The Effectiveness of Local Food Marketing Strategies - AgEcon Search

Ani L. Katchova is an assistant professor and Timothy A. Woods is an extension professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of ...

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The Effectiveness of Local Food Marketing Strategies - AgEcon Search

Ani L. Katchova is an assistant professor and Timothy A. Woods is an extension professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of ...

Marketing contracts and crop insurance for ... - AgEcon Search

6 Apr 2019 ... Jennifer Ifft, Wen Li, Sharon Raszap Skorbiansky, Stephanie Rosch, and John Yiran Zhu. Marketing contracts and crop insurance for specialty ...

Strategies for Doubling Farmers' Income in Nutri ... - AgEcon Search

how far Indian farmers have been well off with the success of green revolution? ... all the three seasons of kharif, rabi and summer in the dryland conditions.

Fast Food Nation - AgEcon Search

Annotated Outline of Fast Food Nation. Chapter 1: The Founding Fathers. I. Carl N. Karcher, an industry pioneer. A. Carl moved from Ohio to the agricultural area ...

Food Companies in Minnesota - AgEcon Search

236 Broadway Pizza In Woodbury. 237 Broadway Pizza ... 1358 Maple Grove Dairy Queen. 1359 Maple ... 1661 Papa Murphys Take 'n' Bake PI. 1662 Papago ...

Causes and Consequences of Fast Food Sales ... - AgEcon Search

types, but fast food especially bene- fits from these trends. The fast food industry focuses heavily on rapid consumer turnover, speed of service, and take-out ...

Possibility of exporting halal-certificated food in ... - AgEcon Search

12 May 2015 ... would accept Japanese products with a halal certification approved by JAKIM. In addition, the willingness to pay for Hokkaido ice cream ...

CARIBBEAN FOOD CROPS SOCIETY Forty-six ... - AgEcon Search


Opportunities for Western Food Products in China ... - AgEcon Search

Key words: Western food products, orange juice, demand, attitude, willingness to pay. Introduction ... access to a variety of brand options (Abbott 1990). Orange juice is an ... drinks (i.e. soft drinks) with healthier drinks (Granato et al. 2010), and ...

Examining Food Store Scanner Data: A ... - AgEcon Search

Examining Food Store Scanner Data: A Comparison of the ... Keywords: IRI, InfoScan, scanner data, food expenditures, County Business ... 98,614 (29.98%).

China's food economy in the early 21st Century ... - AgEcon Search

The sheer size of China's economy, its rapid growth and its increasing integration into the global economy will ... and the Chinese Agricultural Policy Simulation Model (CAPSiM). ... Of course, this limits severely the negotiating leverage of.

USDA Food Plans: Thrifty, Low-Cost, Moderate ... - AgEcon Search

Thrifty Food Plan. • Provides a healthy, minimal-cost meal plan that shows how a nutritious diet can be achieved with limited resources. • Used as basis for SNAP ...

Local Food Promotion Program - Agricultural Marketing Service

The 2013 population in. Mount Horeb was 7,330. The primary market (population) for the WI State Journal is. 696,525. *Send any publicity information (brochures, ...

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Produce, price/income support programs have encouraged more intensive use of the acres ... assistance has generally taken a form that leads to price distortions and resource ... belief that government support of farm prices and income was ... acres and demand expansion programs has often been uneconomic because ...

Local Food. Local Beer. Local Flavor. - Whetstone Station Restaurant

Our menu is designed to showcase local ... out our additional side track menu, which changes often! ... 7. Pair with a Mamma Barry's Bloody Mary or a Mimosa.

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Beyond Organic: An Overview of Biodynamic Agriculture with Case Examples. Keywords: biodynamic agriculture, organic, Steiner, community supported ...

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Recent innovations in energy markets suggest the possibility of addressing agricultural risk factors by issuing derivatives on weather elements. Such instruments.


about 1) the market value of dairy farm wages and benefits, 2) the satisfaction levels of full-time, non-owner employees of farms, and 3) the relationship pay has ...

The Economics of Labeling - AgEcon Search

Information is disclosed about several of the products attributes. (e.g., nutrition labels on food), and the disclosure typically involves continuous or categorical infor-.

Agric ultu ral - AgEcon Search

tural Experiment Station, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853. Directors of the Participating Agricultural Experiment Stations. Frobish, Lowell T. , Director, ...

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consider food manufacturing and other value-added agribusinesses as potential ... firm profit-maximizing behavior, (ii) useful for identifying competitive counties across the ... Demand-oriented firms prefer to locate near product markets ... all finding that it was a significant and positive determinant of plant location choice.

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therefore the result of the intrapersonal conflict is positive calories intake on average. Keywords: Self-control, Nutrition, diet, health, impulsivity, BMI.

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Winning Ugly: The Potential for Converting Ugly Food to a Horizontally Differentiated Product. Danyi Qi. Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

Sesgos en la Medición del IPC - AgEcon Search

cálculo del IPC están referidos al conjunto de bienes que otorgan ... calcular los indicadores económicos, puesto que los beneficios de corregir el índice son ...

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Marilao-Meycauayan-Obando River System (MMORS) and to determine their current fish farm management practices (FFMPs) and concerns encountered in fish ...

On Positive Externality - AgEcon Search

The example since then has become classics in the welfare economics. Meade argued that honey producers' bees were consuming apple trees' nectar, but honey ...

Outsourcing and Pass-Through - AgEcon Search

26 Feb 2010 ... Corsetti, two anonymous referees, Linda Goldberg, Pinelopi Goldberg, ... and the Honda Odyssey to 90 percent for the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

futSal for the blind - AgEcon Search

explained by the historical fact that during the decades of state ... related to futsal for the blind, the article introduces the sport, ... The History of Blind Futsal.

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*I thank Amalavoyal Chari for valuable research assistance and Markus ... Current versions of this paper can be found at ... Poverty and child labor are mutually reinforcing: because their parents are poor, children.

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By E. L. Todd, entomologist, Entomology Research Division,. Agricltltltral Research Service. The adults of several species of the N eotropical genus Gonodonta.


business process outsourcing team, conduct a business process analysis, determine. BPO possibilities, develop and present the business plan of BPO.

(agricultural administration- (research and ... - AgEcon Search

scale reproduction of network material should be directed to ODI as copyright holders. ... London: ODI. Fowler, A; Barrow, E; Obara, D and Odera, P. 1986.

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corn wi th a gene that kills corn borers. StarLink has been approved as a lives cock feed, bur not for direct human consump- tion in products such as taco shells.

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An important point is that these techniques are in fact ... for not using present value techniques in analyzing all ... submission of capital expenditure proposals.

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Modern interest in transaction cost theory stems from the seminal article of Coase (1937), although Klaes (1999) argues on rather technical grounds that this ...