiscimini et laudate qui habitatis in pulvere: quia ros lucis ros ... blind man who regains his sight by washing mud from his eyes in the pool of Siloam performs a cleansing that ... The radiance of Cato's vista, in.

Dante in Arabic - jstor

comparing Dante's Divine Comedy and Al Maarri's Treatise of. Pardon,1 in the ... into Arabic and enlarged and annotated by Hussein Mones, under the title of.


One of the things that keeps us away from Dante's poem is our obsession with evil. Like Dante pilgrim, we become fascinated with the stories of the damned, and ...

<em>Dante's Mirrors and Apocalypse</em> - jstor

Täte, "The Symbolic Imagination: A Meditation on Dante's Three Mirrors,". Kenyon ... In the ninth and tenth heavens, the shore and city of Eternity, mirror imagery ...

Dante and the Book of the Cosmos - jstor

Inferno and Purgatorio refer to this transcendent center but also to figured ... heresy in the poet's period, educated medieval readers would, it seems to me, have ...

Dante's Terza Rima - jstor

But the "third rhyme," la terza rima, is exactly what and only what distinguishes this ... Now as to the function and effect of the rime-scheme of Dante's terza rima.

Dante as Piagnone Prophet - jstor

is striking is how the worles editor articulates this new civic vision in the edi- tion's proem: ... encounter with Dante's ghost. Dante is ... the fault, whence it is fitting that her barque be freed if she ... with golden balls from the Medici coat of arms.

Faith and Narrative in Dante - jstor

of the self. As for the first word of my title, I can say that after the Bible, ... The finite story of Man, in his life and in the history of his day, Dante car- ries over ... swept passion of love; the story of Farinata, the Ghibelline leader who saved. Florence ...

Lady Philosophy in Boethius and Dante - jstor

ANGELO GUALTIERI. Lady Philosophy in ... Poi che fu piacere de li cittadini de la bellissima e famosissima figlia di Roma,. Fiorenza, di gittarmi fuori ... Dante, using the scenic presentation of Boethius' Lady Philosophy, will decompose it into ...

Echoes of Dante in Longfellow's Poetry - jstor

Chronologically, the first of these poems is the sonnet Mezzo. Cammin (written Aug. 25, 1842), the title of which was taken from. Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra ...

Dante's Concept of Violence and the Chain of Being - jstor

And this is not to speak of another kind of subdivision, revealing fur- ther intricacies, that occurs within various of the nine individual circles of sin making up Hell.

Dante's Prophetic Morning-Dreams - jstor

In the Divine Comedy Dante makes reference to two sorts of prophetic dreams: (1) the prophetic dream of the pregnant mother, and (2) the prophetic ...

Getting above the Thunder: Dante in the Sphere of Saturn - jstor

tragic drama, Ursprung des deutschen Trauerspiels.3 In this study, which I ... contains figures who enjoy the reign ofjustice (and which may be taken from an ... psychologism, different from the earlier texts, the love that assails the persona of.

The Parallel Lives of Dante and Virgil - jstor

of culture from the Golden Ages of Greece and Rome, its allusiv lines bring to light ... To establish their parallel lives in his Trattatello, Boccacc ... Latinity's most illustrious poet. ... passage of his biography, Boccaccio cites the original false start:.

'inferno' xxx: dante's counterfeit adam - jstor

horse with the foul belly, he conveniently forgets his own inflated paunch. And both thirsty shades, now obtuse to the spiritual potential of water, have betrayed.