Standard of Power: The Royal Navy in the Twentieth Century ... - jstor

primer for war college students, Handel's book is largely a collection of quotations from ... carrier; Ark Royal was not at Suez; Britain's first nuclear test did not.

Standard of Power: The Royal Navy in the Twentieth Century ... - jstor - Related Documents

Standard of Power: The Royal Navy in the Twentieth Century ... - jstor

primer for war college students, Handel's book is largely a collection of quotations from ... carrier; Ark Royal was not at Suez; Britain's first nuclear test did not.

Japanese Sea Power - A Maritime Nation's ... - Royal Australian Navy

that the war plans offered no specific guidance for action following the second ... See Yomiuri Shinbun Sengoshi-han (ed), Sai-gunnbi no Kiseki (The Way to ...

Presence, Power Projection and Sea Control - Royal Australian Navy

They were the linchpin in all the operations and support that we provided to ... two-litre CamelBak water carriers worn by all personnel were being re-filled every.

Old and New Migrants in the Twentieth Century - jstor

between the old and new immigration.3 Although the debate on immi grant adaptation ... new. The 'old' immigrants who came to the United States around 1900.

Twentieth-Century Harmony - jstor


The Hoax of the Twentieth Century - jstor

REVIEW ARTICLE. Two Alibies for the Inhumanities: A.R. Butz, The Hoax of the. Twentieth Century and David Irving,. Hitler's War. BRADLEY F. SMITH. Cabrillo ...

Liberal Toryism in the Twentieth Century - jstor

One of the axes along which modern Conservative history might be ... practice which, in its Victorian phase, is called Liberal Toryism and which ... In don't think I am. ... Lord Woolton's reflection on Sir Anthony Eden who had 'never wavered in his ... Macleod vied for precedence among Lord Butler's Kindergarten, then.

American Poetry in the Twentieth Century - jstor

achievements of American poets in the 20th century are being obscured by the ... An outstanding characteristic of modern American (and. English) poetry is its ...

Dragons in Twentieth-Century Fiction - jstor

dragons are not all alike. ... Most say there are no dragons; and 'tis said ... In Tea with the Black Dragon (1987) by R. A. MacAvoy, we meet Mayland Long,.

Yodeling at the Turn of the Twentieth Century - jstor

On the surface this excerpt from the sheet music does not appear to be a yodel ... copyright date: His famous "Lullaby - Go to Sleep My Baby, My Baby,. My Baby ...

Melancholia in the Late Twentieth Century - jstor

Freud also connected melancholia to the female condition. In "Mourn- ing and ... Freud argues in "Mourning and Melancholia" that melanc logical form of ...

Western Kentucky in the Twentieth Century - jstor

its reputation as the Kentucky "Gibraltar" of the Democratic Party, was positioned to take advantage of state and federal initiatives from the New Deal to the Great ...

Ockeghem and New Music in the Twentieth Century - jstor

Johannes Ockeghem, Missa Prolationum, Kyrie I. Printed in K. Boehmer,. Zur Theorie der offenen Form in der neuen Musik (Darmstadt: Tonos 1967), example 11.


Research on gender representation in children s literature has revealed persistent patterns of ... We interpret stories through the filter of our prior knowledge about other stories and ... The Cochrane-Orcutt transformation corrects for first-order ...

The History of Twentieth-Century Christianity as a Challenge ... - jstor

was the story of Christian churches throughout the centuries. That. Catholics and Protestants would sharply disagree on the role of heroes and villains in this ...

Anti-communism in Mid-Twentieth-Century Ireland - jstor

information that was forthcoming from Myron C. F likewise Fagan impressed upon Fahey the quality and r information he was supplying by 'revealing' his main.

Sociologists as Characters in Twentieth-Century Novels - jstor

urban sociologist, Sybill, in Nora Roberts's (1999) romance novel Inner Harbor, ... The Siege of the Villa Hpp. New York: Random House. (Frits Krom, George.

The Myth of the Twentieth Century: The Rise and Fall of ... - jstor

The Myth of the Twentieth Century. The Rise and Fall of Secularization. Harvey G. Cox. Obituaries about famous-and less famous--persons usually tend to be.

German Women Writers of the Twentieth Century: An ... - jstor

... English of very contemporary writings, poems, sketches and short stories by ... There are other German women writers whose works in English trans- lation we ...

Review: Photographic Architecture in the Twentieth Century ... - jstor

Julius. Shulman, interview by Jon Yoder, 20 Sept. 2005,. Los Angeles. 5. Some of Zimmerman's most lucid passages involve Gropius's paradoxical embrace and ...

Neoclassic and Anachronistic Impulses in Twentieth-Century ... - jstor

6Austin, Music in the 20th Century, 31, 451. 7Scott Messing, Neoclassicism in Music from the Genesis of the Concept through the Schoenberg/Stravinsky Polemic ( ...

Tonal Harmony, with an Introduction to Twentieth-Century ... - jstor

Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne have written a substantial text, in six parts and 30 ... answers to the Self-Tests, and an index of musical examples and a subject index. ... pate the workbook exercises and build student confidence by supplying.

Niccolo Machiavelli and the Twentieth Century Administrator - jstor

Actually, modern organizational leaders operate much more according to the various teachings of Machiavelli than anyone might care to admit. Moreover, they ...

Love and Courtship in Mid-Twentieth-Century England - jstor

cultural histories of the emotion.4 For example, in her book on inte. Europe in love, Luisa Passerini rather unconvincingly suggests an inter between the idea of ...

Poetry and Jazz: A Twentieth-Century Wedding - jstor

performance around a set theme, in which the personality of the ... music. The jazz instrumental "Salt Peanuts," for example, is punctuated by the briefest of ...

Twentieth-Century School Music Literature in China: A ... - jstor

The advent of the twentieth century brought not only the threat of European ... Liang points out that the marching rhythm with dotted notes and fanfare melodic patterns ... pentatonic melodies with the rhythms of jazz, fox-trot, tango, and cha-cha,.

Gujarati Shoemakers in Twentieth-Century Cape Town - jstor

24 Jan 2020 ... 21 See the chapters by S. Warrier, 'Gujarati Prajapatis in London', and ... first Hindu or Mochi doctor in Cape Town', says Ramjee. ... Repairs in Wale Street, in the Bo-Kaap, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Cape Town. We.

twentieth-century women writers from the english-speaking ... - jstor

of all women in the West Indies is to marry and/or become mothers (41). Lawrence goes ... become a slut, a fate for which the mother is ironically preparing the.

Theatrical Parody in the Twentieth-Century American Theatre - jstor

Follies script. 1 have therefore relied on program notes, photographs, and newspaper articles and reviews in attempting to reconstruct Follies sketches. 3 The full ...

The Taming of the Dragon in Twentieth Century Picture Books - jstor

throughout the history of children's literature, kept alive by moralists and re- ... that it is difficult to generalize about the nature and histories of dragons, the.

A Group of Twentieth-Century Works of Art Recently Acquired - jstor

Therefore, the earliest abstract art of the twentieth cen tury varied ... ture in the twentieth century. Yet the ... major figures of these movements-artists such as.

Voting Fraud in Early Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh - jstor

Voting Fraud in Early Twentieth-Century Pitts- burgh Electoral laws and political institutions were changed markedly at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Argentine Factor in Twentieth-Century Brazilian Foreign ... - jstor

"real crux" of the issue was Argentina's clandestine support of Asunci6n. Army ... (Buenos Aires) to Vargas, 24 August 1935, PR; MFA memo, 18 February 1936, ... Organizacao Simoes, 1954), 13-25, 52-59; Fontoura to Vargas, 10 June 1953, ...

Late Twentieth Century Patterns of Race Relations in Brazil ... - jstor

It is interesting that race relations in twentieth century Brazil seem to have ... to eschew political stances and ideological programs and were basically devoted to ...

Juan José Arreola and the Twentieth Century Short Story - jstor

un gran esfuerzo y empiton6 la almohada. Abri6 los ojos. Lo que hasta entonces fuera una blanda sospecha, se volvi6 certeza puntiaguda. Con un poderoso ...

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Glads/one (LCDR Peter ... cricket. • Try waterskiing or para-sailing. • Build a sandeastle. YOII may even be ... Navy cricket side lI!the Australian Services Cricket.