notice of arrival - USDA APHIS

INSTRUCTIONS: Immediately upon arrival, the permittee or his agent should prepare original and one copy of this form. Submit copies to the Plant Protection and ...

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notice of arrival - USDA APHIS

INSTRUCTIONS: Immediately upon arrival, the permittee or his agent should prepare original and one copy of this form. Submit copies to the Plant Protection and ...

APHIS-Approved Laboratories Johne's Disease ... - USDA APHIS

25 Feb 2020 ... State Diagnostic Laboratory. (Alabama ... Dairy Lab Services - Dairy La 5105 Wolff Road. Dubuque. IA. 52002 ... 859-257-7457. 859-255-1624 ...


Page 1. CONSIGNOR if applicable. CONSIGNEE. WHEN REQUIRED). IF NEEDED). Apply USDA Seal or Stamp here of.

Dog Breeder Resource Guide USDA Animal Care - USDA APHIS

26 Mar 2019 ... Using Cage Cards to Identify Puppies and Kittens – March 2015 ... MX. Other (specify). Hound Crossbreed. Terrier Crossbreed. HX. BU. PR. TX.

DAS-44406-6 Soybean USDA Deregulation Petition - USDA APHIS

29 Apr 2012 ... The AAD-12, 2mEPSPS and PAT proteins in DAS-444Ø6-6 soybean were ... Cross to elite lines ... review at USDA APHIS as petition 09-328-01p. ... polynomial regression equation using Soft-MAX Pro™ or Triturus Version ...


We used leg hold traps and snares to assess the density ... 8% and 6% respectively, with squirrel and chipmunk. (Sciuus ... scavenger and the predator of small mammals to more frequently include ... We captured and radio-collared neo-.


2 Jul 2019 ... Weigel, David (F). Wilson, Dennis (S). COLORADO. Beckett, Donald (F). Chavez, Greg (F). Cleavinger, Melissa (F). Fox, Timothy (F). Kerschen ...

Poultry - USDA APHIS

Questions or comments on the Poultry '04 study methods or requests for additional ... Part II: Reference of Health and Management of Gamefowl Breeder Flocks in ... Over half of all premises (58.6 percent) vaccinated birds, ranging from 44.8.


Dominant males commonly kill other males, females and kittens. Cougars are able to run quickly for short distances and are agile tree climbers. Mountain lions do ...

micrographics - USDA APHIS

microfilm, microfilm jackets, microfiche, ultra fiche, micro publishing, and computer ... indicate the failure to follow disposition schedules rather than the need to reduce the ... program is to ensure the cost effective use of micrographics in helping the Agency to ... approved retention periods for all records series involved.

first day forms - USDA APHIS

Provides instructions on transmitting the personnel security documents. Complete your name, SSN, date of birth and place of birth only, print and bring to ...

Cormorants - USDA APHIS

600 birds. Cormorants feed by diving and swimming un- derwater. They can dive to depths of 5 to 60 feet below the surface and stay under water up to 70 sec-.

Sodium Cyanide - USDA APHIS

Table 1. Sodium cyanide product registrations held by APHIS, as amended January and ... training in the use of M-44s with periodic refresher training, usually as ...

Pogostemon erectus - USDA APHIS

25 Apr 2017 ... Pogostemon erectus (Dalzell) Kuntze (The Plant List, 2017) ... Tropica. 2017. Tropica Aquarium Plants. Tropica. Last accessed April 3, 2017,.

Java fern - USDA APHIS

14 Aug 2013 ... Left: Leptochilus pteropus in an aquarium (source: TROPICA, 2013). ... Initiation: PPQ received a market access request for aquatic plants of.

Layers 2013 - USDA APHIS

vaccinated as pullets, layers were vaccinated at 60 to 79 weeks of age on the majority of ... flocks certified as National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) Salmonella ... backyard flocks, gamefowl breeder flocks, and live poultry markets.

Wild Turkeys - USDA APHIS

Wild turkeys can also be aggressive towards people, especially during the breeding season. Wildlife Damage Management. Technical Series. U.S. Department ...

Executive summary - USDA APHIS

13 Jan 2004 ... This document evaluates the bovine tuberculosis (TB) status of ... considered equivalent to MA status (Puebla MA Zones 1 and 2) [124] and ...

hungry pests - USDA APHIS

spread these invasive pests and diseases. ... student exploration and learning during class or to assign as homework. ... following lessons, students will focus on invasive plant pests and diseases. ... Species! worksheet (Student Handout 1) with the following exploratory questions to help ... key facts from their sections.

Inspection Report - USDA APHIS

6 Mar 2017 ... Jamaican fruit bat. 000023 ... STATEN ISLAND ZOOLOGICAL ... The licensee was unable to produce disposition records for one coati, and one ...

NVAP Coordinator - USDA APHIS

12 Feb 2020 ... P: (352) 415-4051. F: (352) 313-3064. Robert. ... Dr. Paul Sciglibaglio. P: (505) 313-8053. F: (505) ... Valencia Watts. Dr. Jean Ray. P: (517) ...

Sterile Diluents - USDA APHIS

4.15 Sterile Diluents. The Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB) does not consider Sterile Diluent to be a veterinary biological product; however, licensees must ...

Swine 2006 - USDA APHIS

7.1 (2.9). Glasser's disease. (Haemophilus parasuis). 1.5 (1.5). 7.0 (4.6) 13.5 (3.8) ... (76.1 percent) sought veterinary or diagnostic lab assistance, and 62.1 ... 1Useable operation – respondent provided answers to inventory questions for the ...

Send correspondence to - USDA APHIS

Black-hooded parakeet (Nandayus nanday). 800. 1. 4 ... Florida Ornithological Societies' Records Committee (2005), the Texas Ornithological Societies' Bird.

Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) - USDA APHIS

HR Assistant (Processing) SCH B/GP, TPGA. Drake Harris ... Staffing (Specialist) SCH B/GP, FA. Heather Dow. (612) 336-3219. [email protected]

New World Screwworm Myiasis - USDA APHIS

2 Jan 2018 ... host fluids and underlying tissues, the damage caused by their hook-like mouthparts enlarges and deepens the ... (Cantron IV). 11556-171.

USDA/APHIS Animal Care Policies

16 Oct 2015 ... ANIMAL CARE POLICY MANUAL ... APHIS is an agency of USDA's Marketing and Regulatory Programs ... pharmaceutical grade product.

risk acceptance form - USDA APHIS

This form is to be used to justify a risk acceptance of a known deficiency. The system/project manager is responsible for writing the justification and the ...

According to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 ... - USDA APHIS

for each sample in the spaces below. Attach a separate BSE Surveillance. Data Collection Form (VS 17-131) for each animal. Sample IDs on this form must atch ...


13 Jul 2007 ... Educating the veterinary profession about Foreign Animal Diseases has been a ... Traditionally, the task of the reviewing and updating this book, still familiarly ... (

Animal Disease Traceability - USDA APHIS

14 May 2013 ... “V” series of tags shall use a “T” or “S” followed by 2 letters and 4 numbers. Duplicate ... vaccination tattoo in right ear of female bovine/bison eligible calves. Information on ... Barcode of corresponding PIN on the reverse side.

Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis - USDA APHIS

Eastern equine encephalomyelitis (EEE) is a. mosquitoBborne viral disease of all equine species such as ... "sawhorse" stance, circling, paddling motion of the.

Animal Product Manual - USDA APHIS

17 Mar 2014 ... Animal Product Manual. 3/2020-192. Figure E-1-10 Example of CFIA Annex A-9, Veterinary Certificate for Poultry. Meat Products Cooked or ...

Introductory Course for Commercial Dog Breeders - USDA APHIS

breeding operations, including enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. 3. ... Yorkies on her farm. – Has more than 3 ... Application processing fee of $10.00 – due.

Monsanto Petition (10-188-01p) for Determination of ... - USDA APHIS

and higher concentrations inhibit cell division and growth to the point of plant death ... not exclusively, in the cytoplasm by template switching between RNA transcripts during. 38 ... Bhatti M, PCC Feng, J Pitkin and S-W Hoi. 4 November 2010.


3 May 2016 ... SUBJECT: Eggs and Chickens for Production of Veterinary Biological ... embryonated chicken eggs or chicken tissue as an ingredient.