Postmortem: MKULTRA, An Experimental AI-Based Game - AAAI

MKULTRA is an experimental, AI-heavy game intended to explore novel, AI-centered ... Kavi will deny any knowledge of the illuminati or the mac- guffin and will ...

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Postmortem: MKULTRA, An Experimental AI-Based Game - AAAI

MKULTRA is an experimental, AI-heavy game intended to explore novel, AI-centered ... Kavi will deny any knowledge of the illuminati or the mac- guffin and will ...

Minecraft as an Experimental World for AI in Robotics - AAAI

Minecraft mod called BurlapCraft which enables the use of the reinforcement ... mods/2283099-minebot-0-3-released-can-now-store-in- chests-craft. Accessed: ...

Fluxplayer: A Successful General Game Player - AAAI

tion FLUX (Thielscher 2005). 2. To search a game tree, we use non-uniform depth-first search with iterative deepening and general pruning tech- niques. 3.

Monte-Carlo Tree Search: A New Framework for Game AI - AAAI

In the last few years, several Monte-Carlo based tech- niques emerged in the field ... (such as SETTLERS OF CATAN), and (3) video games (such as the SPRING RTS ... This way, the tree is expanded by one node for each sim- ulated game.

Improved Heuristics for Optimal Pathfinding on Game Maps - AAAI

exploring the entire game map in order to find a path between ... For example, in grid-based maps the octile distance ... map, also from Baldur's Gate II (Figure 6).

Checking a Knowledge-Based System for Consistency and ... - AAAI

knowledge base completeness and consistency-verification program called CHECK. Its purpose is to help a knowledge engineer check the knowl- edge base ...

An Interactive Constraint-Based Approach to Sudoku - AAAI, of rules loosely based on logic3. Finally, others resort to backtrack search when their rules are not able to solve the.

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sify a given pair of words as either synonyms or antonyms. Traditional research on ... In this section, we perform a detailed error analysis, fol- lowed by analyzing ...

Wikipedia-Based Distributional Semantics for Entity ... - AAAI

Abstract. Wikipedia provides an enormous amount of background knowledge to reason about the semantic relatedness between two entities. We propose ...

Lottery-Based Payment Mechanism for Microtasks - AAAI

2 Future Work. We intend to perform large scale experiments to validate benefits and potential for adoption of ...

Sensor-Based Detection of Invisible Changes in Activities ... - AAAI

Disuse syndrome is a condition in which mental and physical functions are declining, which is caused by continuation of the rest- ing state for a long time. There is ...

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assessment purposes, in terms of concept map quality than state-of-the-art open ... and one learning tuple, (forces, are, the force of gravity and the normal force ...

Large-Scale Cross-Game Player Behavior Analysis on Steam - AAAI

Warframe. 22,288,693. Portal 2. 20,291,456. Borderlands. 19,333,583. Table 1: The 25 most played ... ommender Systems Handbook. Springer. Rothenbuehler ...

A Factor-Based Exploration of Player´s Continuation Desire ... - AAAI

Desire in Free-to-Play mobile games, with engagement, en- joyment and flow ... match-three puzzle game released by King in April 2012 for Facebook, and later ...

Inference-Based Constraint Satisfaction Supports Explanation - AAAI

Figure 1 shows an example of a logic puzzle, taken from the April 1995 issue of Dell Logic PuzzZes. The puzzle is called The Flumm Four (devised by Ida J.

Kanji Workbook: A Writing-Based Intelligent Tutoring System ... - AAAI

applications share similar themes to Kanji Workbook, they provide educational ... Genki textbook series (Banno, Ikeda, and Ohno 2011;. Banno 2011) (Figure 4).

Template-Based Math Word Problem Solvers with Recursive ... - AAAI

The design of automatic solvers to arithmetic math word problems has attracted considerable attention in recent years and a large number of datasets and ...

ite students' smell- based horror game is finalist at tokyo game show


Monte-Carlo Tree Search for Persona Based Player Modeling - AAAI

ster Killer and Treasure Collector) were tested on 10 hand- crafted maps in ... persona, the other four personas as well as a new instance. E. R. S. MK. TC. Exit.

Experimental Investigations based on a Demonstrator Unit to ...

ignition behavior of the propellant are investigated experimentally using a combustor ... The long history of ... An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants.

Experimental Investigation of Performance of Acetylene Fuel Based ...

Among such alternatives acetylene has proved to be a better fuel for internal combustion engines due to its low cost, simplicity in manufacturing and excellent.

Experimental Cloud-based Ray Tracing - Wolfenstein: Ray Traced

Motherboard: Intel® DX58SO (code name Smackover). • CPU: Intel® ... Common default settings in graphics drivers allow pre-rendering of up to 3 frames.

Solar Tracking System Experimental Verification Based on GPS and ...

14 Jan 2014 ... In our study, we employ a vision camera image to track the position of the sun. Nowadays, camera sensors and their data processing units are ...

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This workevaluates the prospects of Castor oil based lubricant for automotive applications in ... characterized by the evaluating the wear scar formed on the balls ...

Design and Experimental Evaluation of a System based on Dynamic ...

15 Jan 2018 ... this communication and increase the scalability of Minecraft-like games. ... 3.4.1 Synchronization controlled by staleness bound. ... consequences (e.g., finding an item, gaining experience points) has to be ... resource-pack=.

Experimental Assessment of Manual Versus Tool-Based ...

sive (a license for Quick Test Pro (QTP), a flagship industry tool from Hewlett-Packard ... these participants reported in their resumes and our ques- tionnaires.

Experimental Based Selection of Best Sorting ... - Semantic Scholar

Therefore, only internal sort algorithms such as Bubble, Select, Insertion, Merge, Shell,. Gnome, Cocktail, Counting, Radix and Quick Sort were discussed bellow.

Experimental evaluation of an iPad-based ... - Purdue e-Pubs

21 Apr 2016 ... complete all phases of the modified PECS protocol. Facilitative ... correction procedure (refer to the Error Correction Cheat Sheet or pg. 385 of.

MKULTRA {Monarch} - CiteSeerX

type of mind-control using MPD, drugs, hypnosis and electronics and other control ... Statistical Manual III-R nor the recently released DSM-IV. Those who ... so powerful. Edward Hunter, author of Brainwashing In Red China, testified in 1958.

MKULTRA {Monarch} - La Caverna

have been programmed with Monarch-type trauma-based mind control. ... Monarch Total Mind-control but these porn films are kept in very secure sites.

MKULTRA Intellipedia.pdf - The Black Vault

18 Mar 2013 ... campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. ... Several secret U.S. government projects grew out of'Operation Paperclip.

MKULTRA-CIA Mind Control Research and ... - Ted Gunderson

program to find ways to "control human cania psychosurcery psychology and in behavior through the use of chemical capacitating agents, all of wlich were:.

The psychology of the MKULTRA mind control programs

Cataloging of mind variations. The cataloguing of brain wave variations and testing of EEG cloning/heterodyning have been going on for a long time. With each.

Project MKULTRA and the Search for Mind Control: Clandestine ...

26 Apr 2016 ... From 1953 to 1964 the CIA engaged in various clandestine operations to manipulate the human mind. With the relatively new discovery of LSD, ...

2D web based game engine - IS MU

The goal of this thesis is to create a custom game engine, inspired by features of other ... nities (Unity3D is a great example of such an engine, more on these. 1. HTML5 ... type of games mini2d.js is aimed for, however, SFML cannot be ported.

Web-Based Collaborative Multiplayer Serious Game - TU Darmstadt

the latest trends in Collaborative Learning and Multiplayer (Online) Games in. Chapter 1 and 2 ... Raija Hmlinen, Tony Manninen, Sanna Jrvel, and Pivi Hkkinen.