LAST and First Country (of Organisation ... - European Commission

28 May 2018 ... ABADZHIEVA Vanya BULGARIA. Burgas Free University ... IVANOVA Vanya. BULGARIA. University of ... GBF and BMA. NGO. TODOROV ...

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LAST and First Country (of Organisation ... - European Commission

28 May 2018 ... ABADZHIEVA Vanya BULGARIA. Burgas Free University ... IVANOVA Vanya. BULGARIA. University of ... GBF and BMA. NGO. TODOROV ...

Country fiches - European Commission - Europa EU

15 Aug 2017 ... BOE [online]. Available at: [Accessed on 2 November 2016]. iv Agencia Tributaria ...

Country Profile: Germany - European Commission

Private Sector Interaction in the Decision Making Processes of Public Research Policies ... actors interact in a complex structure on several levels (see Figure 1):.

Outline of Country Case Study - European Commission

16 Mar 2006 ... COUNTRY CASE STUDY: SEYCHELLES ... The Seychelles fishery is dominated by tuna, where the four key species ... meal estimated from implied by-product and conversion rate of 4.25 ... is a subsidy often hard to answer.

family reunification of third-country nationals - European Commission

General Characteristics of the Dutch Family Reunification Policy. 19 ... rial (buccal cell samples) from the sponsor are taken at the IND in Utrecht and from the family member ... The largest groups to participate in a civic integration programme.

Handbook country RME tool - European Commission - Europa EU

This handbook accompanies Eurostat's country raw material equivalents ... indirect or embodied material consumption into material flow accounts (see Section 3.4 of ... tags where replaced by “0”in the data pool in order to enable automated gap filling procedures. ... technology of the countries of origin of imports to EU4.

The Netherlands country report 2019 - European Commission

27 Feb 2019 ... Country Report The Netherlands 2019. Including an In-Depth Review on the prevention and correction of macroeconomic imbalances.

Germany country report 2019 - European Commission - Europa EU

27 Feb 2019 ... of working days, according to the 2019 winter interim forecast. ... upward creep due to the 'cold progression' (i.e. bracket creep) and the ...

LIFE Country overview France 2019 - European Commission

22 Nov 2019 ... European mink) and bird species (Alpine and Pyrenean bearded vulture). Habitats being targeted ... innovative ORC module to improve the ...

European Organisation for Technical Approvals European ...

FIRETEX FX5120 is a spray or brush/roller applied intumescent paint formulated for ... This Annex relates to the use of FIRETEX FX5120 for the fire protection of.

Last name First name Organisation Country Email Adamo Chiara ...

Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU. Belgium ... Jarrett. Emilie. European Commission. EU [email protected] ... [email protected]

Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) Guide - European ...

17 Jul 2012 ... CTUe provides an estimate of the potentially affected fraction of species ... o For gate-to-gate stages, number of IUCN Red List species and ...

European Stroke Organisation Conference: Late ... - SAGE Journals

PES led 4 (26.7%) additional patients in the active group, and 16 (53.3%) in the sham group, to ... C. Epple1, B. Maurer-Burkhard2, M.C. Lichti1, J. Schmidt1 ... communicate by phone in English; access to internet. ... total of 50 subjects with an acute ischemic stroke with NIHSS>4 who ... Study questions to be answered: 1.

commission decision rejecting a complaint - European Commission

under the common cements which would allow new technical specifications ... Indeed, EMC claims that the European Portland cement producers dominate the.

C(1998) 3434 final - EN COMMISSION ... - European Commission

11 Nov 1998 ... The Commission's services pointed out that Skanska and Aker would ... stated that Scancem has a dominant position on the Nordic cement ...

European Atlantic Tall Ships initiative - European Commission

The vessels will be utilised when in port for local community education, public presentations and tourism programmes. These will extend knowledge of marine ...

European Economic Forecast Spring 2014 - European Commission

23 Apr 2014 ... Overview - the spring 2014 forecast. 1 ... Global demand, EU exports and new export orders ... European Economic Forecast, Spring 2014. 2 ... 2-27012011-AP/EN/2-27012011-AP-EN.PDF. The current forecast is based on ESA95 system of ... Hamalainen, Marco Iezzi, Christina Jordan, Joao Liborio, Michał ...

European Economic Forecast – Autumn 2019 - European Commission

21 Oct 2019 ... 72. I.3.17. Absolute revisions to the Commission's actual GDP growth forecasts over ... (2019). 'Cheating tiger, tech-savvy dragon: are western ... see Z. An, Jalles, J. T. and P. Loungani (2018). 'How well ... Member States; see e.g. Ball, L., Leigh, D., and P. ... flight-to-safety episode in August related to the.

Illegal Wildlife Trade and the European Union - European Commission

Abbreviations: BE – Belgium, CN – China, DE – Germany, DK – Denmark, FR ... A total of 546 seizure records involving elephant ivory were reported by EU ... The main species in reported seizure records was the Grey Wolf Canis lupus.

European Solidarity Corps Guide - European Commission - Europa ...

the young people taking part in the European Solidarity Corps in raising the quality ... Assist the participant in job search if relevant and in making the most of the ...

BMAC European Commission Closing Speech - European Higher ...

Closing remarks for Ministerial Conference. 12 March. These two days in Budapest ... In addition, the employability of graduates needs our continued attention.

Great Food from European Green Cities - European Commission

The European Green Capital and the European Green Leaf Networks understand the important impact food has on all areas of the environment, including areas ...

European Red List of Freshwater Fishes - European Commission

The status of all species was assessed using the IUCN Red. List Criteria, which are the world's most widely accepted system for measuring extinction risk. All ...

Transport in the European Union: Current ... - European Commission

European Commission, Directorate-General Mobility and Transport, B-1049 Brussels ... another country is one of the EU's fundamental freedoms. The EU population treasures this ... overall (4th place in the service markets ranking), a fifth of all ...

European system of accounts. ESA 2010 - European Commission

Europe Direct is a service to help you find answers to your questions ... financial services measurement, pensions and insurance,. European ... CHAPTER 2. Units and ... viii. European system of accounts — ESA 2010. Contents. Output (P.1).

European Green Deal - European Commission - Europa EU

11 Dec 2019 ... This upfront investment is also an opportunity to put. Europe firmly on a new path of sustainable and inclusive growth. The European. Green Deal ...

European Union Citizenship Summary - European Commission

This Flash Eurobarometer survey on European Union citizenship (No 294), ... are both a citizen of the EU and (nationality) at the same time” to be true, while only ...

European Defence Industrial Development ... - European Commission

4 Jul 2019 ... FACILITY SECURITY OFFICER is a person, having the appropriate security ... components are under different jurisdictional domains (e.g. different ... United Kingdom: The UK handles and protects Classified Information ... _____. 4. ADMINISTRATIVE DATA: Requestor: To: NSA/DSA RFV Reference No.

European Cities and Capitals of Culture - European Commission

Brussels Golden Age exhibition of the tapestries of the Spanish crown ... Olds Kris Hallmark Events, Evictions and Housing Rights: The Canadian Case (1996) ... Smith C, Jenner P The Impact of Festivals and Special Events on Tourism (1998), ...

Third Work Plan of the European Coordinator - European Commission

PSNPL = Il Piano Strategico Nazionale della Portualità e della Logistica, the Italian National ... of highest Corridor relevance and maturity are undertaken in time.

European economic forecast - European Commission - Europa EU

looked as if Europe's sovereign-debt troubles remained contained. ... assessment of individual risk as well as some consensus on the level of ... external drag, quarterly GDP growth is then expected to slowly increase to ... Pulled down by elevated uncertainty, business and consumer confidence is ... tradables occurring.

Evaluation of the European Commission - European Youth Forum ...

European Commission (EC) and the European Youth Forum (YFJ, Youth Forum Jeunesse) ... An impressive fan base, particularly on Facebook, ... from the specific reality of Non-Formal Education (NFE) as provided by youth organisations. It.

European Red List of Marine Fishes - European Commission

5 Sep 2014 ... 4.1 Conservation of marine fish species in Europe .............................................................................................34 ... world the European landscapes have been changed by ... abundant, e.g., Alepocephalus bairdii, and rare species,.

European Aviation Environmental Report - European Commission

warm and welcoming – the Earth is set against a vast, black abyss and you suddenly realise how ... Technological improvements, fleet renewal and increased operational efficiency have been able to partially ... With the economic crisis, 2009.

European handbook on equality data - European Commission

The objectives of this 2016 revision of the European handbook on equality data remain the same as in ... the basis of racial or ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, age, gender identity or sexual ... Chinese, or 6. Arab, or 7 ... claims processed during a particular time period such as a calendar year, information on outcomes.

A Study of the European Cosmetics Industry - European Commission

Country rankings do not change significantly when compared in terms of purchasing power parity, with ... Once alternative to animal testing become available there will be difficulties in making them acceptable in other ... 9 Aveeno (J&J). 2.3%.