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generally includes all the content from articles, books, and pamphlets, cover to cover. ... Use ti: to search for the title of an article or book (ti:"body ritual among the ...

2B or Not 2B? - jstor

The mandatory Canada Census has a minimal non response bias because the response rate is so high. But even an overall voluntary response rate of 80.

War without End? - jstor

episodes between 2005 and 2008, and, according to Russell (Doctor Who 75) ... will go on to explore the recurrence of such themes in Davies's reinterpretation ... the Library" (2008), Moffatt also introduced the mysterious Professor River Song.

When I Say Get It - jstor

3 Dec 2017 ... The first documented appearance of the phrase “boogie-woogie” was in the ... dation typically moves with little variation through a three-chord ... thing boogie: “Boogie Flap,” “Boogie Nights,” “Boogie Fever,” “Boogie Oogie.

Is There a Right to Own a Gun? - jstor

place restrictions on what sort of laws ought to be made. I assume that ... An example. 'Nicholas Dixon, "Why We Should Ban Handguns in the United States," St. Louis ... but that the right is a minor one, and that the harms of private gun owner.

Àṣẹ - jstor

approved sources like oriki (praise poetry), songs, relevant Ifi divination texts, and ... part explains the Yoruba custom of consulting Ifa before approval can be given to install an ... in Ifa divination. The story of eyekan from Eji-Ogbe in Ifa relates.

My Name Is Red - jstor

and the color red - what emerges in My Name Is Red (1998), Orhan Pamuk's ... not as something I was experiencing now but as if it were a memory from.

How Ya Like Me Now - jstor

Claire is surprised when Carl takes the microphone and throws out. "complicated ... ing at dawn, whereas "6 'N the Mornin'" begins this way: 6 'n the ... character's license to be wild and extreme. (These days ... "You are, you conceited bastard!".

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me - jstor

mountain: it is Madonna's career. The Other Gay Cow- boy Movie? The video for “Don't Tell Me” (2001), di- rected by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the second single.

As You Like It - jstor

[Includes German-language translations of As You Like It and Macbeth. First edition, 1986 (World Shakespeare Bib- liography for 1987, Item 2125).] 1462. Vos ...

SVO - jstor

English sentences. Since 1954, I have used the "sentence pattern method" with English students of all secondary grade levels in Florence High School,.

And Then There Were None - jstor

(1934), the Christie estate must count her 1939 novel And Then There Were ... terms when he exclaims: "Women are fiends - absolute fiends - you would-.

The Fu of T'ao Ch'ien - jstor

The Poems of T'ao Ch'ien translated by Lily Pao-hu CHANG and Marjorie ... forgotten the proper credentials. ... If I set free my heart outside the realm of things.

A Far Cry - jstor

of poems published in the UK in 1954, Walcott first publishe from Africa" in the newspaper Public Opinion on 15 Decemb. Far Cry" concerns the war in Kenya ...

the art of the novel - jstor

For our theme to-night, " The Art of the Novel," the setting is particularly appropriate, since it was at the beginning of this very eighteenth century th modern fiction ...

Wu Wei - jstor

are removed from themselves. My aim is to show that wu wei invites depressed people to return to themselves in the same way it invites us to return to the. Tao.

The Dik-Dik - jstor

I was interested to find out whether a small East African antelope, the dik-dik, ... These increases in rectal temperature were more pronounced in the dehydrated.

the art of asking why - jstor

In A More Beautiful Question, reissued in paperback this year, Warren Berger urges re- engagement with thoughtful, probing ques- tioning. “Questions challenge ...

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372 "Scnenk" beer; how to make "Bock"beer; full of the hammer. its velocity of descent. ... *353 Cars, freight, standaru of the New York Central ... *6'2' Malay rIg, m usem San FrancISCO harbor. ... Iron bars, straight and round, planishing 01 by.

Of course we - jstor

racism. In particular, the authors examine how the students use the topos of unknowability and the topos of ... (1960) novel To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) by examining how the novel is talked and ... of the article present quotes from the police of.

of Mo Yan - jstor

table, cheek bulging, a bib around its neck, a knife and fork in its ... comments and observations on why people eat people,3 and how, I will ... of children crying.

Oh, Boy! (Oh, Boy!) - jstor

Nostalgia is achieved simply by playing this song, which is a 'symbol of the 50s' ... Buddy Holly sings 'Oh boy' in his classic song of that title,3 his words are immedi- ... prior to 'learning to talk', or mastering language as a symbolic system of ...

Che - jstor

Abstract: Ernesto "Che" Guevara's iconic photograph has taken on mythical ... fragmented identity, "la verdadera vida de Guevara es un largo diálogo con su ...

How to Use a Fly - jstor

Emily Dickinson wrote "I heard a fly buzz - when I died" during ... made another poem, and was astonished?till ... The first line-and-sentence ("I heard a fly buzz -.

You're Welcome - jstor

this photo cube has sat on the piano displaying the faces of strangers. Presumably ... "You're welcome," the old woman says, simply and cheerfully and without.

Not...Nor or Not...Or? - jstor

Walk nior Trespass on the Railroad." Is this use of nor correct, or slhould the conjuniction be or? At first blush the answer to this question seems plain enough: ...

tai chi - jstor

21 Stuart Alve Olson, T'ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the. Book of Change (Rochester, N.Y.: Inner Traditions, 2001), 20.

Is There Anything It Is like to Be a Bat? - jstor

... feels to see, hear and smell, the way it feels to have a pain; more generally, what it's like ... from Thomas Nagel's paper 'What is it like to be a bat?'. Nagel argued that 'the ... In view of the argument thus far, we must set aside the misbegotten ...

ave-eva - jstor

is absent from the earlier Welsh lyric on the Virgin and Child discussed below.10 But in Latin poetry the theme itself is as old as the hymn Agnoscat.

Self - jstor

potentially important implications for organizational behavior. ... 1962], stress the importance of the concept of. "needs" in discussing ... consequences of self-reinforcement operations will ... such purposes as reducing time spent on the phone,.

What Is a Spy to Do? - jstor

11 Jan 2011 ... The world's first civilian spy satellite was fired into space yesterday, intro- ducing an era ... The third paradox of globalization is that deregulation of global ... out, these so-called nannycams rarely find any wrongdoing (Eye spy.

Little Men - jstor

mosdy by men. One of the three books on the genre, Isabel Quigly's The. Heirs of Tom Brown, devotes only one short chapter to girls' books and mentions hardly ...

The Nothing - jstor

Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea, by Charles Seife. Viking Pre. 248 pp., $24.95. Reviewed by Brian Blank. ([email protected]), Washington ...

These Are They - jstor

tendency of hybrids to exhibit characteristics superior to those of ei- ther parent ... dants as Starseeds and to ET ancestors as Starsowers. Rather than stag-.

The End of Art - jstor

is so alive that if you cut it it will bleed. THOMAS MERTON. LETTER TO AD ... In 1966 Ian Hamilton Finlay wrote to the poet ... silence ecnelis silence ecneli s.

WHY NOT LIE? - jstor

a real excitement in knowing that we have such a power. I can lie. I can assert myself in the very face of pressures from others. I can get myself out of something ...

Cat's Eye - jstor

Critical Survey Volume 20, Number 1 , 2008: 29-42 doi : 1 0.3 1 ... Mary Queen of Scots, is buried alive therein, resulting finally in abject terror, we may ... Gary Taylor, 4 King Lear, the Date and Authorship of the Folio version', in The. Division of ...

There Is a Right Way - jstor

this collection of lyric poetry, published by a writer who would be come much ... James Welch turned his early and amazing grasp of the Euramerican lyric to the ...


searchable on JSTOR. » Journals, books, and pamphlets on JSTOR are all full-text. ... The Basic search form appears on the main page of JSTOR… and at the ... JSTOR's “Institution Finder” allows people using JSTOR from a remote location ...

VOR - jstor

Blish's 1955 experience with the CAP serves him well in this novel as it does in "Tomb Tapper" (1956), a close-to-contemporary story which is also concerned with ...

'Tom Tit Tot'. - jstor

'Tom Tit Tot'. A Comparative Essay on Aamrne-Thompson. Type 500goo- The Name of the Helper by HOWARD WIGHT MARSHALL. THIS paper will briefly ...

The Old Man and the Sea - jstor

In The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago, the principal figure ... tigue and pain, the old man reflects in his exhaustion: ... this theme its most significant shape. The.

No Name - jstor

experience as well, Baldwin is able to use No Name in the Street to project a particular inclination towards the indeterminacy of time, historical awareness, and ...


searchable on JSTOR. » Journals, books, and pamphlets on JSTOR are all full-text. ... The Basic search form appears on the main page of JSTOR… and at the ... JSTOR's “Institution Finder” allows people using JSTOR from a remote location ...

VAT - jstor

/txx-zCXvv-Axx. ВXX. Aot - xO/ Vv -^vwvu^. ✓ka, - XX/vt - /tvufct,. JbvL-s&/Vl -AAA. Jb<Xm' OA'- 7A/. /ŽKX- dvwv. /%KX/ -. Ax*,- Mvw',-(ofx>). &<X-Maa/X h<X'XoX.

and Poe - jstor

the doubling it performs of an earlier poem, in the striking intertextual dynamic it establishes between itself and "The Haunted Palace" (1839) of. Edgar Allan Poe ...

The Value of Everything? - jstor

The Value of Everything? Work, Capital, and Historical Nature in the. Capitalist World-Ecology. Jason W. Moore.

Yue Ji - jstor

Cook: Yue Ji (Introduction, Translation, Notes, and Commentary) 3. Yue Ji -- Its ... (extra, left-over). [Ping hao-e] is to teach them and make them know [their].

The LDS - jstor

2010, the LDS Church self-reported 14,131,467 Church members, 28,660 wards and ... ^General Handbook Supplement, Number 1 (Salt Lake City: Church of.

ada - jstor

acrobatic feats which terrify children and make them cry—there is something ... in that strange, awful, maddening world — nymphet love" (Lolita, p. 137). As Van ...

Fax - jstor

Mail: [email protected] Birth Yr. 1943. Degrew A.A., Tyler Jr. Coll., 1963; B.S. ... [email protected] Fields: Rl, R2. Degrees: B.A.,. Wittenberg U., 1978 ...

Genius and its Others - jstor

was founded, Guinness launched an advertising campaign to sell its beer under the slogan 'Pure genius'.1 At the time, putting forward a proposal to the Theory ...

Ode on a Grecian Urn - jstor

He knew the classical urns but his desire was to embody in his a rounded, universal significance. Devotion to things Greek was early manifested by Keats whose.

Hairspray - jstor

dance show phenomenon. This phenomenon, The Corny Collins Show (Waters's film ren- dition of the actual Buddy Deane Show), allows historic moments in ...

The Cold War on Ice - jstor

In the i 9 80s, international ice hockey legend Anatoli Tarasov—the architect of the ... of "cold war hockey" conjures thoughts of the so-called miracle at Lake Placid, where ... 11 Tarasov, who also wrote books that were translated into English.

a sacred cat - jstor

fallen off in places, giving it a mangy and battle-scarred appearance, it had ... Yet the carver has shown every essential characteristic of a cat's anatomy, ... Ètienne, "Le Musée du Caire" (Encyclopédie photographique de l'art), Paris, 1949, fig.

Paprika - jstor

ence fiction novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui about a device that ... than Kon's previous films, Paprika is deeper ... Paprika's psychoanalytic cyberpunk exploration.

Doctor Who - jstor

reotype is typically followed in Doctor Who, yet the fourth episode of the sixth season, "The Doctor's Wife," might be interpreted as a change in this role for women of ... companion team,2 Amy, is so astute that she manages to survive almost forty years ... for both adults and children, comics, film, and television.4 Fans did not.

All about Aliens - jstor

the private eye novel what one mainstream novelist after another has done to science fiction over the decades" (338). Hasford was a graduate of the Clarion.

Deceptions - jstor

Reading 'Deceptions' - a dramatic conversation 123. Worry of wheels ... preconceptions, without prior judgements, without passionate convictions: approach it.