major new brae partnerships - American Radio History

25 Aug 2012 ... FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH! COMING DOWN ... song by a woman, as well as a career -high sales week for the ... LATIN AMERICA/MIAMI: Marcia Olival 305-064-7578. Fax: 305-864-3227 ... American Capitalist. 162 166 el ...

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major new brae partnerships - American Radio History

25 Aug 2012 ... FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH! COMING DOWN ... song by a woman, as well as a career -high sales week for the ... LATIN AMERICA/MIAMI: Marcia Olival 305-064-7578. Fax: 305-864-3227 ... American Capitalist. 162 166 el ...

Official Organ ofAll India Radio - American Radio History

Gulshan men dekhta hun. Ghazal. 7.20 ... Jis rang men dekha tujhe yakta nazar aya ... tional lyrics) by John Watt and Wally ... Jo mushkil ab hai ya Rab phir wohi.

Amateur Radio's Technical Journal - American Radio History

12 Dec 1982 ... Berserk Direction-Finding. Zero in on ... operated while charging. (Automatic ... signal as packets of charge. ... ISA and Master Charge accepted.

For all aspects of practical amateur radio - American Radio History

19 Jul 1985 ... n accord- ance with t he safety r equire ... apush-button switch between p in 4and ground, enabling t ... o 2055. Norway. Oslo on 6015 a t 1959, i.

Special Amateur Radio Edition - American Radio History

5 May 2008 ... It was a camp site, a radio room, and a kitchen all mixed together. ... Oakdale, CT; Cahito Mamani, Santiago, Chile;. George Maroti, Mount Kisco ...

Kale New Radio VP At Golden West - American Radio History

10 Nov 1978 ... [(gunslinger), Chris Morgan (man of the cloth), and Kelly McCoy (under. ... W N A M 2947. KKXL 27-24. KF Y R 1. 540. W GBF 1. 7-8. KSTT 449.

Amateur Radio Stateside - Part 1 - American Radio History

3 Jul 1988 ... two special-purpose full duplex vfos. and up to four clarifier memories. one ... time of international tension and dan- ... A FEW SIMPLE RULES: Your ad. should follow the formllt of those below, it must be tvPad or writtao in.

WBBM Radio, Yesterday and Today - American Radio History

FELICIA MIDDLEBROOKS WAS THE first woman to co-anchor the morning drive time schedule on WBBM. She had worked at several radio stations in northwest.

Radio Shack Catalog from 1989 - American Radio History

Radio Shack, the largest division of NYSE -listed Tandy. Corporation ... digital audio/video system or to upgrade your ... (1) Realistic, Minimus-7W. Only 8" high ...

World's First Commercial Radio Tower - American Radio History

30 Mar 1996 ... Beer bottle radio, no label, works? 10 ... Tropic Master that Marc Elis has been running in. Popular ... Trophy, Ecko, Coke Cooler, Airlite, etc.

Official Organ (all India Radio - American Radio History

Bantureeti Kolu. Ha nrhda. audaTi. Brova Bharama. 6.30 ... Bantureethi. Harnsanadatn. Vinata Suta ... A lyric composed by ' Asar ' and presented by Habibullah.

Hugo Gernsback and Radio Magazines - American Radio History

analyze his Radio News, arguably the greatest early radio magazine, to shed light on Gernsback's influence on the growth of broadcasting. OVERVIEW AND ...

Ham Radio Magazine 1988 - American Radio History

1 May 1988 ... match a w~de range 01 Impedances for coax led antennas. MFJ-921 has SWRIWattmeter. The MFJ-9410 Is MFJ's best selinp. MFJ~941D. PEP.

antique radio classified - American Radio History

7 Mar 1990 ... the model numbers indicated the cabinet colors. ... STEREO - This is the largest and heaviest ... Zenith console, 3 concentric knobs and push.

Radio-News-1922-12-R.. - American Radio History

clearest results. Best of all, the Klosner is wire -wound and is equipped with a DIAL. ... first grade Aerial Wire, 25 feet Insulated Cable, 1 Ground Clamp, 2 Special ... Twc or more of these units ... We Pay Express or Postage in the United States.

Advanced Radio Servicing - American Radio History

servicing technique presented in handy manual form, size. 8,Ax11 inches, 72 ... rectifier elements are made of copper oxide and the current is permitted to pass ...

Maine-Radio-TV-Guide.. - American Radio History

TV*TIME for thousands in. Maine Communities . . . 'T'S WABI. BANGOR -. MAINE ... 48 Ocean St. -. Tel. 3-7612 ... of Maine last month, but MAINE TV-RADIO NEWS and GUIDE also made ... in "Miracle Lady of Fatima" at Warner. Brothers, and ...

Radio West Catalog 1.. - American Radio History

MODEL: Panasonic RF-4900, ALL DIGITAL. FREQUENCY RANGE: MW, FM, SW1 1.6-3 MHz, SW2 3-7 MHz,. SW3 7-11 MHz, SW4 11-15 MHz, SW5 15-19 MHz,.

A supplement to Radio magazine - American Radio History

coned -shaped spiked feet. The TS8 pro- ... E mace. SPAN. 1.5 MN: olonu. Introducing Nautel's Newest Cutting Edge FM Technology -. Digital Adaptive Pre ... applications and network access units available in DS3, 0C -3C or OC-12C. Various ...

Radio Engineering Handbook - American Radio History

theory as a general concept of the purpose of a "handbook." The engineer will find ... -Transmission line engineering -Antenna terminations- Transmitter adjust-.

Radio-Retailing-1947.. - American Radio History

Record 10 - 1173 ... .vo, sWole ... Selling gets back to normal in the year of 1947 and ... RADIO G Television RETAILING July, 1947 ... First shipment of Cory Corp.

TV-Radio-Life-1957-0.. - American Radio History

for stakes totalling $10,000 cash. Link -. TV -RADIO LIFE. PAGE 17 ... dence against a group of bank robbers ... *Kh1.1, KGB -Fulton Lewis, Jr. KBLA-Dr. Ben ...

complete radio and television.pmd - American Radio History

Radio Stories came closest to a radio-themed pulp magazine. Page 8. Page 8 The Great American Magazine: Radio andTelevision. Some radio magazines were ...

Ham Radio Magazine 1986 - American Radio History

1 Aug 1986 ... Uplink for CW/SSB is 145.9-146.0 MHz; downlink will be 435.8-435.9 MHz. ... NEW JERSEY: The Ramapo Mountain Amateur Radio Club's.

The Boy's Fourth Book of Radio - American Radio History

series, Alfred Morgan introduces radio and electronics ... The Boys' Fourth Book of Radio and Electronics manner. The exact nature ... are the elements germanium and silicon that have first been ... In April, 1954, Bell Telephone Laboratories announced the invention of ... The Radio Amateur's License Manual. Learning the ...

Ham Radio Magazine 1989 - American Radio History

5 Oct 1989 ... KENWOOD ELECTRONICS CANADA INC. P.O. BOX 1075.959 ... R&L Electronics rf enterprises ... and especially to Dr. Colin Hamilton, manager of the Air- ... OHIO. AMATEUR ELECTRONIC SUPPLY. 28940 Euclld Avenue.

radio, television and electronics - American Radio History

uF " and add the tail of the " /.4." by hand. Should ... A detailed syllabus and form of application for ... AN TI FE R ENC. L. I. M. I. T E ta ... Phone : MIDLAND 3254.

Ham Radio Magazine 1980 - American Radio History

2 Jan 1980 ... The MFJ-525 gives you up to four times (6db) verted back down to audio for your rig's mic ... HWJSB-104, a Ten-Tec Triton IV, or a Yaesu FT-.

Radio-Shack-Commerci.. - American Radio History

picture quality on AN source with S -Video connection. tit-__L;J #15-1214. VCR. Add 4 A/V inputs to a. TV that has non&. RadioShack 4 -way video RF modulator ...

Radio foto log - American Radio History

Co fumbus, Ga. 1200 100-250. CHLN. Three Rivers, P.O.. 1420. ~RC. Was.hington, D.C.. 950 500-1000. CHLP. Montreal. Que,. 1I;-0. 100. CHLT. Sherbroo ke ...

Radio Retailing - American Radio History

The magazine "Broadcasting," quoting John Bently of the Lincoln State Journal, which is part owner of ... Missouri. Washington. Nevada. West Virginia State. Montana State. Yale. Nebraska. Wyoming ... 180 Wobbulator "Electroni- cally Driven".

NY radio, TV listings - American Radio History

Who's Who in Radio -TV (Larry Robinson- Gerrianne Raphael -. Gale Gordon- ... years old. Al Martino's "Take My Heart" had them spinning more than ever when.

radio communication - American Radio History

1 Jul 1972 ... adio books pre 1914 t o 1939, offers? Wanted; Heathkit t x/rx. G3DRA, QTHR. Cambridge a .m, boot mounting with c radle, Spkr control box, mic.

radio mics - American Radio History

1 Sep 1993 ... wbhh runs with any Pro fowls suros. 'A USS49 Upgrade ... Tannoy 3836s, Bose 302s, JBL ... magazines and technical reviews... so now you're about to select ... 01 46 67 02 10, Fax: 01 47 89 81 71 Turkey: Imaj Comm. Group ...

for radio amateurs - American Radio History

9 Sep 1973 ... 2 Meters. Tough, virtually indestructible antenna for hand- nelds. Completely ... 2 Amateur Radio News ... Class wasteland the FCC has created.

A Roadmap For Radio In The - American Radio History

11 Apr 1980 ... Jimmy Osmond would be draft age, which is17 iswe had one, which we ... Albert Einstein died 25 years ago today at age 76. ... IR SUPPLY/Lott I n 1 ..• ... tadion p lanning o r production o f Ow TV s eries 'Harper Valley PTA.