map of oerth

The Oerth Journal #10 -

25 Jul 1999 ... Scott Knowles brings us back to where so many started, in a return to Hommlet. ... assisted her hirelings in building a small village and tower.

Oerth Journal 7 - Greyhawk Online

15 Jun 1998 ... On the map of the City of Greyhawk from the CoGH box, the building being sold is identified as R15 (GotF/83), on the southern end of the River ...

Magical Items Of Oerth - Greyhawk Online

Tomb of Horrors, Return to White Plume. Mountain ... non-Core D&D books: Arms & Equipment. Guide, Epic ... XP; Reference: Return to the Tomb of Horrors.

Magical Items Of Oerth - Squat the Planet

A 3.5 EDITION D&D CONVERSION. Compiled by ... This soft leather pouch acts as a heward's handy haversack and was created to keep all spell components ...