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Dragon Magazine #67

game is that which is played according to the rules set forth by Hoyle. If one were to liken the D&D® game system to the former sort of poker, and the AD&D™.

The Dragon Magazine #2

Alchemists must be human. EXPLANATION OF ABILITIES: Detect Poison: Allows the Alchemist to tell by explanation whether or not an item or creature is ...

The Dragon Magazine #4

In the final issue of “The Strategic Review” (Vol. II, no. 2) an ar- ticle was published which provided news about doings on Tekumel, the world of the Petal Throne ...

Dragon Magazine #24

As described previously in D&D® and Blackmoor, any warm- blooded being who is seriously injured by a lycanthrope (say 50% or more of the possible damage ...

Dragon Magazine #56

3 Dec 1981 ... DRAGON magazine can be purchased directly from the publisher ... under the influence of the effects of a Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms will ...

Dragon Magazine #75

1 Jul 1983 ... Gary. Gygax has composed over the last few years (since the release of the Monster. Manual) on the hierarchy of The Nine. Hells and some of the ...

Dragon Magazine #45

Dragon. Vol. V, No. 7. NPCs for hire: One who predicts... by Roger E. Moore per day for ... and/or some other race, as the Dungeon Master chooses. sider offers ...

Dragon Magazine #49

See text for an explanation of each listing. All percentages give the chance of success. Level of. Craft accuracy. Potion Identification via: alchemist. Pottery. Glass.

Dragon Magazine #208

2 Aug 1994 ... elsewhere (such as in this magazine or DUNGEON® ... The Worlds of TSR tome is a 144-page, ... MANUAL™ tome, this 128-page, full-color.

Dragon Magazine #69 - Annarchive

DRAGON Magazine welcomes unsolicited sub- ... 280. -8. 3. 2. 4. 5. 6. 4. ADMINISTRATIVE CORRECTION and gyrojets may be launched from the same device.

Dragon Magazine #47 - Annarchive

Still Crimefighters greatly resembles the original D&D® ... A “Sorcerer's Scroll” column many issues ago was the inspi- ... The Phoenix can shoot fireballs as a.

Dragon Magazine #211 - Annarchive

2 Nov 1994 ... TSR Ltd. For a free copy of the current catalog that lists available back issues, ... Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address; include ... COMPENDIUM® appendices, give ecologi- cal data: try to use this ...

Dragon Magazine #53 - Annarchive

September 1981. Dragon he awesome task of digging (yes, sometimes liter- ally) our ... age. Evidently, both are used to knock people upside the head. Q. Is there any way to get around the problem ... for repeated questions will always be blank. Hepatoscopy: This method of divina- ... ces of unused vellum, and a large book.

Dragon Magazine #116 - Annarchive

2 Dec 1986 ... The Ecology of the Minotaur — Anthony Gerard. The unusual tale of a ... since March), so I suppose it's 90% D&D® and. AD&D game material.

Dragon Magazine #34 - Annarchive

this issue's module, “Doomkeep” by Brian Blume, the dungeon used for the 2nd ... 265, 266, 326, 338, 343, 344, 347, 711, 716 and 719 Divisions. Five factor ...

The Dragon Magazine #5 - Annarchive

Witchcraft Supplement for D&D. ... This spell is completely infallible and operates ... High class snake belt with extra powers: infravision, relays audio and visual ...

Dragon Magazine #35 - Annarchive

So, for you Traveler fans, we have five new variants, from new branches of military ... claim to be a D&D expert but I do consider myself to be a good player, both ...

Dragon Magazine #155 - Annarchive

4 Mar 1990 ... Elves who don't like other elves: the wild grugach. ... wild elf. With their small sizes and beard- less faces, grugach assassins often disguise.

Dragon Magazine #163 - Annarchive

4 Nov 1990 ... In the AD&D® 2nd Edition game, players who desire wizard characters have, be- sides the “generic” mage (the magic-user of the AD&D 1st ...

Dragon Magazine #39 - Annarchive

how's this for another first: At the back of the magazine you'll find, all together for the first time in one ... sidered quite “adult.” Yet when it comes to ... of “vintage” poisons is still potent; or simply to see if he can get away with it! Since poisoning is ...

Dragon Magazine #192 - Annarchive

2 Apr 1993 ... This regular feature offers answers to questions on the D&D® ... reviews of D&D game products. ... favor the “lifeless mess of kender parts.”.

Dragon Magazine #157 - Annarchive

4 May 1990 ... Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address; include sufficient ... Robe-4, Adamantine Gloves-3, Luck Shield-. 3, Elf Cloak-3, ...

Dragon Magazine #71 - Annarchive

for the BOOT HILL™ game and the first ... Monster Manual, but with only a 3” movement rate. ... other modules and playing aids which are in one or another.

Dragon Magazine #247 - Annarchive

11 Mar 1998 ... On this month's cover, TSR's own rk post reminds us that heroes come ... seem that the designers of 2nd edition ... empowered scion or regent.

Dragon Magazine #56 - Index of

lucan Bandore a bard must be 10th level or higher, while to create a Cli Lyre re- ... lege above Fochlucan the instrument is to be. This includes the research time.

Dragon Magazine #100 - Annarchive

2 Aug 1985 ... And the faerie dragon itself is symbolic of DRAGON Magazine's contribu- tions to the ... Read on! A new sport is being played in southern. Connecticut. No longer will ... from atop the death-dealing grate and moved noiselessly.

Dragon Magazine #153 - Annarchive

A new article series explores the D&D® Known World — from above. 7 2 Your Best ... of having the gods use panthers in the races they run for their own amusement (the panthers were ... duhr in the Monster Manual II? A 24-cubic-foot ... that Zeus was in awe of the great goddess ... MONK/BARD: 5th-level bard. S: 16. I: 20.

Dragon Magazine #106 - Annarchive

2 Feb 1986 ... The ranger redefined — Deborah Christian ... More range for rangers — James A. Yates ... common spells, the cleric spell is of a lower.

Dragon Magazine #76 - Annarchive

passes 14 classes of AD&D and with 10 extra lines can create random ... the Monster Manual to determine ... tral) undead listed in the FIEND FOLIO. Tome.

Dragon Magazine #138 - Annarchive

A new insanity system that lets a little lunacy go a long way. ... could help in making the D&D game an “accept- ... mind, RPGs and the D&D game are synony-.

Dragon Magazine #186 - Annarchive

You don't want a mere ghost to scare the heroes. You ... Some lessons in horror from small-press game companies. ... Others is a 3.5”x 5.5” book of poetry,.

Dragon Magazine #203 - Annarchive

2 Mar 1994 ... generator, but guards against physical damage ... without just making him a puppet of the player ... bariaur, githzerai, and tieflings, the smoke-.

Dragon Magazine #38 - Annarchive

fourth birthday of THE DRAGON), make sure they are addressed to Dragon Publish- ing, P.O. Box 110, Lake Geneva WI 53147. * * *. THE DRAGON continues to ...

Dragon Magazine #13 - Annarchive

On page 5 of this issue, you will find a curious color ad. ... would be 340 lbs. per sq. ... is the comparison issue between Dungeons and Dragons and that of.

Dragon Magazine #201 - Annarchive

Can you find the lost city of the AL-QADIM® setting? ... limited to only the AD&D and D&D games, either. ... city's builders (excavators?) dug straight down ...

Dragon Magazine #241 - Annarchive

United Kingdom is by TSR Ltd. Send orders to: Random ... [email protected] ... Can magical effects generated ... read: “But in CY 512, Acererak's Libram .

Dragon Magazine #61 - Annarchive

12 May 1982 ... The gnomish point of view — Little guys in the limelight . . 28. U m b r a e . ... the spell its own possible nemesis; the chance to “heal” an ... do battle with the Ashanti army. She ... “ultimate weapon article,” you'd be waiting a lot longer than you have ... THROWING KNIFE: This is a wicked collection of blades.

Dragon Magazine #208 - Annarchive

2 Aug 1994 ... few dangerous ruins or magical areas outside the deep ... spells and lore known to them are virtu- ally beyond ... Fantasy II or Lufia. Reviews.

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Or maybe 'music' but not a bass solo album. In the way of ... Tomas Bodin: I wouldn't say it's a perfect concept album. ... other and Allan Holdsworth's amazing.

Dragon Magazine #242 - Annarchive

As ever, let us know what you think, and chances are good that we'll do much ... far reaching spells in the Tome of Magic are good examples. ... Thus a pyromancer could attempt to snuff out an enemy ... swamp beneath my feet, know what it's.

Dragon Magazine #60 - Annarchive

The half-elven point of view — Best of both worlds? ... DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, ADVANCED D&D, and TOP SECRET are registered trademarks owned by ... using the words “blue” and “light” in any.

Dragon Magazine #67 - Annarchive

Do you play D&D® and AD&D™ games regularly? ... both the D&D game system and the ... the living quarters of the gish Kadzar, who will probably be here.

Dragon Magazine #234 - Annarchive

detailed herein are suitable for any AD&D® setting they are per- haps most at home in a RAVENLOFT® campaign. Shroud of Sol's embrace. XP Value: 3,000.

Dragon Magazine #11 - Annarchive

days when human technology was at its height on Tékumel, are well known to the Ssú, who use them with considerable skill. They have mapped out some of the ...

Dragon Magazine #236 - Annarchive

god of bladesingers and swordsmen, ... erful elven ally situated just inside the oasis — a wizard who was destroying the ... planning to publish a 5th Edition.” The.

Dragon Magazine #63 - Annarchive

DRAGON Magazine can be purchased directly from the ... DRAGON Magazine welcomes unsolicited sub- missions of ... Ability of 360 (the official method tops.

Dragon Magazine #144 - Annarchive

2 Apr 1989 ... by the editors of DRAGON Magazine and, except for minor ... Europe is: DRAGON Magazine, TSR Ltd, 120 Church ... Guild at: (208) 338-1410.

Dragon Magazine #151 - Annarchive

4 Nov 1989 ... the world of the AD&D® Oriental Adventures tome. ... section of Oriental Adventures (starting on ... Monster Manual II will get you started.

Dragon Magazine #68 - Annarchive

29-30 Ixitxachitl. 3 1 Kelpie. 32-36 Koalinth (hobgoblin). 37-38 Kopoacinth (gargoyle). 39-40 Lacedon (ghoul). 41-43 Locathah. 44-45 Masher. 46-48 Merman.

Dragon Magazine #166 - Annarchive

9 Feb 1991 ... One 'Mech look like every other in FASA's BATTLETECH® game? Now ... chaos (as in The Road Warrior); otherwise ... Trilogy, Volume Three.

The Dragon Magazine #2 - Annarchive

THE DRAGON is published bi-monthly by TSR Periodicals, a division of TSR Hobbies, Inc., POB 756, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. ... Mesoamerican Sun Kingdoms.

Dragon Magazine #72 - Annarchive

Ixitxachitl. Didja every wonder about the sex life of an ixitxachitl? . . . Hey, leggo of me! Stop it! Wait, wait! I know what I'm doing! No, wait — make the earth move!

Dragon Magazine #26 - Annarchive

CREATURE, having renamed the column THE DRAGON'S BESTIARY. This will now ... entry, designed to add some spice to your D&D or AD&D campaign. Each.

Dragon Magazine #78 - Annarchive

Dragon Publishing's monthly adventure playing aid. All rights on ... of the mind flayer”; and a piece of writ- ... player characters, of whatever race, being unusual ...

Dragon Magazine #210 - Annarchive

2 Oct 1994 ... ago with the original D&D® game), and deserve to reap the rewards. ... playing aspects of the game than on the dice- rolling (as they ... ering above him. Suddenly a wild discord ... The replaced card goes to the bot- tom of the ...

Dragon Magazine #31 - Annarchive

Navy and has recently had much of his time taken up with flight school. ... Deadly animals can only be seen occasionally, often too late to react to. ... that subsist barely above a Stone Age level, shrinking the heads of their enemies ... Matching full breeches were tied ... part of the inquisition and he is saving the orc's soul.

Dragon Magazine #141 - Annarchive

2 Jan 1989 ... ble for characters of the demi-human races, of ... few: the stupidity of the humanoid races. ... include: Steven Sechi, designer of Talislanta and.

Dragon Magazine #131 - Annarchive

In the Underdark, no one can see you scream. 2 2. To the Center ... phantoms are stated in the Monster Manual II to ... alignment between drow and svirfneblin.

Dragon Magazine #108 - Annarchive

2 Apr 1986 ... AD&D, D&D, TOP SECRET, GAMMA WORLD, and STAR FRONTIERS are registered trademarks owned by TSR, Inc. ARES is a trademark ...

Dragon Magazine #127 - Annarchive

2 Nov 1987 ... MEXICO. DD: D&D® game. GW: GAMMA WORLD® game. MSH: MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ game. OA: AD&D Oriental Adventures system.