An International Band and Orchestra ... - The Midwest Clinic

19 Dec 2014 ... Improve your ensemble's clarinet section through the use of clarinet quartets in your ... has toured the United. States, presenting clarinet/chamber music workshops, clinics and master classes. ... Cantina Band*. 3Bb/Bass. Yost.

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An International Band and Orchestra ... - The Midwest Clinic

19 Dec 2014 ... Improve your ensemble's clarinet section through the use of clarinet quartets in your ... has toured the United. States, presenting clarinet/chamber music workshops, clinics and master classes. ... Cantina Band*. 3Bb/Bass. Yost.

Band and Orchestra Intonation - Midwest Clinic

Good band intonation requires first that the instruments are tuned closely to a standard pitch ... matching the pitch, tone, and intensity of the player before. ... Final step -- try this in other keys (use keys in which you're playing music that day).

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Beginner Band. We've only just ... Four year plan to convert an old system and take control. ... Schedule “large instrument” lessons on band rehearsal days.

Beginning Band 101-“You Have No Free Will” - Midwest Clinic

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Percussion. Section Skills. Ensemble Skills. Defintion of a warm up. Band Skills. Seating Arrangement. Rehearsal Discipline ...

Jazz Guitar For Band Directors - Midwest Clinic

Note”. • Joe Pass – “Virtuoso”. • Jim Hall – “Live”. • Kenny Burrell – “Midnight Blue”. • Grant Green – “Solid”. • George Benson – “The George Benson. Cookbook”.

Percussion Mallet Instruments in Concert Band ... - Midwest Clinic

17 Dec 2005 ... Examples of Wind Ensemble Literature with expanded percussion keyboard: Michael Colgrass - Winds of Nagual (1985) Colgrass Music.

the elusive engmatic euphonium (tips for the band ... - Midwest Clinic

21 Dec 2006 ... The euphonium is the most beautiful tenor soloist instrument in the band world. ... Remington – Warm up Exercises – Accura. Lin, Bai - Lip ...

International Trumpet Guild® Journal - Midwest Clinic

appeared since then including those of Jerome Callet, Carmine. Caruso, Rolf Quinque, Jeff Smiley, and James Stamp. Some of the finest trumpet players in the ...

MidWest Handout 2011 - Willis Rapp - Midwest Clinic

15 Dec 2011 ... For those who enjoy the works of Holst, Vaughan Williams, and Grainger there is ... Down by the Banks of Claudy I carelessly did stray, ...

Midwest 2014 handout rev - Midwest Clinic

19 Dec 2014 ... The Tempest. Robert W. Smith. BEL. 1995. $55.00. Voodoo Dance. Elliot Del Borgo. BEL. 2000. $55.00. Year of the Dragon. Michael Sweeney.

neil grover clinic - Midwest Clinic

20 Dec 2017 ... Problem solving is part of the fun of being a percussionist! PART 1: GET TO KNOW YOUR INSTRUMENT. Your basic concert tambourine has ...

Orchestra Concert Report Information - WHS Band and Orchestra

For a sample report, see Concert Report Example. Basic Information: 1. Name of group. 2. Date and time of concert. 3. Location of concert (hall, address, city, etc).

Clarinet Clinic - Midwest Clinic

Playing commercial reeds, I was obliged to develop ways of dealing with reed warpage. In more recent years, I have devoted full energy to reedmaking, and in so ...

The March - Midwest Clinic

military parade bands, or large symphonic bands, might use them. Many concert marches, particularly those in large-page editions, are scored in a way to give ...

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19 Dec 2014 ... Violins - Hand should wrap around the scroll comfortably. Measure from the neck to the ... 20”-21” is 1/2. Height - 4 ft to 4 ½ ... method has great pictures of bow holds. There are ... Strictly Strings (nice pacing, not to fast or slow).

Midwest Clinic 2011

14 Dec 2011 ... Tips for working with oboe, clarinet and bassoon. Presented by the Aria Reed ... Dr. Julianne Kirk-Doyle, clarinet ... Helpful Altissimo Fingerings.

Marimba - Midwest Clinic

“piece-specific” techniques (only learning what you need for the piece you happen ... Beginning Literature Stroke-types (as defined by LH Stevens in Method of Movement) ... B. Elbow is critical in preventing injury when using the upper manual.

Creating with - Midwest Clinic

19 Dec 2007 ... ... (not just accented notes) to assist in crescendo. Eckhard Kopetzki, Canned Heat, (San Antonio: Southern Music, 2002), 3. (Measures 45-46) ...

Warm-Ups - Midwest Clinic

Effective Warm Ups For Developing Jazz Ensembles is a collection of exercises that I ... 3rd Trumpet. 1st Trombone. 2nd Trombone. 3rd Trombone. Guitar. Bass.

Marches - Midwest Clinic

21 Dec 2006 ... satisfying to band audiences than a stirring march, when performed by a superb band ... that even the lowliest march can be valuable music that deserves to be ... Imperial (1911) ... Bierly, P. E. (1982) Halleluiah Trombone!

Help for Your Horn Players - Midwest Clinic

Traughber Junior High School French Horn Section. Meeting ... •To play lower notes: blow warm air, slow down the buzz, push lower lip forward into the ... “The Art of Horn Playing”, “The Art of Brass Playing” by Phil Farkas (the “Bible” of Horn ...

Scales and Arpeggios - Midwest Clinic

18 Dec 2013 ... Understanding of whole and half step structure for a major scale (C Major). Marking of ... Violin/Viola/Cello: Two-Octave Scales and Arpeggios.

BEGINNING BRASS - Midwest Clinic

Horn and trombone players need to be able to distinguish between pitches from ... producing the first sounds on mouthpiece) then go back and let them hold the ...

Download the PDF Handout 2 - Midwest Clinic

Free Improv. Add guidelines (rhythms, moods, ... Lindsey Stirling “Spontaneous Me” ... Improvisatory American/World music. Violin, Viola, Cello ...

Jamey Aebersold's - Midwest Clinic

This booklet is provided FREE OF CHARGE by Jamey Aebersold Jazz. If you would like a complete catalog of the thousands of jazz educational materials ...

You Are Only As Good As Your Last Breath ... - Midwest Clinic

Chicowicz wind patterns o Best remedy for tonguing issues o Emphasizes and reinforces a constant wind stream o Shows balance between wind and ...

Download the PDF Handout 1 - Midwest Clinic

d) Example-Flutes/Oboes clap the rhythm, Clarinets finger the notes, Saxes play ... Resources: We use two books, Essential Elements 2000 and Winning ...

Sound Concepts for the Saxophonist - Midwest Clinic

15 Dec 2010 ... guides the position of the saxophone to the player, and should be ... Hello! Mr. Sax. by Jean-Marie Londeix (Alphonse Leduc) (see Figure 17).

Kristine Coreil Handout - Midwest Clinic

MUCH looser and freer –trumpet players are typically very tight and sometimes roll the ... The Art of French Horn Playing by Phillip Farkas, published by Summy-.

marching and concert percussion - Midwest Clinic

21 Dec 2017 ... As a composer Mark Ford has written popular works for solo marimba and percussion ensemble including Head. Talk, Stubernic, Afta-Stuba!, ...

Percussion Map and Notation Guide - Midwest Clinic

1) Where to begin? ♪ What does the composer want to say? ♪ What sounds can best accomplish the portrayal of the composer's message? ♪ Group lessons.

You Have Great Stick Technique...NOW WHAT? - Midwest Clinic

21 Dec 2012 ... You Have Great Stick. Technique...NOW WHAT? Developing Rehearsal Techniques for. Young Band Directors. The 66th Annual Midwest Clinic.

Teach Clarinet As Though You Played It! - Midwest Clinic

19 Dec 2007 ... Howard Klug – Professor of Clarinet, Jacobs School of Music, ... While we often instill correct embouchure habits in beginners by referring to visual models, ... Mostly beginning 'how-to' lessons without printed exercises/songs.

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Example: Rocky Point Holiday by Ron Nelson. Multi-Percussion ... In the case of the latter, careful score study is needed to determine how many players are ...

Teaching Comprehensive Musicianship while ... - Midwest Clinic

17 Dec 2003 ... Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Volumes I and II - compiled and edited by Richard. Standard ... Kincaidiana, A Flute Players' Notebook - John C. Krell. 4. ... Foundations for Superior Performance - R. Williams.

How to fall in love with the Euphonium and want to ... - Midwest Clinic

Arthur Pryor/Robert Geisler. Beautiful Colorado. Joseph De Luca. Carnival of Venice. Herbert L. Clarke/Arthur Brandenburg. Concerto. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.