Fred Astaire and the Integrated Musical - jstor

into musicals-both on Broadway and in Hollywood-before anybody else and that the contribution ... (1920) "which convinced her admirers that she should be in the Follies."6 ... Charisse asks, "Can you and I really dance together?" To find out ...

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Fred Astaire and the Integrated Musical - jstor

into musicals-both on Broadway and in Hollywood-before anybody else and that the contribution ... (1920) "which convinced her admirers that she should be in the Follies."6 ... Charisse asks, "Can you and I really dance together?" To find out ...

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Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Co. - Brass History Musical Instruments ...

1880 Frederick Gretsch, music store bookkeeper, #200 S. 5th St.,. Brooklyn (census). 1883 Fredrick establishes music business in Brooklyn (Gretsch).

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17 Jan 2020 ... We invite you to audition for our August 2020 production of Hello Dolly. Synopsis. Jerry Herman's ... “Hello, Dolly! ... Glee Club Singers. Barbers ...

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23 Jan 2003 ... 1.4.4 “Division Director”. The head of a Center scientific division and a ...

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of purpose-driven leadership in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. • Provide a unique opportunity to engage with other like-minded ...

The Inventory of the Adele Astaire Collection #773 - Howard Gotlieb ...

Biography. Adele Astaire was born Adele Austerlitz on September 19, 1896 to Frederick ... During her marriage to Lord Cavendish, Adele lived at the Devonshire.

Fred M. Taylor's Views on Socialism - jstor

He obtained his Ph.D. in political philosophy in 1888 at the ... On the Economic Theory of Socialism (Minneapolis and New York, 1938). Cf. ... authorities receive of incorrect valuations ? Taylor's ... gross utility is accepted as the proper guide".

Fred Wei-han Ho: Case Study of a Chinese-American ... - jstor

style of Asian-American expression to manifest this ethnic pride and consciousness. The strategy of some Chinese-American musicians to maintain both a keen ...

A Generative Theory of Tonal Music by Fred Lerdahl, Ray ... - jstor

7Present Perspectives (New York, 1984), 307. Fred Lerdahl and Ray Jackendoff. A Generative Theory of. Tonal Music. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 1983.

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a Pale Horse, and Day of the Jackal, produced in four decades from. 1948 to 1972, show ... and Fred Zinnemann approached the novel, two major censors were.

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1 This was the result of innovations and changes in the New York City Marathon that served the ... teristics of Chandler's modern business enterprise.2 ... Hal Higdon, "The AAU: Kingdom in Crisis," The Runner 1 (September 1979): 57. Higdon ... Novices." The piece contained extensive advice on training and referred to the.

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great sonatas of Schubert's last year were still of course unpublished. So the E flat ... Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in 1962, though the new ... all Sondheim shows, since it showed its central character going to any lengths.

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Porgy and Bess, Oklahoma!, The Most Happy. Fella, West Side Story, Godspell, Jesus Christ ... dramatic values, he ignores what the manu- scripts can tell us.

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to a late essay by Adorno on analysis. The first section of the essay will briefly outline how two contemporary analysts, Joseph Kerman and Ed- ward T. Cone ...

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object with the work-concept or positing an unsustainable dichotomy between object and activity. Music Analysis, 21/iii (2002) ? Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 2002 ...

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MUST we be trained in order to hear the beauty of music? Is there a certain duty in listening-a duty of hearing all there is, the complete content, on the assumption ...

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their sheet anchor in a world in which the complexities of peace rather than the ... ville, has made some studies of the Babembe music,' and he is. 1 Herbert ... as drums in the ceremony used by the semi-heathen movement, which started as an ...

Aspects of Musical Explanation - jstor

of digital modes of musical discourse; viz. his oft-quoted statements in the article "Past and Present Concepts of the Nature and Limits of Music" [1]: ...there is but ...

Musical Characteristics of Enka - jstor

Japanese music had at the time not been carried out sufficiently, the fact that scale lacked ... This melody moves within the framework of a tetrachord found in ... third beats of the bar, thereby imparting a strong sense of a beat within a metre of.

On the Enshrinement of Musical Genius - jstor

1 Kivy's account of the recognition of musical genius was initially presented in ... Heinrich Isaac to Lucan, Antoine de Févin to Claudian, and Antoine Brumel to. Statius.7 ... 39 Hans-Georg GAD AMER, Truth and Method, 2nd rev. ed., trans.

Shakespeare's Musical Background. - jstor

For the source of the gamut and Shakespeare's knowledge of music in general we have to examine the musical environment in which Shakespeare.

Death Comes to the Broadway Musical - jstor

point, we began to have musical comedy ... ment on their own deaths - sometimes in ... You've got Porgy." ... impassioned song to sing, "You Gotta Die ... Robert Kimball, ed., The Complete Lyrics of Cole Porter (New York: Knopf, 1983), 274.

list of musical instruments - jstor

true). 314.11 without resonator. 314.12 with resonator. 314.121 with resonator - bowl. 314.122(x/f) with resonator - box (without fingerboard). AEOLIAN HARP.

Musical Instruments of India - jstor

instruments classified under four heads,namely TATA (stringed instruments), ... The prominent feature of Indian musical instruments is that in the string and.

On the Problem of Musical Analysis - jstor

recording made at the time by the Hochschule (Tonband Nr. 102, Biblio- thek der ... on music is there to be found such an extensive account of Adorno's views on musical ... interest. The ideas Adorno puts forward in this talk are not new in them- ... is a feature of earlier musical practice that decisive musical elements like.

The Origins of the Musical Staff - jstor

4 May 2009 ... Music, Willi Apel writes of "the staff, that ingenious invention of Guido of Arezzo. ... of forty-nine equidistant (3.5 millimeters) pricks. The prick ...

Key, Temperament and Musical Expression - jstor

any association between a given key and music expressive of some emotion is purely conven- tional: composers have written, say, tender mu- sic in the key of e ...

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Schopenhauer and Musical Revelation. I. ARTHUR ... an extended series of analogies between cer- ... of space and time according to the "law of being"; and (4) ...

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of translation and transaction exposure. ? 1998 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. exposures can be managed through the use of financial ...

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J. Opl Res. ... feasible production schedule by loading the production operations of the re ... the authors have found the following publications of particular relevance. ... Also, at each level the total net requirements for a particular item are scheduled into ... Difficulties with lead time M.R.P. and capacity requirements planning.

An Integrated Vocabulary of Mobilian Jargon, a Native ... - jstor

yaya ("hia-hia". [A]) < CH ya:ya, CHI ya:ha ... FOOT AILMENT for trabal [fut trabal]. < English "foot" "trouble" ... CH spa:ni, CHI oipa:ni' (M)?. SPARK (n.) tpotole ...

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Beyond Phonics: Integrated Decoding and Spelling ... glish words of Anglo-Saxon, Romance, and Greek origin. ... coding are equally useful for spelling. Yet, in ...

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article details the meaning of the acquisition-learning distinction in the Monitor Model and Neurofunctional Theory. It is argued that the two models provide ...

Takarazuka Revue, Cole Porter's Can-Can, and the Integrated ... - jstor

30 Oct 2019 ... Porter's score and Abe Burrows's book failed to conform to midcentury ... One might wonder why a hit show by Cole Porter and Abe Burrows gar ...

An Integrated Computer Music Software System - jstor

music printing, sound synthesis, etc., but rather an integrated ... score) plotter. (conventional notation). Figure 1 : Relationships between the IUCMS programs. Donald Byrd: An ... SIGNAL ON CHANNEL A. #** ... mu : = mii*cf; mï2 mi2*CF».