Datasheet - CBA

21 Mar 2011 ... Typical values contained in this datasheet are based on simulations and characterization of other AVR microcontrollers manufactured on the ...

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TG-20A datasheet

CP Clare's TG Legacy Series of two electrode sparkgaps excel in applications that ... TG-66. 2.50. —. —. 5. 0.790 ± .062. 0.310 ± .020. 0.540 ± .022. TG-67. 3.00.

Datasheet - CBA

21 Mar 2011 ... Typical values contained in this datasheet are based on simulations and characterization of other AVR microcontrollers manufactured on the ...

Datasheet - ams AG

AS1100. Serially Interfaced, 8-Digit LED Driver Revision 1.37. 1 - 16. Datasheet. 1 General Description.

A13 Datasheet V1.01


512 Datasheet - Idt

each Renesas Electronics product depends on the productss quality grade, as indicated below. Standard : Computers; office equipment; communications ...

H12-H20 Datasheet

Liquid cooled engine: VW/ADG diesel version. VW/ADF LPG version. Two stage catalytic converter (LPG). Hydrostatic power steering. Dual axis hydraulic ...



IPG AMS LES SF Datasheet -

80X compared with HP 26X Original HP LaserJet Toner Cartridges. ... for download at 6 Wireless operations are ... with Universal Print Driver (From Windows XP SP3 32 & 64-bit ... Standard/Enterprise ( Cluster & Terminal Services), Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit (SP2).

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CONNECTION DIAGRAMS. PINOUT A. 54/7411 0110. 54H/74H111: 132. 54S/74511 011033. 54LS/74LS11?...?! TRIPLE 3-INPUT AND GATE. 14 VCC.

TH7 Datasheet.pdf

Temperature range: -70 … 280°C. • Weight 0.97 kg each grip. TH7-1-SR. • Tensile force: 1 kN. • Smooth roller, 25 mm Ø, stainless steel, rubber-base plate.

IPG AMS LES MF Datasheet

to 600 dpi. Print Technology Resolution:HP ImageRET 3600. Display:2.7'' color grahpic touch screen. Standard connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port; built-in Fast.

Datasheet: JV relay

Type. Compliance. Contact rating. UL. UL 508, UL 873. E56140. Flammability: UL 94-V0 (plastics). 5A, 250 VAC / 30 VDC (resistive). 1/8 HP, 125VAC/250VAC.

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Ultra-low ohmic chip resistors for current detection. PMR series. Datasheet. ○Features. 1)Ultra low-ohmic resistance range (1mΩ ~ ). 2)Improved current ...

IRF530 datasheet

IRF530. TO-220AB. IRF530. NOTE: When ordering, use the entire part number. G. D. S. GATE. DRAIN (FLANGE). SOURCE. DRAIN. Data Sheet. February 2002.

TL071 datasheet

Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. Page 2. TL071, TL071A, TL071B, TL072. TL072A, TL072B, TL074, TL074A, ...

Datasheet - yageo

DATA SHEET. GENERAL PURPOSE CHIP RESISTORS. RC0805 (Pb Free). 5%; 1%. Product specification – Sep 03, 2004 V.2 ...

Polycom VVX 300 and 310 Datasheet

DATA SHEET. Polycom® VVX® 300, 301, 310, 311. Business Media Phones. Powerful entry-level business media phones for today's cubicle workers handling ...

2N7000 datasheet

Philips Semiconductors. 2N7000. N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor. Product specification. Rev. 03 — 19 May 2000. 2 of 13. 9397 750 07153.

Datasheet - ON Semiconductor

1998 Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC. October-2017, Rev. 3. 2N7000 / 2N7002 / NDS7002A. N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor.

LM318 datasheet

The LM118, LM218, and LM318 are precision, fast operational amplifiers designed for applications requiring wide bandwidth and high slew rate. They feature a ...

IRF9530 datasheet

B. Absolute Maximum Ratings TC = 25oC, Unless Otherwise Specified. IRF9530,. RF1S9530SM. UNITS. Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage (Note 1) .

S2 NetBox Datasheet

Schematic only. Not a network diagram. Access Control. Cardholders. 20,000. Access Levels. Unlimited. Unique User ...

Datasheet - Farnell

The ordering code for a RC0402 0.0625W chip resistor value 100KΩwith ... For further marking information, please see special data sheet "Chip resistors ...

FortiAuthenticator Datasheet

FortiAuthenticator extends two-factor authentication capability to multiple. FortiGate appliances and to third party solutions that support RADIUS or LDAP.

MEASURpoint Datasheet

Key Features: • ISO-Channel™ ... to the user. [email protected] ... the IP address, manufacturer, model number, serial number ...

Datasheet - PALMOILIS

Copper (ASTM B1, B2, B3, B152, B124,. R133). Cu 99.9. Cold-rolled. 40. 46. 100. Electrical equipment, roofing, screens. Gilding metal (ASTM B36). Cu 95.0, Zn ...

IRF630 datasheet

IRF630, RF1S630SM. 9A, 200V, 0.400 Ohm, N-Channel Power. MOSFETs. These are N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistors.

TL494 datasheet

The TL494 incorporates all the functions required in the construction of a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) control circuit on a single chip. Designed primarily for ...

UniFi Datasheet

managed. UniFi Access Point (AP) indoor models have a ... Reset. Antennas. 2.4 GHz. 5 GHz. Integrated 5 dBi Omni (Supports 3x3 MIMO with Spatial Diversity).

PS2701-1-A Datasheet

The revised points can be easily searched by copying an "<R>" in the PDF file and ... For actual design-in, refer to the latest publications of NEC Electronics data.

Firefly 4 Datasheet

The Microtronix Firefly IV Module ships with a reference design that connects all of the devices on the module. It is a Nios II based system that boots uClinux from ...

ESP32 Datasheet

11 Apr 2017 ... ESP32 is designed for mobile, wearable electronics, and Internet of ... nected to the same PCB net together with VDD3P3_RTC; the internal ...

INA106 datasheet

The INA106 is a monolithic Gain = 10 differential amplifier consisting of a precision op amp and on-chip metal film resistors. The resistors are laser trimmed.

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7 May 2012 ... Minimum and Maximum value is percentage of typical value. AC Electrical Characteristics. Fig 1. PT7M7433/34/35 timing diagram. VCC. tLBOP.

IPG Consumer OV2 AIO Datasheet

HP Photosmart C6280 All-in-One Printer,. Scanner, Copier. Get breakthrough print and copy speeds and the economy of six individual inks with this efficient ...

74LS193 datasheet

The SN54/74LS192 is an UP/DOWN BCD Decade (8421) Counter and the. SN54/74LS193 is an UP/DOWN MODULO-16 Binary Counter. Separate. Count Up ...