State v. Hughes - Supreme Court of Ohio -

21 Mar 2019 ... at ¶ 31. The constitutional amendment known as Marsy's Law became effective on February 5, 2018, and expands the rights afforded to victims of ...

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State v. Hughes - Supreme Court of Ohio -

21 Mar 2019 ... at ¶ 31. The constitutional amendment known as Marsy's Law became effective on February 5, 2018, and expands the rights afforded to victims of ...

Denuit v. Ohio State Bd. of Pharmacy - Supreme Court of Ohio

13 Jun 2013 ... constituted gross immorality and unprofessional conduct in the practice of pharmacy under R.C. 4729.16, indefinitely suspended his license, ...

Ohio Courts StatiStiCal Summary - Supreme Court of Ohio -

summit County: two seats were added to the general division with start dates of Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, 2009. Courts of Common Pleas. Jurisdictional Distribution in ...

Ohio Legal Research - Supreme Court of Ohio -

OSBA Casemaker Includes case law and a verdict reporter. Members of the Ohio State Bar Association can access as part of.

Ohio Case Law - Supreme Court of Ohio -

OSBA Casemaker Includes case law and a verdict reporter. Members of the Ohio State Bar Association can access as part of.

Task Force on the Funding of Ohio Courts - Supreme Court of Ohio

reporting, coordination problems, limited perspective and difficulty planning due to ... to look beyond this recent crisis and examine the long-term solutions that ... retention schedules and destruction requirements for municipal court case records. ... R.C. 2301.03(B) provides that a majority of the judges of the Hamilton County ...

Skidmore v. Natl. Bronze & Metal of Ohio - Supreme Court of Ohio

6 Oct 2014 ... Bronze & Metals (Ohio), Inc. (“NBMO”), Michael Greathead, and Joao Saraiva. For the reasons set forth below, we affirm in part and reverse in ...

2018-Ohio-3126. - Supreme Court of Ohio

8 Aug 2018 ... ... must be considered as a whole, “a court cannot pick out one sentence and disassociate it from the context, but must look to the four corners of.

2018-Ohio-1903. - Supreme Court of Ohio

17 May 2018 ... Austin Myers was convicted of aggravated murder ... it is clear from the transcript that the discussion of Myers's continuance request was on the record and ... Jones, 91 Ohio St.3d 335, 339, 744 N.E.2d 1163 (2001). The court's.

2004-Ohio-1695 - Supreme Court of Ohio

2 Apr 2004 ... Hustler News and Gifts located at 34 East 6th Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, and will not in the future, disseminate or cause to be disseminated, any ...

Ohio Family Courts - Supreme Court of Ohio

Hamilton County, Ohio. Hoffman's court was one of the first “problem-solving courts.” Hoffman personally set a goal of the court assisting in developing ...

The Ohio Judicial Center - Supreme Court of Ohio

The Ohio Judicial Center is home to the Supreme. Court of ... judicial branch, symbolizing the role of the judiciary as a co-equal ... However, flash photography is.

Bey v. State - Supreme Court of Ohio

3 Feb 2017 ... petition, in the name of the state of the relation of the person applying, ... was: a person of Moorish decent returning to the “Ancient Creed and.

State v. Hood - Supreme Court of Ohio

3 Dec 2012 ... {¶ 11} Hill testified that he and his cohorts took money and cell phones from the victims. At one point, there was an argument between Hood and ...

State v. Milbrand - Supreme Court of Ohio

1} Defendant, Robert Milbrandt, appeals from an order of the trial court ... daughter, Hannah, was suffering from Leukemia and other forms of cancer, in order to ...

State v. Ballard - Supreme Court of Ohio

3 Feb 2016 ... Mr. Ballard also claims other errors in the proceedings below, ... State v. Thompkins, 75 Ohio St.3d 558, 561, 664 N.E.2d 926 (1996). Here, one ...

State v. White - Supreme Court of Ohio

29 Sep 2017 ... Michael C. O'Malley. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. By: Brett S. Hammond. Assistant County Prosecutor. 8th Floor Justice Center. 1200 Ontario ...

State v. Beasley - Supreme Court of Ohio

9 Feb 2018 ... “Jack” at the Chapel Hill Mall food court in Akron. ... At trial, DeWalt identified Beasley as “Jack Gaylord.” 4. October ... Spirko, 59 Ohio St.3d 1,.

State v. Condon - Supreme Court of Ohio

Michael K. Allen, Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney, and Judith Anton. Lapp ... autopsy and to take limited photographs of the autopsy for the sole purpose of ... Jackson (1991), 57 Ohio St.3d 29, 33, 565 N.E.2d 549, citing United States v.

State v. Cutlip - Supreme Court of Ohio

28 Feb 2018 ... failure to stop after an accident in the Stow Municipal Court. For the following ... national standards. Following a hearing, the municipal court denied his motion. ... mailing in the docket, pursuant to App.R. 30. Costs taxed ...

State v. Woods - Supreme Court of Ohio

22 Aug 2018 ... Judgment Entry of the Licking County Court of Common Pleas granting ... CA99-07-128, 2000 WL 1577287(Oct. 23, 2000); Accord, State v. ... grade beyond which the driver's view of a roadway is obstructed, shall not.

State v. Foster - Supreme Court of Ohio

Foster, 109 Ohio St.3d 1, 2006-Ohio-856.] ... the histories of the Foster, Quinones, Adams, and Horn appeals, (3) provide an overview ... Abdul-Mumin, 10th Dist.

State v. Norwood - Supreme Court of Ohio

2011, at around 2:00 a.m., an employee from Taco Bell in Painesville called the ... close to Officer Hughes' cruiser that his SUV came within two inches of it and it.

State v. Williams - Supreme Court of Ohio

6 Dec 2012 ... 2} The alleged victim in this case, J.W., was the eight-year-old niece of ... done that and got her behind the garage and then she got away, we.

State v. Carroll - Supreme Court of Ohio

{¶4} Officer Julian Steele brought a Polaroid photograph of Carroll, along with ... {¶21} The Crime Stopper tip in question named Donny Blair as one of the.


24 Sep 2019 ... In other words, because Judge Dinkelacker had been designed to rule upon the Roco case after Roco was indicted on January 30, 2019, only ...

State v. Sowell - Supreme Court of Ohio

8 Dec 2016 ... saying something about “bad people”; then he would “go blank” or “black out.” ... bodies were found nude or nude from the waist down and/or had ... 39} One, Vanessa Gay, testified that in September 2008, Sowell brought.

State v. Minarik - Supreme Court of Ohio

30 Aug 2018 ... The victim described her bra as one with a “front clasp. * * * [with] a criss-cross back.” She said that once she unclasped the bra, it fell open and ...

State v. Kirkland - Supreme Court of Ohio

24 Nov 2010 ... DINKELACKER, Judge. {¶ 1} Defendant-appellant, Anthony Kirkland, appeals from convictions for murder under R.C. 2903.02(A) and gross ...

State v. Sanders - Supreme Court of Ohio

16 Dec 2015 ... ... a jury trial, for the aggravated robbery and aggravated felony murder of Jeffrey ... Payne and Luttrell from behind, killing Luttrell instantly. ... pistol had fired and ejected the shell casing found at the rear of Payne's Blazer. After.

State v. Hessler - Supreme Court of Ohio

Defendant-appellant, Jerry F. Hessler, appears before this court as a result of ... Griffin. Around 10:00 p.m., Judy Stanton received phone calls from her brother ...

State v. Branch - Supreme Court of Ohio

22 Jul 2013 ... {¶5} Lima Police Department Detective Steven Stechschulte first testified ... [Branch] said he was trying to figure out what he was going to do.

State v. Meinke - Supreme Court of Ohio

25 Sep 2017 ... HENSAL, Judge. {¶1} Nolan Meinke appeals his convictions for violating a protection order and domestic violence from the Elyria Municipal Court ...

State v. Thomas - Supreme Court of Ohio

3 Dec 2012 ... informant that a drug shipment would be coming to Lima very soon; and, ... encompassed the dates of violations of the drug activities alleged in ...

State v. Langlois - Supreme Court of Ohio

22 Nov 2013 ... was the manager at FOT, was in his office enjoying a cup of yogurt and a banana when ... 3} It was quickly apparent to the crime scene investigators that Schueler was ... from shop machines operating adjacent to Schueler's office would ... heard the chime sounding within the time frame of Schueler's murder ...

State v. Mole - Supreme Court of Ohio

28 Jul 2016 ... person is a minor and “the offender is a peace officer, and the offender is ... 8} But the bench trial resulted in Mole's conviction for sexual battery.