A Closer Look at Trumping1 - PhilPapers

processes “run to completion,” and Magic isn't overdetermination because only one process, Merlin's spell, is intuitively the cause of the enchantment.

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A Closer Look at Trumping1 - PhilPapers

processes “run to completion,” and Magic isn't overdetermination because only one process, Merlin's spell, is intuitively the cause of the enchantment.

He/She/They/Ze - PhilPapers

wrong for Mark Latham to refer to Catherine McGregor, a transgender woman, using the pronoun he; we argue that such cases of misgendering are morally ...

The Philosophy of Sex - PhilPapers

ing of sexual perversion; and in my contribution to Part 1, I examine con- ceptually and ... greatest intimacy is to overestimate or exaggerate the strength and meaning of ... In addition to inquiring about the moral and nonmoral quality of a given sexual ... Based on a comparison of the sexuality of humans and the sexuality of.

a theory for all - PhilPapers

Johanna Spector speculates on a given performer's 'intent' to ... (or 'more fore- gound') level. The span of the tones in a strummed chord are coextreme, as are ...

What Do Philosophers Believe? - PhilPapers

30 Nov 2013 ... Second, one could argue that these sociological facts can play an ... The thirty philosophical questions asked, and the answers proposed, were ...

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The fall issue of the APA LGBT newsletter will cover issues of gay marriage, and the ... objectification typical for most gay male porn is permissible because it is ...

Faith Paper - PhilPapers

Religious faith, too is manifested in acts of faith: attending worship, singing ... (Indeed, Martin later argues that faith is a particular kind of hope.) 21 For example ...

after the ascent: plato on becoming like god - PhilPapers

3 In the Phaedo Socrates calls philosophy a. 'practice of dying' (64 a) by which philosophers purify their souls of the body's influence while seeking knowledge of ' ...

(Gay)Marriage,andProstitution - PhilPapers

a contractual analysis of marriage would make the marriage contract into a slave contract. This is why Kant argues that in status relations consent cannot do the.

Rawls and Utilitarianism - PhilPapers

justice with utilitarianism, of necessity much of the following discus- sion will have the ... version of utilitarianism which applies, as Rawls' principles of justice do, to the ... case it is based on true beliefs concerning the matter at issue.? One of the ... are not typically available through the market in our society, although one can ...

DjVu Document - PhilPapers

S. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Taylor, Charles, 1931-. Sources of the self : the making of the modern identity /. Charles Taylor. p. cm.

Logic is Metaphysics - PhilPapers

Introduction. The idea that logic and metaphysics are bonded in some way and that our logical ... Av. Senador Salgado Filho, 3000 – BR 101 km 92. 59078-970 ...

handbook of epistemology - PhilPapers

Epistemology or theory of knowledge has always been one of the most ... the philosophy of nature, even the science of the 1 st half of the 19th century (Henrik.

Thick Description - PhilPapers

CLIFFORD GEERTZ. (1973). Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive. Theory of Culture. In her book Philosophy in a New Key, Susanne Langer remarks that ...

Loving People For Who They Are (Even When They ... - PhilPapers

If the lover is a friend to the person she loves romantically, her friendship has reasons, but her love does not. Unrequited love is therefore necessarily deprived of ...

Brentano on Consciousness - PhilPapers

exercised in different acts of perception and acts of perception are distinguished ... accepting the view that every mental act is conscious; but it is not used by.

assertion and modality - PhilPapers

My assignment for this handbook — to write about assertion and modal- ... sity Press). Veltman, Frank (1996), 'Defaults in Update Semantics', Journal of Philo-.

from knowledge to wisdom - PhilPapers

looked grim, and it must have seemed quixotic in the extreme for someone to urge that we need to ... These changes have been brought about partly by dawning scientific awareness of the sheer ... of an underlying material substratum or aether, hoping thereby to make the ... heading of five ‗research clusters'. Even more ...

Is Technology Value-Neutral? - PhilPapers

neither good nor bad; only its uses have moral or other value, not the technology ... (VNT1) For technological artifacts to embody, embed, or contain values in a.

husserl's theory of intentionality - PhilPapers

Husserl disagrees with Brentano's views that intentionality is the distinguishing feature of all mental phenomena and that the mental status of intentional objects ...

Religion and the failures of determinism - PhilPapers

Chorus Tartarorum, attacks 'Religion, thou vain and glorious style of weakness'. ... free and blameless as is man's towards cattle and chickens.5e Given the.

plato's gods and the way of ideas - PhilPapers

Plato's relationship to «theology» in this sense is more complicated than Aristotle's. In the Republic, Socrates demands that discourses concerning the Gods ...

The Epistemic Argument For Hedonism - PhilPapers

The next three sections defend 2-4 at length. 1 lays out how moral disagreement must work – at least one party must be in error. The objectivity of morality entails ...

Gould on Morton, Redux - PhilPapers

hypothesis that Morton physically mismeasured some skulls due to racial bias were correct, we ... nor in Gould's The Mismeasure of Man, can we find any hint of.

Zen, Satori, Enlightenment & Truth - PhilPapers

13 Jul 2015 ... Abstract: Satori Zen is of immense interest to anyone pursuing authentic ... Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies & the Truth about Reality.

The Meta-Problem of Consciousness - PhilPapers

them as resting on a 'user illusion'. ... of explaining the illusion of consciousness the illusion problem. The illusion ... [Online], http://consc.net/papers/oxford1.pdf.


In the De Rerum Natura, Lucretius provides some of the necessary knowledge. In particular, he offers lessons on the gods, celestial and meteorological ...

evaluating the revisionist critique of just war theory - PhilPapers

See, especially, Shue [2008]; Dill and Shue [2012]; Shue. [2013]. Page 6. 6 severe fate.21 And Walzer's account of how these rights are lost is ...

Karl Popper: Philosophy of Science - PhilPapers

15 May 2019 ... Popper, Karl: Philosophy of Science | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy https://www.iep.utm.edu/pop-sci/. 1/23. Karl Popper: Philosophy of ...

Content-Focused Epistemic Injustice - PhilPapers

12 Dec 2019 ... fall under either of the two categories of epistemic injustice most commonly dis- cussed: testimonial injustice and hermeneutical injustice.

the phenomenology of kantian respect for persons v8 ... - PhilPapers

fact that something is the law as restricting the class of actions that would be morally permissible. (Darwall 1977: 43). This account of recognition-respect clearly ...

The Fake, the Flimsy, and the Fallacious: Demarcating ... - PhilPapers

resist a neat solution in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions, the term pseudoscience ... evidence for a causal link between A and B, but this is irrelevant.

1 The definitive version of this can be found in Fletcher ... - PhilPapers

Third, hedonism might seem attractive because it respects the experience requirement: the idea that anything that affects your level of wellbeing must feature in ...

Review of Sleights of Mind - final 2 - PhilPapers

Review: Sleights of Mind: What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals about Our Brains. Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde, with Sandra Blakeslee.

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Susan Neiman. Princeton University Press, 41 Wil- liam Street, Princeton, New Jersey. 08540. usa. www.press.princeton.edu. 2015. xxii 382 pp. pb. $24.95.

Idealism and the Mind-Body Problem - PhilPapers

ances: roughly, for any nonmental fact p about concrete reality, what it is for p to ... idealism, perhaps?), on which idealism is put forward as a sort of scientific ...