"Music Composed by Charles Chaplin": Auteur or ... - jstor

Several weeks later, the mail brought Raksin's response. The letter provides fresh revelations about. Chaplin, his musical sensibilities and the score for Modern ...

"Music Composed by Charles Chaplin": Auteur or ... - jstor - Related Documents

"Music Composed by Charles Chaplin": Auteur or ... - jstor

Several weeks later, the mail brought Raksin's response. The letter provides fresh revelations about. Chaplin, his musical sensibilities and the score for Modern ...

"Imitation" and "Expression" in British Music Criticism in the ... - jstor

imitation-twice-removed has had its share of scholarly attention; but the most noteworthy of the ... heM dyto prdealar S7en popimentis lith. y p id ay th, serthe ').

"Baroque Music" in Later Centuries: "Re-creations" of Henry ... - jstor

7 James D. Brown and Stephen S. Stratton, British Musical Biography: A ... Zeit" in 1905,34 but he scored it for cello rather than violin, for which the book ... renowned violin pedagogue Shin'ichi Suzuki included the sonata in his series. "Suzuki ...

So Much "More": The Music of "Dick Tracy" (1990) - jstor

free of crime by its tireless hero. The story behind the music for Dick Tracy is also filled with dra- ma, as are ... The printed music indicates places for the ringing up ... The other was "Send in the Clowns," which won a 1975 Grammy Award. 12.

"Buds the Infant Mind": Charles Ives's "The Celestial Country" and ...

MUSIC. The Celestial Country was first performed on. 18 April 1902 at Central Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, where Ives was choir director and organist.

"A Person of the State" Composed a Poem: Lyrics of Praise and ...

FARMER Lyrics in the Huayang guozhi 25 relationship ... Sheng?no additional information is available to support or refute Chang Qu's historical accounts. Thus ...

"Soft Males," "Flying Boys," and "White Knights": New ... - jstor

My analysis of The Fisher King locates the specific ways in which "masculinity is in- scribed and the ... what it means to be a Good King, a White Knight.

"A Grand and Glorious Noise!": Charles Ives as Lyricist - jstor

tion.3 Thus, Ives had a hand as lyricist, wholly or partially, in more than one-third of his ... a song is a vehicle of the composer's musical persona-a complex ... have appealed to him as a poet: he set only four lines by him, for the song "Duty" ...

Charles Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities" (1859) Illustrated: A ... - jstor

31 Oct 2017 ... by Phiz reinforces the fact that the structure of A Tale of Two Cities, even as ... The Pilgrim editors note that Dickens "may have felt that Browne was ... visual cliff-hanger that only a reading of the printed text will resolve. In this.

"We Have Heard the Joyful Sound": Charles E. Fuller's Radio ... - jstor

and "I'm on the Battlefield for My Lord" were sung with vigor military precision. Obviously ... One letter, simply sounded the mystic chords of memory that tied him.

"Cacoethes Scribendi": A Comprehensive Checklist of Charles ... - jstor

Webb asserted that Bukowski's Notes of a Dirty Old Man (1969) had already sold 250,000 copies ("Charles Bukowski Reads"), which was impossible as Essex ...

"Good Indian": Charles Eastman and the Warrior as Civil Servant - jstor

relations, the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee.2 A product of Christian boarding ... turn of the twentieth century to have authored book-length autobiogra- phies in the ... 1862, are remembered by Eastman as idyllic and free. "What boy would ... ment by Dee Brown, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the.

"The Centenary of Charles Dickens" and - jstor

FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY. Two James Joyce Essays. Unveiled: "The Centenary of Charles Dickens" and. "L' influenza letteraria universale del rinascimento"*.



"Where's my Fool?": "Lear" Motifs in "Rigoletto" - jstor

In a letter to the poet Antonio Somma on 23 April 1853, Giuseppe Verdi ... Rigoletto: Per l'istessa ragionepreferisco Shakespeare a tutti i arammatici, senza eccet ... pressive authority over his adult child in "Hie Family Myth: Its Deconstruction ...

Sonny Rollins' solo on "Oleo" from "Bag's Groove" - Music Comics ...

Tenor Saxophone. Sonny Rollins' solo on "Oleo" from "Bag's Groove" transcribed by Dustin Mollick. Spring 2006. 5. 9. 13. 17. 21. 25. 29.... C. A7. D-. G7.

"Snatch," "Hole," or "Honey-Pot"? - jstor

... or euphemistic, and the derogatory, raising the question, "what can women call ... Many of the feminists who have commented on female genital slang (e.g. ...

Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet": Words into Picture and Music - jstor

Franco Zeffirelli's adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet never apologizes for being a movie and not a play.1 From its opening panoramic ... scene made this division between light and love and darkness and death more apparent to ... I'll to my wedding bed,/ And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead!".

"They Cert'ly Sound Good to Me": Sheet Music, Southern ... - jstor

mercial ascendancy of the blues is partially preserved in sheet music, and although ... for the blues' commercial ascendancy was the African American vaude- ville stage ... ordinance prohibiting piano playing and other music in saloons is to.

Yizhar's "Habakuk": Archetypal Violin Music and the Prophetic ... - jstor

The violin in Yizhar Smilansky's short story "Habakuk" (1960) is the medium ... they alone will release him from the tragic dilemma of the world struggle between ... Habakuk questions: How can one survive these swiftest of cur- rents? these ...

Voice, decorum and seduction in Florigerio's "Music Lesson" - jstor

9 Jul 2010 ... The painting has thus far eluded thor- ... ance to the portrait-style paintings of beautiful ... singing voice and the courtesan's arts of seduction.

"Return to Innocence": In Search of Ethnic Identity in the Music ... - jstor

"Return to Innocence" was published by Enigma, a label of the. Romanian-German producer Michael Cretu.1 The song reached millions of viewers and listeners ...

"Takin' Care of Business": Rock Music, Vietnam and the ... - jstor

antiwar rock songs became popular hits, when placed in the broad context of ... approximately 1000 singles to make Billboard's yearly top 100 chart, 1965-74. ... 137-46; Carl Betz, The Story of Rock (New York, 1973); Denisoff, Sing a Song of.

"Venezia favorita da Maria": Music for the Madonna Nicopeia ... - jstor

Mark's. The icon was the Madonna Nicopeia, one of the most precious pieces of Byzantine art ever brought to Venice (Fig. i) ...

The Sounds of Silence in "Sirens": Joyce's Verbal Music of the ... - jstor

ception, and sound production of music; and 3) the many references to actual music,9 ... "[w]hen first I saw that form endearing" by "[t]he harping chords of pre.

"The Hills Are Alive…:" Sound of Music Tourism and the ... - jstor

This essay analyzes how the Sound of Music tours in Salzburg function as a ... 4 Two other Sound of Music enterprises deviate from this script. Fr?ulein Maria's ...

Possible Prehispanic Music Survivals in the "Rab'inal Achi" - jstor

still performed in Rabinal, Guatemala, and two valveless trumpets and a slit-drum produce the ... and copied an unspecified son (instrumental song) from the Rab'inal Achi as played ... Translated to Spanish by Jorge Mario Martinez. Mexico ...

"A Sound Idea" Music for Animated Films - jstor

film may begin with something like a score: a fully developed ... orfully harmonized in a style that is quite at home in the milieu of ... Father admits it must have been a funny-looking score for, after all, ... getting in a dog fight all of the time.38.

"The Fist in the Face of God": Heavy Metal Music and ... - jstor

The Case of Metal Music. According to our estimates, as of 1980, roughly 3,200 heavy metal bands had ever been f primarily in Northern and Western Europe ...

"Traditional Music Weeps" and Other Themes in the Discourse ... - jstor

second millennia ad, as in Kunst's Hindu-Javanese Musical Instruments [1968 (1927)]. Historical reconstructions by such writers as Kunst in Indonesia and ...

"A Fifth of Beethoven": Disco, Classical Music, and the Politics ... - jstor

inflected disco-pop songs that featured the heavy use of orchestral ar rangements ... mega-hit movie and soundtrack album Saturday Night Fever. Originally.

"If the Pretty Little Hand Won't Stretch": Music for the Fair Sex ... - jstor

"The fear of music is a fear of feminine eruption, of a musical 'she' who ceases to charm us, who in effect denaturalizes 'herself,' losing 'her' simplicity, becoming ...

'Musica laetitiae comes' and Vermeer's "Music Lesson" - jstor

of the motto. I would like here to document the specific origins of the motto and use them as point of departure for a new interpretation of Vermeer's Music Lesson.


In Part One of The Structure of Atonal Music Allen Forte has given what may be called a foundation for (atonal) music analysis. That Forte believes his theory has ...

"Music for a while": Ford's Compositions for Voice and Piano - jstor

It was forbidden to play the Marseillaise in Germany of those ... to a friend remarks which were afterwards translated to me: he could not understand why the ...

Music from "The Splendidest Sight": The American Circus ... - jstor

Of all the singing clowns, it is Rice whose career has been most fully disclosed. See, for example,. Maria Ward Brown, The Life of Dan Rice (Long Branch, N.J.: The ...