Fanzines and Alternative Music Cultures in Ireland - Semantic Scholar

I hereby declare that this thesis represents my own work and has not been ... Certain self-styled Celtic music artists have mobilised these in the marketing ... She touches on the idea of the fear that the Internet will “lead to the ... can be found in the work of the Berlin Dadaist John Heartfield and other ... Ror: He's not a punk.

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Fanzines and Alternative Music Cultures in Ireland - Semantic Scholar

I hereby declare that this thesis represents my own work and has not been ... Certain self-styled Celtic music artists have mobilised these in the marketing ... She touches on the idea of the fear that the Internet will “lead to the ... can be found in the work of the Berlin Dadaist John Heartfield and other ... Ror: He's not a punk.

When Cultures Collide: LEADING ACROSS ... - Semantic Scholar

3rd ed. p. cm. Rev. ed. of: When cultures collide : managing successfully across cultures. ... and regions that, for a variety of reasons, play significant roles on the world stage. ... Corporations may be structured in a vertical, horizontal or matrix fashion and ... Read between the lines to divine their wishes and aspirations.

Cultures of Death and Dying in Medieval and ... - Semantic Scholar

the right to be buried in hallowed ground.2. However, we ... In medieval and early modern European society, Death, the Grim Reaper, was ... dusk and dawn.121.

L'Alternative Right - Semantic Scholar

blogueurs célèbres sur Twitter tels Mike Cernovich, auteur d'un guide d'assertivité masculine intitulé Gorilla Mindset, ainsi que Gavin McInnes, un ancien ...

'Ireland mustn't be such a bad place so ... - Semantic Scholar

Inishmaan operates as evidence that detects unrepresentable traumas that recall histories of broken lands, histories, homes, and bodies. Cripple Billy, the young ...

a short history of ireland - Semantic Scholar

Irish history from the earliest times through the Celts, Cromwell, plantations, famine, Independence, the Omagh bomb, peace initiatives, and financial collapse.

Modern Alternative Popes - Semantic Scholar

they, and the cardinals who elected them, were heretics and accepted ... Guiseppe Cardinal Siri, the Archbishop of Genua became pope, accepted the office ...

Contract Law: An Alternative to Tort Law as a ... - Semantic Scholar

Consideration is defined in Illinois as an act or promise which is of benefit to one party or a disadvantage to the other party. Steinberg v. Chicago Medical School ...


7 Dec 2016 ... occultism can be considered as a suitable ground for free ... religion” says Peg Aloi in her edited book (Aloi, 2016: 5), and since my interviewees' ... based on transfer of information through the new forms technology, contemporary ... most popular authors who writes for teenagers, Silver Ravenwolf, were ...

Landscape Modification: an alternative to ... - Semantic Scholar

1st edition Landscape Modification: an alternative to residential access ramps ... The home entrance is intrinsically linked to privacy, sanctuary and security of the ... For someone with limited mobility, an accessible, barrier-free entrance to their home ... 5 “Visitable' housing was a concept launched by The UK Prince of Wales ...

on introducing gods to athens: an alternative ... - Semantic Scholar

introducing new gods to Athens and provides examples from the beginnings of ... Athenian people but to all mankind: a sign of his goodwill is evident in sending ...

Inter-relationships among alternative definitions ... - Semantic Scholar

is the net energy requirements for lactation equivalent of 1 kg of ... Δ. ΔBW. BCS. − ×. ,. ECE. NE bBW. bBW. BCS b BW b BCS b BW. BC maint. L. = . . ×. . . .

Sea Cucumber Meal as Alternative Protein ... - Semantic Scholar

and transformed in a sea cucumber meal (HM) (Table. 1). The experimental diet containing 18% of HM was tested against a control diet fishmeal based. Diets and.

The Dud-Alternative Effect in Likelihood Judgment - Semantic Scholar

(duds) often increases the judged likelihood of a focal outcome. ... One, and only one, of the following is the greatest selling male solo vocalist in history. Michael ...

Emotion, seduction and intimacy: alternative ... - Semantic Scholar

seduction – its roots in equality – and how these techniques can be observed in same-sex relationships, or during sales, marketing, recruitment, induction and.

a History of Alternative Media in the Polyamory ... - Semantic Scholar

1 Jan 2016 ... Critical Visibility: Locating Polyamory in Mainstream Media via. Alan M.'s ... porn sex scenes between the members of the polyamorous pod.

Alternative Organizational Design and Its Impact ... - Semantic Scholar

work of Kesler (2011, 2009), Kates (2011, 2007), Schuster (2009), Strikwerda and Stoelhorst (2009) and. Galbraith (2009, 2007) which described organizational ...

Novel two-alternative forced choice paradigm for ... - Semantic Scholar

10 Oct 2012 ... generated by a piezo bending actuator (T223-H4CL-303X; Piezo. Systems, Woburn, MA). A single whisker was plugged into a glass capillary ...

Fast-Food Franchises: An Alternative Menu for ... - Semantic Scholar

1 Jan 1987 ... Fast-Food Franchises: An Alternative Menu for Hotel/Casinos. Abstract. In their discussion ... Caesar's Palace Hotel. Ah So. Bacchanal Room.

Identity and form in alternative comics, 1967 - Semantic Scholar

Dave McKean (artist), Neil Gaiman (writer). Signal to Noise (1992). N. pag. Figure 48. Chris Ware, “Quimbies the Mouse”. Rpt. in Quimby the Mouse. (2003). 10.

Cultures of Resistance in Pre-Famine Ireland - MURAL - Maynooth ...

12 Cathy Urquhart, Grounded theory for qualitative research: A practical guide ... Murphy, Mary B., 'John Trant of Dovea, county Tipperary : an improving ...

Music, 'Race' and Diaspora: Romani Music ... - Semantic Scholar

Song lyrics are given in the language most commonly used and translated as ... There is also an international Romani anthem Dzelem Dzelem (Ro; I walked). 53 ...

Cue the Music: Music in Movies - Semantic Scholar

12 Apr 2017 ... musical progression, and chords) are used to signal different movie moods, settings, and events? ... “Concerning Hobbits. ... sound is decidedly Celtic achieved by the tin whistle which has a long association with Celtic.

Getting better all the time: Using music ... - Semantic Scholar

there may be some minimal musical contribution from the 'client', but generally the harmonic and. Getting better all the time: Using music technology for learners.

Low Budget Music: Three EPs - Semantic Scholar

input, creative insight and mastery of the recording process. • Assist in the ... In these terms I concur with record producer Michael Beinhorn's ... Unlocking creativity. ... Retrieved from:

Listening to music - Semantic Scholar

of listeners and of listening, mainly along the analytical-emotional spectrum. How do professional musicians react when actively listening to music? What.


28 Mar 2018 ... Vargsmål. Vikernes's role in the black metal scene, while significant as “Norway's black metal bogeyman,” is mostly outside of the scope of this ...

Measuring Music Reading - Semantic Scholar

Key Words: Music Reading, Sight Reading, Measurement, Assessment, Classification ... notation but did not aid in the learning of treble and bass staves (Pick, Unze, Metz, & ... Single line of simplified music with rhythmic information only.

The Choral Music of Ola Gjeilo - Semantic Scholar

When Gjeilo uses the choir as a supporting texture, he often chooses to employ the. 15. Ola Gjeilo, interview with author, 13 February 2012. 16. Ibid. 17. Ibid. Page ...


prepared a check list of themes and questions to guide the interviews although most of the questions were ... ( for illustration purposes.

The Poetics of Persian Music - Semantic Scholar

The Intimate Correlation between Prosody and Persian Classical Music by ... This notion or concept of fundamental iqa can be thought of as musical meter.

How do Mathematics and Music relate to each ... - Semantic Scholar

7 Oct 1998 ... than by applying mathematical principles. Music from this point of view released itself from mathematical domination. (Garland, 1995 : 36-67; ...

and Twenty-First-Century Music - Semantic Scholar

we have nonetheless been mindful to invite a range of authors who speak from ... of shorter conjunctures defined thematically by social or aesthetic movements ... internet streaming becomes a hallmark of twenty-first-century musical consumption. ... composers through relatively broad trends (the themes and the associated ...


Bruscia states that this working definition is brought up after examining and discussing many other relevant definitions, and it serves as a reference point for further ...

Understanding Indeterminate Music through ... - Semantic Scholar

tions, taking my cue from Cage's instruction in Music of Changes that in such cases 'the performer is to employ his own discretion'.17 Though I enjoy and ...

Music and the Moving Image | Vol. 1 No. 2 ... - Semantic Scholar

featured in The Birds amounted to something that "wasn't music at all. ... with the material that is being sent to and would be ready for Mr. Hitchcock's arrival in ... sheet for the film's reel 12 (containing the second attack on the house) informs ...